State argues against fortifying Sderot residences
Aviram Zino
Published: 10.12.07, 23:41
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1. Thickheaded morons - Sderot isnt a target range!
Steve ,   UK   (12.11.07)
The state is allowing those rocket attacks to go on; nothing decisive is being done to stop it, so you have 3 simple choices. Harden the homes, stop the attacks, or stand down from office and let someone in who will.
2. Olmert lied? I am shocked, shocked to hear this
Ran   (12.11.07)
/sarcasm off
3. there is no money
Dana Olmert ,   Jerusalem   (12.11.07)
There is no money to defend the fools of Sderot. If they want, why don't they move to a house in Cremieux street? You can get a good price there.
4. disgusting
anonymous   (12.11.07)
the more i read on the current israeli govt, the less i want to do aaliyah. another sad day in israel, and the general population seems not to care
5. State not willing to fortify Sderot
Carolyn ,   Israel   (12.11.07)
Another shining example of how this government cares for the people of Israel! During the Lebanon Summer war the gov ignored the needs of the Northern residents , and they are simply doing the same thing to the residents of Sderot. You can bet your bottom dollar that if their (knessett members)homes were being rocketed daily in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv that their homes would have been fortified long ago. Just like the gov is building a bunker for itself incase of war with Iran, but yet it is leaving the rest of us to fend for ourselves. Is this the kind of government we want or need in the State of Israel? One that cares only for itself and big business? I say throw all the bums out, dissolve Knessett and start afresh, with new blood, stop putting the same morons in office every few years!
6. shelters
JL ,   israel   (12.11.07)
as this government feverishly steals our money and builds itself a super bunker we take no action...i think it is time to sum it all up...israelis are just plain stupid...
7. Olmert needs his atomic shelter
m ,   toronto   (12.11.07)
There is no money for shelters in Sderot, Olmert and his government need those money to build their atomic shelter. And why should this government show any care for the people, when did they do that? During the Lebanon war? When they threw people out of their homes without means to support themselves?
8. This government, and all the parties in it, are a sick joke
aaron ,   ra'anana   (12.11.07)
9. So, parts of Israel are expendable?
Petra ,   usa   (12.11.07)
What a mess! Politicos should be forced to live in Sderot until they change their minds about Jewish lives importance to the State! It's hard to believe some of the results you read about here. I can't imagine any sane persons refusing to help their own citizens, Israel needs some new blood for politicians. Perhaps they can 'import' some with balls?
10. proof a new ellectroal system is needed
zionist forever   (12.11.07)
If we had a consituancy based political system where the MK is loyal to only the party then if the party leadership isnt interested in regional issues then nobidy is interested. The way things work now is the party has a list of individuals wanting to become MKS and the ones at the top of the list get ellected when the voters ellect a party. We need a system where the party puts forward candidiates who are then ellected directly by the local constiuancies .. have an MK who is ellected by the residents of Sderot directly if they want to keep their seat they will make sure they do everything possible to get those fortitifactons. It would bring the politicians to the people instead of the peoples votes to the top men. We also need to do away with this stupid system of coalition government and do away with the single issue parties who split the vote. Coalition government isnt true democracy as you vote for a party that makes certain promises but later if they want to form a coalition they may have to drop some of those promises you ellected them on so your not getting what you voted for. We need a system where winner takes all and the party with the most seats forms the government we dont have kadima labour, Shas, Yisroel Baitanu, pensioners party etc all getting together and forming completly new policies. We also need to get rid of the single issue parties that take votes from the bigger parties that have real policies on a varaiaty of issues. So lets make the rules stricter on getting ellected. We want more than 2 parties like in the US there is very little choice there but fewer than we have now. It will create stable and more democratic government that works for the people and not the party.
11. dead soilders are valuable living civilians are worthlless
zionist forever   (12.11.07)
Sharon traded 400 Hezbollah prisoners for the bodies of 2 dead soillders and a drug dealer. Olmert is probably going to trade thousands of terrorists many with blood on their hands for Gilad Shalit alive or dead. Olmert is not willing to pay out cold hard cash to save the lives of many Israeli civilians. If your a dead soilder the government cares about you but if your a living civilian under daily attack the government prefers to give weapons to and shake hands with the men responsible.
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