IAEA: Iran 'vindicated' by US report on bomb program
Associated Press
Published: 05.12.07, 16:41
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1. Bush, Carter, the two worst U.S. presidents
Judah ,   Golan Heights,ISRAEL   (12.05.07)
Bush is a real failure as president. He has done nothing to stem the millions of illegals entering America. He has added billions to America's debt. The American dollar is down the drain. He tried to win the Iraq war "on the cheap" with not enough troops. And now he will allow Iran to use trickery and deciept to build a nuclear weapon. With one year left how much damage will he do at Israels' expense?
2. finally
marizpan toledo ,   toledo, spain   (12.05.07)
the timing of this clearly indicates that there is still an element within the US Govt that is not about to go along with everything AIPAC wants This is what happens when you try to push too many buttons on the control board.
3. Israel efforts failed again
John ,   London, UK   (12.05.07)
Israel has been pushing the international community to finish Iranian threat. It has failed misrably. Because if Israeli mistakes, Iran has now stronger than ever before. Experts say that thanks to Israel, Hezbollah now dominates Arab minds. Its leader Hassan nasrallah is now a cult hero across the world. Today, even Hamas have remoddled themselves on Hezbollah and have started using guerilla tactics against the Israli soldiers. Iran supports Hamas openly. It invites Hezbollah and Hamas leaders to Tehran to give them money, training and weapons; while there is nothing that Israel can do about it. Arabs now see Israel is too weak. That is why they are reluctant to even speak against Iran. Israel better get its act together and elect strong leader or else Iran is about to wipe Israel off the map.
4. US learned the lesson
John ,   NY, USA   (12.05.07)
Obviously, USA is not willing to fight on behalf of # 52-State, Israel, because we are still struggling in Iraq. Most of American people, like me, are now convinced with the very fact that Israel pushed us to the situation we are now. Israeli leaders claim that they seek peace, the other day they return back to expand their UGLY settlements in West Bank. STOP that game!!!!
5. Nuke BS not working, now Israel/Bush'll try terror,democracy
Tony ,   USA   (12.05.07)
human rights, gay rights, freedom of speech.... or any other crapy cover to try and mislead the American people to another disastrous mideast war with Iran which will be more catastrophic for US mideast interests and all Americans.
6. Iran and other Moslem nations HAVE nuclear weapons already
Rivkah   (12.05.07)
according to Russian defector Stanislav Lunev who said the Moslems bought the nukes from rogue elements in Russia. They have not used them because they fear the consequences. It is reported that Iran has backed off on supplying the insurgents in Iraq...but how long will that last? Possibly until the Spring...April 29 is 24 Nissan and is the first month on the Moses Calendar the Daniel probably used since Ezra who was a contemporary used that calendar. That is the day in a future year Daniel saw a battle at the Hidekel (Tigris) River. He was transported in the vision to Shushan (Susa) which is now Basra. It will start there, probably with dirty nukes because Babylon (Iraq) becomes uninhabitable forever in judgment of destroying the Temple of Solomon. Rome will be destroyed for destroying the Second Temple. Egypt will become uninhabitable for 40 years. Damascus will be destroyed. Ezekiel ch. 32 says the multitude (military) of a young lion nation and its pharoah (leader) will be destroyed, possibly the US forces in Iraq or part of Iraq. Then Ezekiel ch. 38 comes to pass with Russia and Moslem nations attacking Israel and North America. All of this is NOT Armageddon which comes later. Israel will win the war that is coming next and the Third Temple will be built.
7. Not surprising
Danny   (12.05.07)
Given that the guy in charge of counterproliferation in the States, Kenneth Brill, is ex-IAEA a man who failed to react to news of Iran's nuclear programme in 2003 which was discovered by Iranian opposition groups and NOT IAEA who remained, as usual, clueless. Brill was sacked by Colin Powel and incredibily rehired over considerable protest as his general uselessness. You'll have to forgive us if we take it with a pinch of salt.
8. Not so fast, please!
Zooog   (12.05.07)
What about the long range missiles that Iran has built with North Korean help. They have only one purpose and that is to carry an A-Bomb. They have a delivery system and as soon as the heat is off all of the companies that are presently refraining from doing business with Iran will jump in and help Iran to finish its bomb project. Business is business.
Ozan Gul ,   Bursa, Turkiye   (12.05.07)
That will silence the Israelis for a few months! Its funny how they seem unable to listen to official reports from the IAEA but they can from America. Well, now both show the light! Wake up to all of you who look for any justifcation to fight with people who are stronger in many ways than yourself. If you want peace, be friendly and play nicely.
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (12.05.07)
Irrespective of how powerful USA is or pretends to flex its muscles by gathering its armada in the Persian Gulf,Iranians have won the battle unfought.How come the reports emanating from the Intelligence Departments in USA been taken seriously?Why not the IAEA recent reports?The game is over for USA.It will suffer few more times once the PGCC signs a pact with Iran.Worst scenerio...............................being asked to reduce the size of its bases in the Arab world.
11. ElBaradei(Mohamed) was & is part of the problem
KMR ,   Middle East   (12.05.07)
12. Finally the Israel Fails to Sucker US into Another War
Lev Bronstein ,   Moscow, Russia   (12.05.07)
I would have bet money a month ago that Israel was going to sucker the US into sending its soldiers off to die for Israel, so it is great news to hear that at least a few people in the US government are not Israeli stooges and moles. Perhaps that is a good sign for when the AIPAC trial begins as well as the US desperately needs to cleanse itself of the Zionists conspiracy that is infesting the World's great democracy before it completely destroys it. The IAEA should continue to inspect and monitor Iran's peaceful nuclear power program and ensure that it remains peaceful, but Iran is not a threat to anyone and has a long history of non-aggression to prove their peaceful nature, quite unlike their two main detractors. The IAEA should now turn its main focus on the remaining rogue nuclear powers who still refused to sign the NPT or even allow inspections such as Israel.
13. We Will All Pay the Price For Iran's Nukes
Dave Levy ,   Burbank. CAUSA   (12.05.07)
To Danny: Right on. It's all in the personalities and political attitudes of the critics, experts and pundits. Iran's nuke program is like the stock market, up and down. Okay, sooooo, 4yrs ago, they stopped their technological development. Prior to that time, they falsified their quest. Now they have 3,000 centrifuges, heavy water plants, and underground facilities, guarded with Russian missiles. What is this all for, to make chicken soup for consumption? No exporter (of oil), needs nuclear reactors. Take Libya for example. So. Africa was at least open. Iran CAN make nukes...maybe in 1 year, if it desires. So, it will hold this sword over all our heads..and pressure Israel, the US, whenever it feels like it, OR blame Israel, etc., for further enrichment and production finally of it's nukes. Then again, does anyone believe those Iranian intercepts were not planted to confuse our dumb intelligence people? Give me a break. Botton line: Iran will indeed test a nuke withing 1yr to 18 months. Then we might witness all hell breaking loose., OR, Israel, the US etc, can attack Irans plants beforehand. We should remember Egypt and Syria's lies prior to the 73 war..and troops bathing in the Suez to obfuscate the upcoming attack. The world seems to prefer a dangerous Iran, than a limited attack, using Iraq as an excuse. We will all pay the price for this ignorance.
14. What will we do with the billions we
george ,   usa   (12.05.07)
spent on defense now that we cannot start another war with iran. bah hum bug
15. Dave Levy....
Marzipan Toledo ,   Toledo, SP   (12.05.07)
Dave, Have you no sense of what a cost-benefit analysis is. It makes much more economic sense for a growing country like Iran to sell off its natural resources for cash and meet much of its internal demands through nuclear power generation. The fact that so many countries and companies in the past have gone back on commitments to produce those very nuclear power infrastructures that you claim they don't need is reason enough for them to desire not to be further beholden to anyone. All of these assets were not a problem in the 70's, so thirty years later they are a problem? If I were to agree with you that Iran posed a danger to Israel, it is Israel that should do something, not the US and that is the fundamental idea which has been rejected as of the release of the new NIE report. If Israel is in fear for its safety, then it should take action. I would surmise that event would in fact lead to all hell breaking loose.
16. IAEA: How much did Iran pay you?
Heatherross ,   Clarksville, AR   (12.05.07)
1: Just because we back up a little, we give a person enuf rope to hang themselves, its the american way. 2. Ahmadinejad lies, the truth is not in him. 3. He wants to wipe Israel off the map, he means it. 4. As usual americans are lazy, don't want to face what is staring them in the face until they see a pretty decorative mushroom cloud in front of them. 5. The trouble in the middle east is far from over, it just began, war is coming. but Israel will be victorious. 6. How much does it cost to cover up a nuke project IAEA?
17. IAEA
HR ,   Clarksville, USA   (12.05.07)
How much does it cost to keep nukes quiet IAEA? eh, in euros?
18. Isn´t it ironic
Shir ,   Finland   (12.05.07)
that the ones who betrayed you, we´re your supposed allies, the Americans? They gave the excuse to all Israel´s enemies to allow Iran continue its nuclear program. American Jews have helped to build the country from the very beginning.. Just think how many American scientists have been Jews, and how much wealth have American Jews brought to USA. American Christians don´t appreciate that at all, rather like to think themselves as great benefactors and charity donators, because of US aide to Israel. Although I have never been antiamerican in any way, I have to say, I have never completely trusted them either and this proves to me I was right. It is now YOUR job to save your country and your children. YOU have to attack Iran. Soldiers in the 1948 war were not afraid when they fought against five Arab countries. Finns weren´t afraid when they had to confront Russia in the 1939 war, when they were left completely alone and didn´t even have proper weaponry. The only honorable way to deal with the situation is if Israel attacks Iran. Attacking Iran and showing your power helps you to get rid of a lot of problems, such as Hamas and Hizbollah. ALL of Israel´s security problems culminate to Iran. And after the war Israel should strive to get rid of the financial and military dependence that it has developed to USA and become a truly independent state.
19. no big thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
robert morley ,   farmington,wv   (12.06.07)
well while the arabs celebrate the victory america has given them. God has became more angry while america and other nations turn there backs on israel the lord wont victory is coming to israel maybe not now , but it's coming"MAY THE LORD FOREVER BLESS THE STATE OF ISRAEL.
20. Shir #18 - American Was Built by Christians, not Jews
Mr. Knowitall ,   Frostbite Falls, mN   (12.06.07)
Sure there were a few Jews who took advantage of the great Christian society that is the United States of America, but it was the great democratic and free society built by Christians that gave them the opportunity to learn and contribute to America, and not their Jewishness. Jews did contribute to creating Bolshevik revolution and creating one of the most sinister societies on the planet and the deaths of millions of ethnic Russians, so I will give you credit for that as perhaps your own ancestors were commissars eh? Rather than attack Iran, why not bomb Finland over its suspected nuclear weapons program as there is just as much evidence and justification for bombing Finland as their is for bombing Iran.
21. I agree with #4,#14....
Ibrahim ,   Egypt   (12.06.07)
Israel said yesterday that it has invited bids to build more than 300 new housing units in East Jerusalem...the first settlement expansion since the revival of peace talks with the Palestinians in Annapolis conference...the coming days will prove you all that the Iranian president is right....and where is the isolation!!!??the Iranian diplomats are succeeded to join the six member Gulf Cooperation Council for establishment of economical and security pacts...Ahmadinejad also wants to propose similar economical cooperation with Egypt..add to that caspian countries..,china...russia...south america and some european countries...the iranian diplomats still have a lot of work to do....they know the way to defeat other diplomats in the middle east....Iran began blockading USA policy in the middle east as a first step for failure of any offensive military action against Iran ....I also know the failure of israeli diplomats will occur again when they insist criticizing the Iran nuclear program and ignoring the US intelligence report...IAEA...russian and chinese intelligence....and then the international community will know that israel is the only cause of problems in the Middle East e.g Iraq , lebanon, syria, palestine..etc..the taxes of american people are still burning in the Iraq 1.2Billion dollar per month for israeli foreign affairs !!!!so I guess the stupid israeli politicians must stop attacking sound because soon or later there will be other nuclear powers in the region..they must know and accept play with Iran...the israelis must fight Hizbollah , Syria, Hamas as a first line of defense then Iran....Congratulation President Ahmadinejad ...Das kann nur mein Blutsbrüder...vielen dank für ihr mühe auf jeden fall....
22. Hey you little moron in Egypt
Shir ,   Finland   (12.06.07)
Iran is a Shiite country. Egypt is a Sunni country. Israel would be the first place of attack for mr. Ahmadinejad. In case he succeeded, do you think he would leave Sunni Muslim Countries alone after that? THINK AGAIN.
23. To #22
Ibrahim ,   Egypt   (12.06.07)
Do you think that I don't realize the Iran is shiite and Egypt is sunni.....and what are the future possibilities...if you wanna know something you have to read first the history and geography and then it will give you some answers...Iran didn't colonize any arab countries in the history even the countries in border....Iran has no tendency to colonize any what do you expect with muslim countries!!..we didn't hear about ethnic and sectarian conflict long years ago except these days Why? due to USA grandparents said we never hear about what we call now shiite and I would like to reassure you by saying shiite and sunni conflicts are only artificially done...and Iran never be a threat for any muslim country..we are muslims together..don't worry....anyway a big thank you for your effort to enlighten me..
24. Easy talk
Shir ,   Finland   (12.06.07)
Artificial conflicts between Sunni and Shiite Muslims? That kind of artificial conflict between Iraq and Iran claimed a MILLION lives in 1980´s. If Israel didn´t exist, Iran would probably have attacked many surrounding Sunni Muslim countries. Unlike you little moron, many experts in Sunni countries are extremely worried about Iran´s nuclear program and afraid of the consequences to Sunni countries. Israel´s existance protects your country, so it´s easy for you to talk.
25. To #24
Ibrahim ,   Egypt   (12.06.07)
Oh the Israel protects me I have never heard it wanna improve my capablitiy to understand !!!the known experts in sunni countries are just working for USA propaganda....USA administration pays for them a lot of money...thousands of dollars monthly....they are talking brainwashing......most of such experts are in the governments and have their interests...they want the local people to be afraid of iran and forget the palestine state and palestinians refugees...and the israeli planes that stricked everyday the palestinian houses..towns.....and daily palestinian causalties....theory of massive killing and evacuation under certain I am watching to aikakone nti groove and finnish friend has been sent it to me...Terve.
26. Please Help..
Ibrahim ,   Egypt   (12.06.07)
Can any expert here recommend me a book on How does a Structured Settlement Work? and The process of structured settlements......and you will find me very thankful...
27. you´re fake
Shir ,   Finland   (12.06.07)
You have to be Finnish and fake obviously, cause you can abbreviate finnish equivalent to word ´miss´ correctly. Arab man in Egypt probably couldn´t. Egyptians are normally against Iran´s nuclear problem. Maybe you´re the same Finnish moron who said he is Canadian and then used letters that are only in Finnish and Swedish keyboards.
28. To #27 Believe me.
Ibrahim ,   Egypt   (12.06.07)
I would like to say I forget something that Iran/Iraq war 1980-88 wasn't for shiite and sunni conflicts...but for shat al arab..I fully respect your talent when you wanted to put a relation between israel existance and protection of Egypt in one Equation...Yes I am Newbie but not that stupid!!!...I am really honest I am Egyptian...and I speak arabic, German,Russian, some English and farsi.....and I have to start the hebrew courses.......but I don't speak either swedish or finnish....I am not that man I swear....
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (12.07.07)
The play of sectarian instigation is now over,Shir.Ahmed Nejad is popular personality even in the streets of Cairo.what do you know?
30. To #29 Yeah Exactly
Ibrahim ,   Egypt   (12.08.07)
Egyptians in the streets say long live president Ahmadnajad and pray for him and his people in friday prayer in the mosques every week....Shir you must know the Egyptians all of them are with Iran...and iran nuclear program in particular....even sometimes I think this nuclear program is an Egyptian program not iranian......Shir believe me again... Shir don't believe the foreign media and newspapers.....but believe the local people like me.
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