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Schindler's secretary moves to Israel at 92
Yael Branovsky and AFP
Published: 04.12.07, 22:32
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1. Tel Aviv is a safer place to live if you consider Ayn Rand's
Rivkah   (12.05.07)
book "Atlas Shrugged". She was a mistress to an international banker who told her about plans for one world governance. The signal that the devil is in charge of the world's governments (in the book) is the lights go out in New York City forever. That could be an EMP attack, considering today's science and America's vulnerability to electronic attacks. The book was written as a novel but reflects real plans by the power people behind the scenes. New York City will be a scary place to be without electricity and all hell breaks loose. The Bible says the isles (coastal cities) will burn and NYC is also a coastal city. Tel Aviv is, too; but God loves Israel as the apple of His eye and He will protect a third of the people in Israel from all dangers. The two-thirds He does not protect may be those who do not believe in Him and the miracle of his love for the Jews in re-establishing Israel from the ashes of the Holocaust.
2. Hello Mimi
Pauline ,   Tel Aviv Israel   (12.04.07)
"Hello Mimi , Well Shalom Mimi it's so nice to have you hear where you belong" You are certainly looking swell ! TO 120 with health and happiness
3. #1 Rivkah - GET HELP!!!! over and out.
Berele ,   Canada   (12.05.07)
4. Virtuous or businessman?
Israel   (12.05.07)
Schindler DID save Jews, but he also gained alot by saving them. He was a business man and the Jews he saved were part of his business plan.
5. RIVKAH: Where do you get that stuff and where do
Narcotic ,   Tel Aviv   (12.05.07)
you buy your books?
6. #4
Isragirl   (12.05.07)
During WWII most businessmen built their fortunes elbow deep in human blood. Not many risked their lives to save Jews or anybody else, most most robbed Jews. Learn to see the good in people.
7. 3: Buzz off. 5: Many are from the Prophecy Club of Topeka,
Rivkah   (12.05.07)
Kansas. I have many sources of information which initiated from speakers at the Prophecy Club for many years. I check out references of references to trace ideas. Olaf Hage of Maine has a lot of useful information and a 10,000 book library of his own to drawn on for radio appearances. David Meyer of Beaver Dam, Wisconsin is an excellent source of information. I have followed many rabbit trails for many years to amass much information readers of YNET get for free. Not paying for information results in a sort of contempt for what is free from some people, but the info was not free for me. Free American and American Free Press are two other sources of information. There is much that is anti-semitic, so sifting through that manure to get to the ponies is sometimes necessary.
Andy ,   Ramat Hasharon   (12.05.07)
9. #4 You are very wrong about Schindler
Judith   (12.06.07)
There's an excellent biography of Oskar Schindler by David Crowe. Schindler never benefited from his selfless acts to save Jews. He was not a perfect man but he would have benefited greatly had he been part of the Nazi machine. As a matter of fact, he was never a successful businessman. The post-war Germans despised him and made his life difficult. What he did benefited from was the warm support of the Jews of Israel. He visited often. They were his family. He is buried in Israel. His own people turned against him.
10. 8 Andy: Buzz off. Watch for the lights going out in NYC.
Rivkah   (12.06.07)
Then you will know who is right and who is unknowledgeable on what the situation is after that. I do not use illegal drugs. But perhaps you do. So I will warn you that marijuana is 1,000 times more toxic than nicotine in cigarettes in it's stroke, cancer, and heart disease risks. May you enjoy such maladies if that is your lifestyle. It is not mine.
11. If my son lived in Pituach, I'd come too!
Darla ,   Netanya   (12.06.07)
12. It is a comfort that there is a son who wants to take care
Rivkah   (12.06.07)
of his mother in her old age. There actually is a son on this earth whose wife does not hate her mother-in-law, I presume. Wow. Must be one of the seven wonders of the modern world: a son who is thankful and a daughter-in-law who does not have an evil eye toward her mother-in-law. Jesus said in the time that the Messiah for the Jews would come to deliver them that brothers and children and other relatives would turn against each other and the love of many would wane because of iniquity. The more abundantly mothers love their children and daughters-in-law and sons-in-law, the less they are loved, it seems today. I just talked to a friend yesterday who loves her son and daughter very much. Her daughter's husband will not even allow his wife to talk to her mother without a fight which the daughter wants to avoid since there are children. He treats his mother-in-law like a toad in the road after all the help she has given them. That is much more normal than this fine son who wants to care for his mother.
13. Rivka , miracles of his love ?
charles ,   petach tikva   (12.06.07)
six million victims , for you , a goyete , a miracle of course .
14. 13 Charles: You need to look at OUTCOMES not the actual
Rivkah   (12.06.07)
events to see God's hand. The OUTCOME of the deaths of six million Jews in the Holocaust was the STATE OF ISRAEL being reformed. That is a miracle. You look at the deaths and say there is no God. I look at the State of Israel and know there is a God. Killing people is no miracle. Taking those dead bones and making them alive again in Israel and also in a future resurrection are miracles. Any fool can kill a person, but it takes God to bring an outcome from that that is holy and good and shines before the enemies of the person killed as a living testimony of God's love for the Jews. Believe me, if God did not love the Jews they would have all perished in the time of Esther.
15. Rivka , learn history
charles ,   petach tikva   (12.06.07)
But as you are only a shikse , you can't know that the idea of a state , in modern times , took shape already end 19 th century , so long before the Shoah . I don't know if you could find many people who lost their family in this "miracle" , who prefer a State over their murdered parents . Shoa or not Shoa , a state was to come . The only result of what you call a "miracle" , and we Jews , a disaster , was that the process was accelerated .
16. Rivkah the point is you are off subject
Kiwi Jew ,   New Zealand   (12.07.07)
And hundreds of doomsday prophesies have come and gone. You are not G-d and your interpretation is just that- yours. Only he knows the time and the place. Take your ravings to a site that is interested- this feedback is about Schindlers Secretary. I agree with Judith-he didnt have to choose Jews but he did and those same Jews have testified to his good deeds.
17. 15: If the Rothschilds' investment in purchasing lands
Rivkah   (12.07.07)
in the 1800's and 1900's would have led to the formation of the State of Israel without God, why was the promise by Britain to form a State of Israel after World War I not honored? They promised the inventor of some exposives that if they could use the invention in WWI, they would allow Israel to become a State. Then they broke the promise. Only God could get the State of Israel through the UN or haven't you noticed all the everybody except America against Israel votes on issues? The Bible says a fool says in his heart there is no God. You have clearly demonstrated numerous times you are a fool by your lact of belief in God. That is your problem, not mine.
18. 16 Kiwi: Like most Aussies and New Zealanders, you
Rivkah   (12.07.07)
attack someone who reads the Bible because you don't. It is not me you hate. It is Him who sent me: the Lord. New York City is a precarious place to live in view of the judgments predicted in the Bible and Schindler's secretary is well advised to leave there. You are invited to skip my tb's since you perceive decades of study that is behind the warnings I so carefully give, to be of no consequence to you.
19. Hollywood made him more here than he deserves to be.
Jack ,   Vancouver   (12.07.07)
Schindler was just a businessman and his Jews were his precious assets. Otherwise he would not give a damn, just like the rest of the Nazis. Do you want who the real hero was then look at Irena Sendler.
20. No, he did not risk his life..
Steve ,   New York   (12.07.07)
He did not risk his life. He was not Polish. Only Poles were shot (along with the family members) for helping Jews. All he would get is a prison term (maybe) but most likely he would be sent to the Eastern front..
21. Rivka , again learn history
charles ,   petach tikva   (12.08.07)
Don't you know that Britain's speciality was to promise things to everyone ? to divide to reign ?. This inventor , you don't know him of course , illiterate as you are , was Chaim Weizmann who became the first president of Israel , a great scientific man . You have clearly demonstrated numerous times that you are a superfool , the champion , by "believing " as you do , all those stupidities , prophecies and other b..s.. But you are also rejected by everyone , no family , friends not even a cat . Poor sad old woman
22. To # 19 and 20
charles ,   petach tikva   (12.08.07)
He does'nt deserve the honors ? , he did'nt risk his life ? so what ? the important is that more than 1000 Jews were rescued thanks to him . All the rest is secondary to this
23. And even if...
Erika ,   Ulm, Germany   (12.09.07)
and even he had saved only one Jewish life, he is a hero to me. Thank you Herr Schindler fpor having risked so much! I wish we had people like you living today! In great respect, Erika
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