Demography is the key
A. Vilan, M. Stroun
Published: 10.12.07, 00:36
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1. demographics
geroge   (12.10.07)
Lets say you are right about demographics and that Israel should cut a deal for a 2-state solution. In order to do this, the majority of israelis have to trust their leaders that if if doesn't work, Israel will take care of things. They have zeero trust, no trust in Olmert, or in ramon, not much in livni. In fact Olmert inspires so much loathing, that israel cannot hear these arguments. The government must get rid of him fast as Israel's image has taken a beating. Its not just that he has no military experience. He acts stupid, he makes stupid comments, and he dosen't fool anybody. The arabs laugh at his weakness. Also israelis cannot see their leaders begging for peace and crying to the US which is what Olmert and suprisingly Livni and ramon are doing. This trio are unable to lead israel now or later. it will be netanyahu or shteinitz or landau backed by Yaalon as defence minister. Barak is good for covert missions. Olmert is good for nothing. He can go back to his law firm and smoke cigars and realize that Israel lothes this slick weasal.
2. Vilan and Liberman are allies
Ilan ,   Ariel   (12.10.07)
If demography, the code word for Arabs living in Israel's territory, is a threat then whose plan is better: Liberman's or Vilan's? Both are based on anti-democratic principles namely moving people around without regard to their rights as citizens. In somes ways though Liberman is better since he wants to accomplish this without taking by force the property of the people he moves from one entity to the next.
3. Mistake
Logic ,   Israel   (12.10.07)
"At that time already, the Jews did not turn to the holy sites, such as Nablus, Hebron, Jericho, and Jerusalem, where a Muslim or Christian majority already existed." Jerusalem had a Jewish majority by the end of the 19th century.
4. Thousands of Anusim and others
Chaya ,   Bat Yam, Israel   (12.10.07)
There are thousands and thousands of Anusim (descendants of Jews forcibly converted to the Catholic Church) and others who claim descendants from the Lost Tribes who are returning to Judaism. In time, I believe they will be willing to come here!
5. Not logical
Israel Israeli ,   tel aviv   (12.10.07)
Meretz supported Oslo, which brought in at least 200000 (probably more) Arabs into the region between the Jordan and the sea. Meretz supported Arab economic immigration under the title "family unification" which brought in at least 100000 Arabs as citizens into Israel Meretz was against Rehavam Zeevi's position to help Arabs who wanted emigrate from Israel. Meretz is against Lieberman's position to allow Israeli Arabs to join an Arab state. So Meretz talks about demographics, but then does everything to support an increased Arab population.
6. in the long run the demographics are in favor of jews
uli ,   jerusalem   (12.10.07)
all statistics (except for foreged palestinian ones) show that palestinians are leaving the area in big numbers, their birth rate is declining and jewish birth rate is growing. we should annex judea and samaria and support muslims with money that want to resettle in a islamic country and stop this stupid suicidal leftists illusions.
7. Demography
Michal ,   Israel   (12.10.07)
Encourage higher salaries so that young Jewish couples can have more babies!!
8. Meeretz lies all the time !
Jerome ,   France   (12.10.07)
The link, the truth !! http://www.aidrg.com/ We all know the story abut Arafat and the Peace stuff- it never happend!
9. The answer to demographic threat ...
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (12.10.07)
Is not politically correct but is actually the best option. And I am not talking about a two-state solution unless you consider Jordan the second state. So you could say I support the idea of two states for two peoples - living side by side, not necessarily in peace but in security for us. This demographic argument is being used as an excuse to prop up policies that are not in our national interest. In the real world, national interest is not necessarily pleasant, moral, just, or fair. It is only what it is - necessary in the pursuit of self-interest. Other countries do not hesitate to pursue goals in their perceived national interest, often these days against us. We need to do the same.
David ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (12.10.07)
Hey! I am 100% for a 2 state solution. Send all the arabs to Jordan, just as the original plan called for, by the Brits.
11. Michal, 7#, baby bonuses
Judah ,   Golan Heights,ISRAEL   (12.10.07)
Michal, my wife and I have a one year old baby and now my wife is pregnant with our second baby. Most secular or Masorti Jews(like myself) will only have two babies. Alot of the times the reason is economic. Day care in the Golan is 2,000 Nis a child. Then there is food ,clothes, diapers ect. The government Bituach Leumi pays 150 nis a month. If the government is serious about raising the Jewish population(without raising the Arab population) then the third and fourth child only should receive free day care and at least 500 Nis a month from the Bituach Leumi. By the way another way to increae the Jewish population would be if the Efrat organization got more support and the number of abortions(mostly due to economic reasons) was reduced. These two measures could increase "internal aliya" by 50,000 babies a year.
12. IT'S THE CURRENT GOVERNMENT that'll lead to Israel's demise.
Joseph P. ,   Jerusalem   (12.10.07)
Olmert, Peres, Meretz, Sheretz, Barak, Livni, etc. will lead to Israel's demise. It's not the "Jewish State's" demise because Eretz Yisrael will remain forever for the Jews. But with such "leaders", the entire state might, G-d forbid, soon be taken over by our enemies. SO INSTEAD OF HANGING AROUND AND WAITING FOR THE GOVERNMENT TO LEAD TO ISRAEL'S DEMISE, WE SHOULD HURRY UP AND LEAD TO THIS GOVERNMENT'S DEMISE.
13. Why is Ynet canvassing the opinions of a Meretz MK?
Dudu ,   Kfar Sava   (12.10.07)
It was this party's clever ideas that brought us 1500 Oslo deaths & 2nd Lebanon war & missiles on Sderot.
14. Idiots, you give away the land and keep the Arabs when...
AK   (12.10.07)
it should be the other way around. Stop talking about demographics and DO something about it.... For starters, do away with those foreign- funded fake 'civil rights' groups and retire those leftist judges who are so enamored with the European style 'multiculturalism' and then encourage Arabs to emigrate rather than bring more in. Also, enforce the law against polygamy.
15. #8 - Jerome
Chaya ,   Bat Yam, Israel   (12.10.07)
Thank you/Merci for the link!
16. flawed from the start.
notme ,   jerusalem   (12.11.07)
Its the Dona Livni that is begging and whining to be recognized as a Jewish State. The Right, religious and otherwise, has no such low esteem problem, and the religious Right is sitting pretty with its birthrate, not to mention (ohmegod) the Hareidim that vote. There are, I believe honorable Leftists with whom you can have an intelligent conversation. None to be found in Meretz though. Yo Meretz! Remember Shinui?
17. Judah #11--some ideas
Ora ,   Jerusalem   (12.12.07)
Judah, I realize that babies are expensive. My husband and I are in the exact same situation as you and your wife--a one-year-old and one on the way. Some solutions to keep costs reasonable: 1) Round robin babysitting. A friend watches your children 3 days a week, you watch their children 3 days a week. That way one parent can work full-time and one part-time with no daycare costs. Alternatively, you watch their kids in the morning, they watch yours in the afternoon. 2) Space your kids close together and have one spouse be home full-time. If you have 4 kids, about 2 years apart, this means taking six years off, between the birth of the second child and the time that the third starts preschool. That way you never have to pay daycare for more than one kid, and your career/your spouse's career won't be thrown too badly off track (six years is not so long in the long term). It is possible to work from home in the evenings or even while kids are awake and playing on their own, so the stay-at-home parent could still have a small salary. 3) Space your kids far apart, about three years. That way when one is born, the older child is already in gan, which should be cheaper than mishpachton, and for most years you only have to pay daycare for one child. I hope this helps, if not you, then someone.
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