Ahmadinejad to write series of books
Dudi Cohen
Published: 11.12.07, 00:57
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TRUE AMERICAN ,   AMERICA   (12.11.07)
youi just dont WANT the USA to believe it beacuse you want our young American boys going into IRAN to fight and DIE for ISrael.. because Iran May be a threat one day to Israel- BUT ITS NOT TO THE USA- GET IT???? AMERICNAS ARE SICK OF THE JEWISH AGENDA DICTATING US FOREIGN POLICY.
2. Ahmadinejad writing a book ...
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (12.11.07)
I guess he wants to update "Mein Kampf" from an Islamic point of view.
3. Poll
Alphonse ,   USA   (12.11.07)
I agree with True American, this poll looks like it is meant to generate public opinion not reflect it.
4. ahmadinejad
bixpix ,   boca raton, fl   (12.11.07)
I'd like to hear Ahmadinejad's thoughts immediately after perusing the Holocaust museum for an hour or two.
5. he needs some fashion advice
6. Ahmadinejad writing a book on the Holocaust?
Ozraeligirl ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (12.11.07)
That's the funniest thing I have heard in ages! Ha ha!
7. OK, Americans it´s time for the truth
Shir ,   Finland   (12.11.07)
Jews are sick too of the humiliating and degrading way you talk to Jews and about Jews. We made it without you from late 1800´s to 1973. Unfortunately after USA started to intervene, our biggest supporters, Britain and France stepped back. Relations to Britain and France were NORMAL, there was no dependency, just normal companionship and alliance. After Americans started to intervene, they felt like they had no authority in the Middle-East anymore and we lost their support, because of you Americans. You chased away our biggest supporters, made them our enemies and now you complain? How DARE you? You didn´t go to Iraq because of Israel, but because of what happened in your country in 2001. If you had gone there for Israel, you would have done that a long, LONG time ago. Lastly, not all of us Jews, or even close descend from Holocaust Jews. I know I don´t. Grandpa was in Israel during Holocaust. Israeli Jews left for Israel, because they are TOUGH Jews. They fought completely alone in 1948 war and showed their power. Your constant complaining about the war in Iraq tells me you are spineless wimpy whiners. Watch Bill O´Reilly´s programs and read his books, there´s an example of a good honourable conservative American. There´s a Man, not a wimp like you.
8. #2, way to go, Terry,
israeli ,   israel   (12.11.07)
you beat me to it!
9. # 5 i agree he should ditch the jacket
Simon ,   TA Israel   (12.11.07)
Yes you are right, i mean that beige jacket its a bit last season, and ditch the beard ! Its not what the best dressed dictators are wearing this season.
10. Should write a book on the economy
Robby ,   San Jose, USA   (12.11.07)
He should write a book on how he is making the Iranian life style better, how to address unemployment, inflation, and the ever growing number of citizens that can't afford housing.
11. Eill Olmert learn Persian or his library will remain poor?
Adriatic_boy ,   Bosnia and Herzegovi   (12.11.07)
12. I am Iranian ,let me that I tell some thing
sam ,   Iran,Tehran   (12.12.07)
I am Iranian ,I understand your feel ,just I want advice you to don't buy his book ,in Iran people believe that he don't have any knowledge about holocaust and also other subject just believe me that he is trying to be suspenseful for next election he want get some credit because of that has written book any how in my opinion totally he is liar and criminal
13. fictional story
Andre ,   Holland   (12.12.07)
Ahmadinejad's books never end good.
14. #12 Sam
Robby ,   San Jose, USA   (12.12.07)
Sam - do you think he will get re-elected? Also - all we hear is his talks about Israel, does he ever answer questions about the Iranian economy or other social issues?
15. answer to your questiuon
sam ,   tehran,Iran   (12.12.07)
I don't think so that he re-elect again, Iranian people is not satisfied about his manner Even who ever elected him earlier but he controlling interior ministry so it is possible that he will have hand in result of new election then it will be disasters if he re-elect again so Iranian people should be aware about this matter Good point ,since he elected as president he didn't answer question about Iranian economy and social issue all time he is speaking about Israel it has several reason he don't understand about economy ,he don't understand about social issue because he is not academic and educated person if he don't understand this matter but Iranian people can understand this matter If he don't recognize Israel as independent country but Iranian people can understand and recognize Israel as independent country and also they like open new relation with Israelis people it is very clear and people doesn't have any doubt about it but Iranian people can not do any thing at the moment but may be in future some thing happen but today there is a dictator that we calling him dictator Ahmadi Nejad ,he is killing ,putting people in to prison, denying history and ……… so Iranian people need some change and I hope our people understand this matter
16. Thank you Sam
Robby ,   San Jose, USA   (12.13.07)
Thanks for your answers Sam - it is good to hear from someone that is there. I would think most Iranians are tired of the standard of living today. Are you old enough to remember life before the revolution?
17. Robby problem is very big
sam ,   Tehran,Iran   (12.13.07)
I don't remember life before revaluation because I didn't born that time unfortunately, but I can understand that in the past our situation and our life was better than today ,you are right he should write a book about economy Let me that I tell some thing as Iranian we can understand that today our national currency doesn't have much value but Ahmadi nejda can not understand this matter because he is living in fancy world ,problem is very big Robby
18. Don't give up Sam
Robby ,   San Jose, USA   (12.13.07)
Before the revolution Teheran was a wonderful city, it was one of the favorite destinations in the region. Oh - and 7 tomans was one dollar! Things can change, don't give up.
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