The Lebanese incentive
Yaron London
Published: 04.12.07, 09:48
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31. The Arab Mohammedan view is it's all as-Sham
Benji Cairns ,   UK   (12.05.07)
Lebanon is a Hebrew Biblical term, but Arab Mohammedans see the whole region as one region. So they don't accept Lebanon, they don't accept Christians. What % of Lebanese Christians have abandoned ship? It must be a lot for one always meets them wherever one goes in the world.
32. Lebanon fo the Lebanese.
Lebanon is for Lebanese people. The theory of giving Lebanon to Syria or to the Palestenian is not new. It had been tried before but it didn't work. In 1975 the aim of the civil war in Lebanon was to settle the palestenian refugees in lebanon by eliminating the christian population. That was Henry Kissinger plan. But it failed because the Lebanese people were stronger than the U.S. plan. In 1990 U.S.A. & Israel allowed the Syrian army to use its military aircrafts to take control of Lebanon. But the resistance continued & within fifteen years the anti-syrian opposition doubled. More than 10000 syrian soldiers killed in Lebanon during the thirty years of syrian occupation in Lebanon. Demography may change in Lebanon. But the only fact will remain that there is no majority in Lebanon. We are all minorities. Lebanon is made out of 18 religious sects including Jews. Shiia are 30%, sunnis 25%, Druse 5%. Maronite 20% & the rest are other minorities like Greek Orthodox, Melkite Catholics, Armenians, Protestants Etc... The constitution will change but hopefully to secullar regime where religion will totally be separated from politics. I can see that the current religious fundemontism in the region including Israel has reached its peak. Soon it will start to decrease. I hope that next Iranian regime will be a lot more moderate the same think will be in the Arab countries & in Israel. I believe in Lebanon. Even though I am a christian. I am looking for the day where religion will not be mentioned on our I.D.
33. to 10
Lebanese ,   Melbourne   (12.05.07)
For your information the majority of new migrant to Australia are muslims. Christian migration to the western world including U.S.A., SOUTH AMERICA, CANADA & AUSTRALIA. Started long before the civil war. It was never been running away from war but instead it was looking for better opportunities. Lebanon is our beloved country, but it is too small to accomodate 16million Lebanese exist around the world. I myself, visit Lebanon every year & I have investment in Lebanon, we financially support our relatives in Lebanon. My kids holds dual citizenship. They know our heritage & language. They love Lebanon as much as they love Australia. I can assure you that the Lebanese Christians are like the Cedar tree, its branches spread all around the world but its root deep inside Lebanon's mountain. It takes more than a plot from Israel or U.S.A. to uproot us.
34. Yo Yo Yo
Slick Lebanese ,   Beirut   (12.05.07)
"Lebanon is a Hebrew Biblical term" No it is not, it is an ancient Roman term which means something white - due to our white rocks. If history has taught us anything, it is that countries and nations could be easily split, but close to impossible to conjoin again. I don't understand what people mean when they say five Lebanon 'back' to Syria. Lebanon is the oldest name for any nation in the whole world. Byblos, in Lebanon, is the longest continually inhabbited city in the world. Lebanon has a culture, heritage and tradition different to all countries anywhere in the world. Our patriotism competes with that of any other country, believe me. We might take the piss out of our country's 'wadi3' (situation), when it comes down to it - we will kill, betray, lie, fight and be ignorant if we have to for our country. That is the fact. The Christians don't love the Israelis, the Christians of Lebanon try to use them for their own good. Remember Amine Gemayel Senior, he used to send one son to Syria and the other to Syria. Not because he loves any, its just to remain on the upper hand when things change. Politics will always be politics. We may act like we love you, but thats when theres an interest for us. None of us will ever forget that because of the French, Americans, Israelis and Syrians, we have lost hundreds of thousands of our Lebanese compatriots. This is the truth. Just to make it clear to everyone, we refuse to die, we will rise again and again, and we will make sure Lebanon remains the oldest name for any nation, and we will make sure that Byblos remains the oldest continually inhabitted city, and we will definately make sure our land remains full of original Lebanese - not Palestinians, Syrians or Iraqis - respectively.
35. Shameful Article
Joshua ,   Atlanta   (12.06.07)
Israeli Hebrews shouldn't sell out our Lebanese Canaanite brothers the way we did in 2000. May the true Lebanese patriots, not Arab but Lebanese-Phoenician rise again and reclaim their ancient heritage!
36. Yaron London wrong
yosef ,   israel   (12.06.07)
Yaron London represents the Israel "ruling elite" who are Dhimmi. They betrayed their allies in Lebanon including the South Lebanese Army, the Arabs loyal to Israel in the Judea and Samaria, Madhat Yussuf and then they betrayed the Jews of Gaza and Samaria. In the Middle East there are many nations oppressed by imperialist Arab moslims. There are the Arab Christians of Egypt, Israel and Lebanon, there are the Turkish, Samaritans, Persians and there are the Jews. If these people all united against the imperialist Arab Moslims there would be peace where each nation would have self-determination and freedom. Israel was too weak or too scared to lead this mission as it was run by dhimmis like Yaron London. Now Israel's existence is also in doubt. Let us hope that soon the likes of Yaron London and Olmert will move to London and real Israelis will unite with their brothers in Lebanon against the real enemy.
37. Yaron London's article
Charles ,   Paris France   (12.06.07)
Mr London is a disgrace for Israel's moral stand and Nbr 10 is a disgrace for Lebanon's christians
38. Good stuff if you like garbage
Shunkleash ,   lebanon   (12.06.07)
Wish all the smart men like Mr. London could take their fingers out of their asses and really test the tempreture of the air outside. They might be pleasantly surprised. Things really have not changed in 100 yrs. The Jews want to screw us, the Syrians want to screw us EVERYBODY wants to screw us. All this garbage spewd by so called intellectuals about how to appease and ensure stability in the region blah blah. Why don't you back stabbers gird your loins and remove Bashar al assad! Khalas...end of axis with iran. You guys really think the syrian sunnis love the farsi shiites? You can do it either through clandestine force or overt censure like sanctions - STRANGLE THE PRiCK TO DEATH! BUT NO!!! Instead, the best ABSOLUTE BEST Mr. London can come up with is to see lebanon subjugated by Syria. Everywonder how come, no matter how many glorious plans you retards in israel have you never seem to find peace...simple the arabs around you don't want it. The only way to deal with them is by force and not appeasment. If you treat lebanon like a trump card, a panacea...you will get no where! You may just end up getting SCREWED!
39. Nice one Shunkleash
Louis-Noel Harfouche ,   Boston   (12.07.07)
Amazing a guy like London even gets published. But what is heartening are the reactions he's getting from Israelis. cheerio
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