Report: Nasrallah replaced as head of Hizbullah military wing
Roee Nahmias
Published: 13.12.07, 23:31
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1. Nasrallah's reward
israeli ,   israel   (12.13.07)
for his victory in last year's war. Imagine what his punishment would have been in case of defeat. Oh dear, oh dear, I can't even begin to imagine... poor, poor, Hassaniko...
2. Haman you Ahmedinejad....:-)
ben ,   singapore   (12.14.07)
Purim + Hanukkah miracle : -)
3. Hmm? Nasrallah always says Iran not thier master
josef cohen ,   herzliya il   (12.14.07)
If this story is true then Nasrallah lied when he declared so many times that Hizbullah is a purely Lebanese entity struggling for the Lebanese that answers to only the Lebanese..... Not that many really ever believed this.
4. Now Iran isn't even denying
mordechai ,   Philadelphia, PA, US   (12.14.07)
Now Iran isn't even denying its involvement with the Hezbos. Next time, we DO NOT AGREE to any cease fires, and next time we entirely wipe out the enemy, as well as all human shields that they employ.
5. Peretz is expert onTrade Unions & Nassralla on Prayers
Alan ,   SA   (12.14.07)
Both these characters were running a War whose consequences on BOTH people are of great significance A man of prayers and a man of factory/workpace floors !
6. Iraniian tell
sam ,   tehran,Iran   (12.14.07)
Nasrollah didn't win in any war, he should accept it that he was loser and also Iranian people don't believe his victory, it is just fable story may be he was victory about earning money of our people (Iranian) ,just I want tell some thing to him don't be hopeful about future because Iranian people will change their regime very soon and we will reach to true democracy so as Iranian I am telling that your are loser ,but Iranian people is winner because right is with them think after that Iranian people will help to Israeli people because we can feel them they lived long time beside of Iranian people I advice you to going read Iranian history then you will understand that how much we have near relation with Israelis When this unjust regime( Iranian regime )fallen down then Iranian people will reach to true democracy so this truth will never allow you to wipe Israel from map because that time Iranian people will help to Israelis people so you should think about future very soon
7. #6
Israel Israeli ,   tel aviv   (12.14.07)
We are nearing the end of days. The good Iranians, Lebanese and Israel together against the bad Arab colonists supported by US oil interests and racist Europeans. There is a chance the good guys would win if Olmert would just leave.
8. Sam(teheran)-May your hopes come true
Alan ,   SA   (12.14.07)
9. Dream story
John ,   London,UK   (12.14.07)
If this is true that this would be the best news for Israelis. It would their dreams report not only for 2007, but for the entire decade: Just imagine Israel's most powerful enemy, whom Israeli soldiers fear and dread to confront, a man who the world watched in amazement as he crushed Israeli military in 30 days last year; a man who according to British media declared divine strategic historic victory after Israel begged the UN to stop the war, a war which Israel started in order to destroy him. This would indeed be a dream stroy if it were true. I think this news represent more of what Israelis wish rather than facts.
10. Sam..well said.
Jellybean ,   Chicago   (12.14.07)
I hope it does come true. Nastyrilla is fired!!! nice reward and payback..Karma.
11. If al-Awsat news true, Divine Kick follows Divine Victory !
KMR ,   Middle East   (12.14.07)
12. Deeply thing...
Ibrahim ,   Egypt   (12.15.07)
Nobody understand that there is just a new strategy in the next isn't a is just rehabilitation for doing something in future...Why should we be superficial..
13. To #2
Ibrahim ,   Egypt   (12.15.07)
Why did you remember Haman not Hitler...
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