Teachers' strike ends
Moran Zelikovich
Published: 13.12.07, 08:34
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Avraham ,   Netivot   (12.13.07)
2. Education reforms
gabriela ben ari ,   jerusalem   (12.13.07)
I read nothing about the reduced number os students per classroms- or did I miss something As long as they don't cut it to a maximumum of 20 this strike was worth nothing what about giving back to students the reduced hours of Maths English ect, that have been taken away in previous years. I hope they also get them back I didn't read anything yet about giving back some power to the school system to kick out (inmediately) students with problematic behaviour. As far as I know these stick around for ever, and drag the whole class and teacher to chaos. Can someone who took part in the deliberations elaborate a little please?
3. So now we can forget how sub-standard education is in Israel
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (12.13.07)
This is not much of a victory for anyone least of all students. The level of instruction will be as sub-standard as before. We can expect the same deteriorating results that we have seen for the last 20 years. The school system needs comprehensive re-organization & reform. What they have done now is apply a band-aid when what is needed is intensive care. But with the strike over, we can be sure that all will be forgotten - once out of the news, the rot can continue unabated.
4. Teachers Strike
Duffy ,   L A US   (12.13.07)
Did not Offer Eini suggest this same general compromise two months ago? So why did the government take so long to to accept the compromise offered by Mr Eini. Good for the teachers. The Min of Ed. Ms Tamir sure had little to do with the teachers getting better working conditions, smaller classroom sizes, longer teaching hours. The problem will be in the government doing what it says it will do. Question - where is the government going to get more teachers in a short time to teach the smaller class sizes soon ? Sounds to me like the teachers had enough of the government nonsense and demanded living wages and work conditions better to teach and better for students to learn - despite the government.
5. non all true
an adjucationed one   (12.13.07)
the longest strke was the high school strike back in 1977. than the goverment ignored the teachers for three months 'till they signd the agreement.
6. The Israeli "Government"
Michael ,   Haifa   (12.13.07)
One possible lesson to be learned from the strikes in the educational system and the attitude of the "government" to Education as a whole, is that this "government" probably couldn't run a grocery shop in the shtetl in the nineteenth century. Instead, they leave the running of the country to a bunch of idiot-savants in the Ministry of the Treasury. The question is whether we deserve better Probably not, for we elect the same incompetents into power time after time .
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