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Live: Hanukkah candle-lighting from Iraq, Afghanistan
Israel Bardugo
Published: 07.12.07, 08:21
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1. kol hakavod
a true jewish spirit and true menches to do this. chabad may be ridiculed by the leftist jews and the anti zionist jews, but they, as a group, do more good than any jewish organization for their fellow men. they have the best rehab centers for addiction of any kind, visit prisoners in prison, provide for the poor and needy even if they are not jewsih and are pure and beautiful people that do lots of good. they have a big neshama and are truly a light unto the nations. my hats off to the american celebrities that see the good in the chabad organization. the world is much better with love and giving than with arab kasams and mortars.
2. Hanukkah Gifts For The Troops - Gift of Communication
Roz Fruchtman ,   Bronx, NY   (12.07.07)
I am a Jewish Digital Artist. I have a Judaic eCards Site To give back and do a Mitzvah for our Jewish Troops in Iraq and Afghanistan I would like to *donate/gift* 100 of my Judaic eCards Annual Memberships to the Troops. This is a *from-the-heart* offer and can be found here: Sadly... I have found it is not easy to do a good thing if you are not in the public eye. The rest of us are considered suspect for what our true motives are. It shames me to even write this as it makes me seem paranoid, but I am witnessing it as I try to do this good deed of trying to re-connect our troops with loved ones, family members and friends here at home! For anyone reading this who would like to help me do this Mitzvah, please contact me at: Roz Fruchtman Say It With eCards
3. he' back folks, and it's not good.
stephen ,   ludlow, usa   (12.07.07)
Many, hailed bush, the grand son of Schicklgruber's supporter. At least until his scales have shown up. Schwarznegger, the spawn of an S.S man, the step son of an Gestapo man, Is now to be hailed as something good? His, "I'll be back has true meaning for the jewish people. They are back, and after 4,000 years of trying to destroy you, they now have the Jewish leadership helping. Pray , friends It's later than you think.
4. Thanks to Chabad for US troop support
Christy ,   Boston, US   (12.07.07)
This is a wonderful idea. I'm so glad to read of organizations who get together & do things like this. It's tremendously uplifting & supportive of the US forces! Jewish & non-Jewish troops in Iraq & Afghanistan love to know they aren't forgotten. There's usually so much negative written about them. It's nice to see the positive things. I have family (career military) serving in the Gulf area who have been in & out of Iraq & Afghanistan. We appreciate it when people do something good for our troops!
5. Candlelighting at State Capitol
moriah ,   sacramento,USA   (12.09.07)
The event just didn't take place in Sacramento, the candle lighting was on the steps of the California State Capitol. It was a beautiful simcha. It rained like cats and dogs but no one seemed to notice.
6. Rain on 6th of December Huge Blessing
Steve ,   USA   (12.10.07)
B"H That 6th of December when the event was held is when the prayer book instructs the changing over of prayer to that for rain. This was indeed a great miracle considering that it had not rained since Yom Kippur. We have a lot to thank G-d for as Jews everywhere, and as people everywhere too who depend on G-d's blessings.
7. Chabad
Rabbi Micha Sloman ,   Sydney, Australia   (12.10.07)
Chabad is a very great blessing to the Jewish people and in fact to the whole world.
8. way to go arnald!
hanina   (12.13.07)
I'm beaming like a jewish mother when I see my governator so involved.
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