US armed forces chief in Tel Aviv for talks on Iran threat
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Published: 10.12.07, 18:12
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1. "Sometimes friends disagree" WTF is that prepared statemente
david ,   usa   (12.10.07)
a Balligon indeed!!!!!!!
2. Admiral Mullens and General Ashkenazi: READ ISAIAH CH.3
Rivkah   (12.10.07)
in the Authorized King James Bible. It talks about the mighty men of Zion DYING and the women BALD AND RAVISHED AND MOURNING. That sounds like nuclear attacks on Israel AND America since America is Manasseh that Jacob told would become a great nation. Manasseh was the son of Joseph in the Bible. The MIGHTY MEN OF ZION IS ISRAEL AND AMERICA AND THE BRITISH COMMONWEALTH, Admiral Mullens. Joseph's son Ephraim was told he would become a multitude of nations with the gates of their enemies=British Commonwealth. Delaying the war with Iran will delay the breaking of the notable horn of Daniel chapter 8 that has to be America since Alexander did not have airplanes and Greece was not the westernmost nation. There is wisdom in defeating Iran and there is wisdom in delaying the war. The apple of God's eye is Israel and the attacks on Israel and America and the British Commonwealth will lead to the end of Gentile World Rule FOREVER. Then Jerusalem with a Jewish Messiah will be the center of the earth.
3. General Ashkenazi looks so adoringly at Admiral Mullens, as
Rivkah   (12.10.07)
if to say, "You are my older brother. We must stand together." Admiral Mullens needs to consider the influlence the Roman Catholic Church has on America's intelligence services since the CIA and FBI were founded by Roman Catholics who signed an allegiance to the Vatican to be members of the Knights of Columbus and Opus Dei. The Catholics are often in league with the Moslems, like in the Spanish Civil War. Whether the facilities in Iran are nuclear weapons production plants are destroyed or not, nuclear wars will come. It is possible that if Israel goes it alone in attacking the nuclear facilities in Iran that America will not collapse as a consequence. If America goes to war with Iran, the notable horn of Daniel (America) will break.
4. Are "Friends disagreeing" meant to be Iran and USA
Alan ,   SA   (12.10.07)
5. GO HOME Mullen, we aren't your little troopers....
j ,   jerusalem, israel   (12.10.07)
....and we aren't the 51st state. Don't let the door hit you on the way out.
6. "Sometimes friends disagree.."
JJohnson ,   Turks & Caicos   (12.10.07)
Yeah, we 'disagree' with Israel's desire to see the US involved in a war with Iran. Sorry...'friend.'
7. 5 J.: When God looks at the earth, He sees Jerusalem as the
Rivkah   (12.10.07)
center with all other places north, south, east, or west of that center. Israel in the Middle East is part of God's promise to Joseph, the son of Jacob, grandson of Isaac, great-grandson of Abraham the Patriarch...God's promise through Jacob to Joseph was that his son Manasseh would become a great nation (America) and to Joseph's son Ephraim that he would become a multitude of nations with the gates of his enemies (British Commonwealth). Israel in the Middle East is mostly the tribes of Judah, Levi, Benjamin, Khazars, Ethiopians, etc. But God looks down on the earth and sees the WHOLE ISRAEL which is Israel, America, and the British Commonwealth. All have been mightily blessed since Joseph was given the birthright or blessing. It won't be long until the little Israel is the Chiefest among all the nations of the earth after the Jewish Messiah comes. Until then, it is not the 51st State of it's brother Manasseh (America), but it is still a part of Joseph and his seed. Brothers, cousins, related and joined in the blessings of Joseph.
8. A Warm Welcome is Rightfully Due
guy ,   los angeles   (12.10.07)
Sometimes it appears as if the enemies of Israel write comments under the guise of being Israelis...Adm. Mullen is here representing our one real friend, the USA, so those who hate Israel please stop writing in with these nasty comments!
9. Response to Rivkah
Mike ,   US   (12.10.07)
Everything you're saying is pretty right on...except for 1 thing: The Messiah has already come in Christ Jesus! Please accept Him as your Lord and Saviour so i can shake your hand in Heaven :)
10. AGREE WITH #9 !
JohnB. ,   Alabama,U.S.A.   (12.11.07)
The Messiah has already come 2015 years ago. His name is Jesus and He is still very much alive today.
11. TO: #2,3 and #9
Solly ,   los angeles, CA., U.   (12.11.07)
Rivka: You are a well versed person and well informed. It is nice to read your articles. Mike: Please leave Jesus alone. Our Messiah is not Jesus. If at all we believe in the return of an individual like you do, it would be King Solomon and not Jesus. We do not believe that our Messiah will ever die. He comes once and that is it.
12. 9 & 10: You must be Sunday Sabbath keepers who serve
Rivkah   (12.11.07)
the creature (Pope who changed the sabbath) more than the creator (God, whose rest on Saturday was honored by Jesus who grafted on the Gentiles to the Jewish faith by his death). Jesus of Nazareth, born of a virgin and the biological son of the Lord, is the saviour of the Gentiles. The Jews have a prior covenant with Jehovah that did not pass away when the Gentiles were grafted onto the tree of faith of which the Jews are the root. The root was not cut off. It is Christians who must become Jews in their hearts and honor the Sabbath of God, not the sabbath of a Pope who was not God and had no right or authority to change it. I believe Sunday Sabbath people are called by God but few are chosen or they would repent of serning the creature more than the creator. The Sunday people who do not believe the Jews believe THEIR Messiah (deliverer) is coming, are going to be utterly surprised at their exclusion from heaven as being called but not chosen. Whether we shake hands in heaven depends on whether God chooses you after calling you. Do you cut and decorate Christmas trees like the heathen that Jeremiah says in chapter 10 is an abomination to God? I have no idea if we will meet in heaven or not since only God and the angels know for certain who is saved and who is not. You say Jesus saved you, but do you follow him? Or do you follow the brainwashing teachings of Sunday people who do not care what the Bible says and has people actually believing Sunday is three days after Friday. Jesus was crucified on Friday and rose on Monday, but your Sunday preachers will tell you it was Sunday. Sunday is the day of the Sun, Satan's day.
13. 11 Solly: The Messiah (deliverer) of the Jews is coming. The
Rivkah   (12.11.07)
Saviour of the Gentiles has come and will come again. Jesus or Michael the Archangel or Emmanuel or Adonai or Hashem or the Mighty God is NOT the ALMIGHTY GOD WHO IS JEHOVAH OR YAHWEH. It is Christians who must become Jews in their hearts and go to a Saturday Sabbath and believe their Saviour is coming again. Jews must believe their Messiah is coming. If Jews were lost eternally and their eternal covenant with Jehovah was ended at the crucifixion of Jesus of Nazareth, then why are the promises to Israel and the Jews still being fulfilled, such as the reforming of the State of Israel? Christians do not understand this because they are told that only those who believe Jesus of Nazareth reconciled them to God the Father can be saved. Jesus also reconciled the Jews to God the Father, but they will not know that until the Messiah comes in glory to the Mount of Olives at Armageddon. They will look into his hands and see the scars and he will tell them he was wounded in the house of his FRIENDS. Jesus forgave all who were involved in his death, but Jehovah did not forgive some. Zechariah talks about this in the Authorized King James Bible. The Father, the Almighty God, chooses who is to be saved after they are called. Most Christians are called but not saved which is why they hate and persecute the Jews and worship and serve the creature (Pope who changed sabbbath) more than the Creator (who rested on Saturday). If Jews lost their eternal covenant with God the Father, why is the Messiah (Jesus) coming to judge the nations for how they treated the Jews? Why isn't he coming to judge the nations on how they treated the Christians? Because REAL Christians become Jews who are Jews in their hearts. They become a part of the JEWISH body of Jesus who grafted them onto the tree of faith of HIS JEWISH ancestors.
14. 11 Solly: The Messiah of the Jews has come many times.
Rivkah   (12.11.07)
He was in the fiery furnace with the friends of Daniel. He was Melchisedec, King of Salem, that Abraham the Patriarch paid tithes to. He was the savior of the Gentiles and grafted them onto the Jewish faith of his ancestors. He will come in glory to the Mount of Olives at Armageddon. He has been on the earth many times. In the Scofield Reference Bible there is a chain reference called the theophanies of God. A Theophany is an appearance of God on earth. There are many times the Jewish Messiah came when his people needed him. He sent fishers to draw the Jewish people back to their ancient homeland like Theodore Herzl. When the people would not listen except for a few, he sent hunters to drive them back, like Hitler. That sounds terrible, but God demands obedience and the Jews had to obey him in that matter of re-establishing Israel. Those who perished who loved Adonai/Hashem did nto perish eternally. They will be resurrected and live in the Chief among the nations in the kingdom of the Jewish Messiah: Israel, which is much larger in the territory given by God to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob than what was given by the UN.
15. Jesus is coming...
Pablo Santa Cruz ,   NYC   (12.11.07)
not all christians are catholics and will all the Christian Endtime Prophecies that are obviously coming true after much excitement all believers will soon be eating their suppers daily in the gardens of Jerusalem...
16. What ever the CIA says, do the opposite!
Dan ,   NYC   (12.11.07)
It's sad when a small country like Israel has better intelligence than the most powerful country in the world. - Wasn't this the same CIA that told the world that without a doubt Iraq had weapons of mass destruction? Wasn't it the CIA that didn't know that 9/11 was going to happen? Fact is, Iran is going for the nukes. If the NIE finds otherwise they are on some serious crack or were bought off by some wacky anti-war liberals. It was bad enough the CIA screwed up twice in a row, but three screw ups would be ridiculous and embarrassing!
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