US: Iran nuclear weapons program stopped in 2003
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Published: 03.12.07, 21:21
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1. Iranian Right to Full Cycle Now Even More Credible
Lev Bronstein ,   Moscow, Russia   (12.03.07)
With this report refuting the bogus claims of Israel and the Bush administration and confirming the statements and assurances made by the Iranians over the past 4 years, the US/Israeli led attempts to sanction Iran over its totally peaceful nuclear power program should be ended in the Security Council. In its place a new process should begin to apply pressure upon the US to halt all of its own nuclear weapons programs and to begin dismantling and destroying their existing weapon inventories in accordance with their own NPT obligations.
3. israel alone
alun ,   london uk   (12.03.07)
The US has left Israel to face the Iranian nuclear threat alone this is good news because when JACOB was alone he was with G-d this means that any Israeli attack on Iran will be highly successful because G-d will ensure 100% sucess
4. USintelligence stopped in 2003 !!!
Ibrahim ,   Egypt   (12.04.07)
what do you think ? the USA has been changed the sound attack against the Iranian nuclear file.... Bush has always choosed war or the coming war against Iran.....and now says He will attack Iran if it attacks Israel(israeli security is decreased in american sound) Lebanon the Opposition are succeeded and the majority coalition is agreed on Lebanese Army chief Michel Sleiman....and UNIFIL force want to leave the south Lebanon....I always consider the UNIFIL force are hostages in the hand of Hizbollah specially the later is growing up in different directions.....add to that they are useless and couldn't even defend Iraq the USA is in a hard test with the iraqi resistance....the same problems with Taliban and Alqaeda in Afghanistan....and then the last point I think it is the most important reason which is the pakistan political crisis.....The islamists are rapidly growing up in the Pakistan's army...and the pakistan's nuclear arsenal which has more than 100 nuclear warheads...will be in the hand of islamists...failure of Bush adminstration everywhere they go....all that my lead to such statements(Iran nuclear weapons program stopped in 2003)!!!....So Bush needs to relieve some tension in the region to face the pakistan political crisis....
5. Hahaha cant take real facts can you suckers.
AR ,   USA   (12.04.07)
#2 can shut is trap iran dosnt even trade oil with the US the oil lobby would love to see iran go down in flames. I hope israel dose try to go it alone with iran. They couldnt even handle irans pinky nail in Hez last summer. Israel didnt hold back kids dont kid yourselves the only ones who held back were the lebonese i cant wait to see israel get mopped up by IRGC and Hez.
6. Alun #3
Brod ,   USA   (12.04.07)
I agree 100%.
7. George is playing politics
Abe Froman ,   NY, NY   (12.04.07)
George W has played games with intel since his first day in office. George and his merry band have decided there is insufficient congressional and international support for an Iranian strike in their last year in office. The intelligence will now, magically, say that Iran is *not* the bugbear they've been made out to be the past 5 years. Don't blame George, blame the newly ordered intel. Would you like fries with that? It's made to order, and you should get what you want.
8. Bush can't say NO to Jewish lobby, intelligence says big NO
Tony ,   USA   (12.04.07)
war with Iran to appease Israel and its Jewish lobby that is controlling US policy in the mideast and 1000s of Americans lost their lives because of this irrational policy. Bush might try to twist the intelligence on Iran as he did on Iraq, but Americans of post Iraq war are much different from pre-Iraq war Americans. This means that NO single US solider will lose his/her live fighting Iran so that Israel remains the sole owner of nukes and WMDs in the middle east.
9. Crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!
G.L. ,   St. Pauls, USA   (12.04.07)
I`m A Christian American, & I know & other people know, Iran will & has not stopped their Nuclear program, they are liars, We should stand behind & support Israel, but the my God who watches Israel never sleeps nor slumbers!!!!! Be not afraid Jewish people God is with all of you & He is going to soon redeem your people, don`t lose hope.
10. smoke and mirrors
alan ,   cape look out   (12.04.07)
Following the assessment of our intel on Sadam's nukes, we should probably not weigh this report very heavily. Iran kept secret about its nuke program for 19 yrs. Why is today different than the last 18 years. Iran's leaders are about as candid as Olmert at Annapolis.
12. Stop speculations.If necessary use stick, but stop Iran now
KMR ,   Middle East   (12.04.07)
GCC countries must share the cost too!!
13. #1 Bronstein From Moscow
Max Leygrume ,   USA   (12.04.07)
The Iranians are known liars. They hid their nuke program for 18 years,they threaten the existence of an entire race of people -openly. You mention Irans "totally peaceful nuclear program". Funny. Congratulations by the way on recent "elections". Impressive.
14. We're on our own ....
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (12.04.07)
Why anyone would trust US intellegence agencies is beyond me - they have rarely, if ever, been correct in any assessment. The truth is that they really don't know. Only the Iranian leadership knows. The question is not about 100% certainty but about probability, risk, & consequences. The Iranian nuclear program is not the only reason to take out the Iranian regime. The real significance of this report is that America will not intervene militarily to stop Iran. This, combined with the total failure of Mr Solana, the EU Minister of Appeasement, in his talks with the new Iranian negotiator, essentially means we are on our own in dealing with the Iranian threat. American policy in the Middle-East is a total failure & is now based on appeasement, media spin, & smoke & mirrors. We are a victim of that failure & worse, willing participants in our own victimization.
15. one last time!!!!!!!
robert morley ,   farmington   (12.04.07)
I love the state of israel, I'm pride to be american but israel you have no friends i hate to say that but thats the truth,I pray that the lord will send his angels upon those who plot your destruction. may the lord forever bless the state of israel.!!!!!!!!!!!!!
16. Missing the point...
Johnson ,   USA   (12.04.07)
Iran halted its "nuclear weapons program" Meaning Iran was seeking the bomb. Imagine that?But, it has been my understanding that Iran was only seeking "peaceful nuclear energy" from the beginning. Yet, Iran continues to enrich uranium that will give them a means to quickly develop, and assemble nuclear weapon. The terrorist regime in Tehran should not never be allowed to develop nukes. And NO! 9/11 was not an inside job....
17. ISRAEL's 1st Iran War
Sexy Arabian Guy ,   Saudi Arabia   (12.04.07)
I agree with you all. After you get the support of Arabs in Anoppolis, you could go and fight Iran. I meant if you dare. Put in your mind, Iran is not like Iraq and Afghanstand or even Somalia. To win the WAR there, you have to whipe out first Hizbollah. You can listen to Levini. Recall what she said last year. I hope you the best in your war aganist Iran.
18. alun#3
alun ,   london uk   (12.04.07)
in reference to my previous post it is related to the SEGULA of EIN ODE MILVADO If yo believe that the only thing that really exists is G-d when you are in an impossible situation then G-d takes the world out of normal cause and effect and into a miraculous mode where anything can happen this explains why Israel was successful in the SIX DAY WAR but when Israel took US advice on the eve of the 1973 war not to preempt the arabs Israel was unsuccessful
19. Max Leygrume - Your President is the Biggest Liars on Planet
Lev Bronstein ,   Moscow, Russia   (12.04.07)
Max, you forget that it was YOUR government that started the Iranian nuclear program back before the US imposed dictator was overthrown by the people of Iran, and it is YOUR government that is invading and occupying countries 10,000 miles from your border in order to take control of their natural resources. So who you are YOU to point fingers and make accusations against Iran, a country who has never attacked anyone and has a long history of peace. Your country, you might remember, was also hid their nuclear weapons program from the world for years and is the only country to ever use nuclear weapons in anger against civilians, killing over 200,000 people. So why don't you Yanks give the Iranians an example to follow by halting your own enrichment and start dismantling your own nuclear weapons as is your obligation under the NPT instead of continuing your reckless gunboat diplomacy all over the world. Who knows, with all the money you save you might be able teach your children some history for a change.
20. #19 - One word "Dekulakization"
Johnson ,   USA   (12.05.07)
Russia is not so innocent either. Soviet collectivization is responsible for up to 50 million death. That pales in comparason to China's Mao of apx 30 million death. Know your own dang history, and quit preaching....
21. To #19 I agree %100 with # 19 from Russia
Isac ,   Finnland   (12.05.07)
Russian Wisdom! Thanks for your wise and open minded comments Lev.
22. itching for another endless war.
george ,   usa   (12.05.07)
23. to Lev
Jack ,   Sioux Falls, US   (12.10.07)
Lev, Your history is not complete. First of all, Iran has anything but a peaceful history. Iran fought a long war with Iraq (1980-88) in which bloody World War I tactics were used by both sides. Waves of young Iranian boys charged often unarmed into gunfire and overcame Iraqi soldiers as their ammunition ran low. I do not know where you got your information, but the United States did not start a nuclear arms program in Iraq before, during, or after the reign of the Shah (who I admit was a puppet of our government). I do believe Americans could improve on their history, but do not forget Russia's own interest in invasion and occupation. Peter the Great? Catherine the Great? The Soviet Union? Russia's quest for warm water ports? Also do not forget that when the Americans used their atomic bomb against japan it saved a lot of Russian boys from having to continue the war against Japan. You may accuse our President of being a liar. However, at least we vote for new ones. You guys gotta fire up and get Putin out of power completely before he traces his family tree back to the Romonovs and starts calling himself Czar.
24. The US is made of many...
Kim ,   Florida, USA   (12.11.07)
Seems there is a lot of negativity towards Americans...I am american. I did NOT vote for Bush. I Love Isreal. I am a Christian and pray for Isreal. I don't understand why so many judge the US as a whole. There are many here that hate the way things are going and love Isreal and Jews. I am quite sure there are good people in Iraq and Iran as well. Just because you are born or live somewhere does not mean you agree with what is happening or being decided for you. I hate that Bush is a dictator who has no concern for the American people, but I live here and when elections come around, I'll be at the polls voting for the one I think will change things. Don't hate all Americans! That is so not fair....many of us pray for you and have your best interests at heart. I would love to come to is a dream of mine, but now I wonder if the people there would hate me simply because I am from the US. That is not what God said to do. The command says not to bear false witness and if you hate me because I am American, you are violating this commandment because God is my father who I love just as much as you. The only difference is I believe your Messiah has already come in Jesus and I pray all of you realize that and trust in Him. God bless all of you in Isreal!
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (12.14.07)
Why worry about when it stopped?It is most regretting that a programme that never began ended in the eyes of 16 intelligence units in a country like USA..............................whose intelligent unit should we now rely on?
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