Special IDF force operating in Bethlehem kills Palestinian policeman
Ali Waked
Published: 05.12.07, 19:31
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1.  IDF Caught Out of Uniform Acting as Terrorsts Once Again
Lev Bronstein ,   Moscow, Russia   (12.05.07)
One can only imagine what act of terrorism the IDF planned on carrying out in Bethlehem while hiding as civilians, but rest assured that it would have been blamed on the Palestinians in order to justify further acts of Israeli terror upon the Palestinians. One can only imagine what act of terrorism these IDF terrorists had planned to carry out had the brave Palestinian National Guard not foiled their plans, but I'm sure it was designed to destroy the peace process and try to lay blame on the Palestinians at the same time. Israel will be doing all it can to destroy the peace process once again as they do not want peace and have never wanted peace, so the Palestinian defense forces must be on high alert for future IDF terrorist activities similar to this heinous act. I'm sure the IDF will do a bang up job of whitewashing the whole affair and eventually blame the Palestinians for opening fire on the IDF terrorists.
2. What ! Palestinian Police man Died ?
ben ,   singapore   (12.05.07)
Suspicious- looking commercial vehicle ? Ali Waked / Efrat Weiss what did you two expect. the undercover come openly like the IDF and IAF. Did the Pals use Shielderen In that riot. Idiots ! They are trying to stage a new show for the world to see.Well it dosent work anymore.
3. IDF - policemen
Dirk Tracey ,   L A US   (12.05.07)
Odd , the police spot an alleged suspect vehicle and just shoot at it ? The report does not say they tried to stop the vehicle, pull it over or tried to determine whether it was stolen nor do Pal officials say what made the vehicle seem "suspicious". They shoot on a mere suspicion that a commercial vehicle was traveling in the afternoon. The so-called police got what they deserved. My suspicion is the police knew what they were shooting.
4. ID F shoot police force
Kildare ,   Oxnard US   (12.05.07)
The IDF offers medical assistance . You mean 15+ years later and after billions to PA they have no adequate medical facilities and care. Besides bullets and to terrorists where did all that money go? Maybe Mrs Arafat knows.
5. To #1...
Eli Freedman ,   Toronto, Canada   (12.05.07)
I really LOVE the fact that you hide behind a Jewish sounding name, though that really wont hide your Anti-Semetic and outrageous "insights"....You are not only oblivious of historical context but you are a racist and a complete moron....I guess we should learn from the peaceful loving Russians, and how they dealt with their neighbors in Chechneya... Dont you have a meeting with your fellow Kossacks somewhere?? You MUST be related to Putin..Please, refrain from posting your garbage here...You are stinking up the place!!
6. PA "Police" Are Terrorists Too: Good Work IDF
Yishai Kohen ,   YeShA, Israel   (12.05.07)
How many times must Jews be murdered by them before you stop trusting them? ONLY the IDF can and should deal with security here in OUR land.
7. Wrong headline
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (12.05.07)
For once why doesn't YNET put the onus where it belongs. PA Police Attack IDF, IDF returns fire one dead.
8. Zionism is Zionism - You guys will never be honest
Mohammad ,   Ramallah   (12.06.07)
9. #1 - Sure, and the KGB was out in plain sight.
Steve ,   UK   (12.06.07)
10. to#5
sami abu mahjan ,   gaza   (12.05.07)
israel doesnt want peace i ask my self these days why they target qassam activists at this time while they - the qassam members-are doing nothing but defend the borders from other palestinian groups who fire rockets and your comparison is right israel is not different from russia in killing muslims , yet israel refuses peace offered by the weak we cry for peace ...and iam sure most palestinians want any peace with israel who is treating us as animals most palestinians voted 4 hamas just for economic reform not for resistance and hamas knew it and made a truce immediately but israel wanted to crush the ppl and strengthen hamas by pushing hamas to a combat sure victory is for her ... now israel killed 40 or more in 2 weeks from hamas hamas ddnt retail as if she can ... palestinian shell a house israel kill 50 ppl ...hamas captivate shalet soldier israel killed 600 ppl took hundreds of prisoners ...and u say praise the holocust remember the jewish massacres...ok i remember them very well at the end i cant be a semite and anti semitic at the same time we are cousins can u tell an event in the history muslims dd a massacre on jews as u dd with palestinian ....u are now strong but history moves like a snake do u imagine that many of us appeal and cry and say for gods sake may israel bomb us nuclear bombs so that we can rest instead of our misery in gaza ....and i dont mean food and water like u jews said i mean every concept of misery bye bye
11. Glad To Know IDF in Bethlehem
Christy ,   Boston, US   (12.06.07)
As a future tourist to Bethlehem, I'm VERY glad to know the IDF has at least one special force operating undercover. I should think many tourists to Bethlehem would feel the same as I do.
12. #1Pamyat freak
Raphael ,   Netanya   (12.05.07)
So, FSB operates in Chechnya in parade uniform?
13. #8 - and your lot are bastions of honesty?
Steve ,   UK   (12.06.07)
With all the staged incidents you people film, it's a wonder you haven't gotten an Oscar yet.
14. #10 To answer your questions
Stan ,   JHB RSA   (12.06.07)
"the qassam members-are doing nothing but defend the borders from other palestinian groups who fire rockets" This is a nonsense statement "hamas knew it and made a truce immediately but israel wanted to crush the ppl" Hams charcter calls for destruction of Israel. Gaza has been "liberated" so why Hamas holding Shalit ? Why Hamas not fighting in Jordan which is part of mythical Palastine and has majority of Palastinian peoples? "can u tell an event in the history muslims dd a massacre on jews" How about Hevron? Have u forgotten Jews expelled from Muslim lands just 60 years ago? "our misery in gaza" You only have youreselves to blame. How about teaching and practicing peace?
15. Elie from Toronto
Lev Bronstein ,   Moscow, Russia   (12.06.07)
The IDF has a long history of working for the interest of the illegal settlers rather than in the interest of the state of Israel, so I don't doubt for a moment that they were going to stage an act of terrorism in order to frame the Palestinians and destroy the peace process. Why else would they i. Wear civilian clothes instead of their uniforms ii. Travel in a civlian truck instead of military vehicles iii. Not coordinate with PA forces as agreed upon. You must also remember that the IDF is not the police force in the occupied West Bank and from all accounts, not battle was going on in occupied Bethlehem that required the IDF's presence, so with the IDF's history of using acts of terrorism against the indigenous popluation whose land Israel currently is occupying, one must presume the IDF was up to no good as usual.
16. the attack was carried by israel in pa areas
mark ,   israel   (12.08.07)
israeli people can be easily blinded. idf attack palestinians in bethlehem and then surprised I'd theor is a response da what would you do if you were attacked by russian under cover..give them coffee? any how it proves that some people gave their humanity for their nationality
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