Power of repression
Roni Sofer
Published: 15.12.07, 16:34
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1. you wouldn't have to worry about rockets
roger ,   usa   (12.15.07)
if you quit killing and collectively punishing the indigenous population
2. Power of repression
roxy ,   Israel   (12.15.07)
The government here will allow the rockets to continue to fall on Sderot, and it will allow them to fall on Ashkelon, it won't be until Tel Aviv or Jerusalem is directly threatened that they will do something to put a perminate stop to it! This gov. only cares for those that are in the gov and their families not the rest of the Israeli Public! They failed the North during the Summer Lebanon War, they are still Failing residents of Sderot! The only way to change the situation effectively is to throw all of the bums out in both the gov, and opposition and start all over from scratch!
3. No. 1
NYC Girl   (12.15.07)
Just remember that Yasser Arafat formed the PLO in l964...three years prior to the Six Day War and Israel's capture of the territories. The Arabs have been engaged in violence and mayhem for decades, and what you refer to as "killing and collectively punishing the indigenous population" is nothing more than Israel's attempt to survive in the face of an unregenerate enemy. The same enemy, by the way, who celebrated in the streets when we were attacked on 9/11.
4. Roger - #1 - another one who doesn't know a thing!
Chaya ,   Bat Yam, Israel   (12.15.07)
Roger, sit down like a good little boy and I'll tell you a story. One day Ariel Sharon told the good Jews of Gush Katif in Gaza that they would have to leave the homes they had been living in for three generations and they would have to give up their greenhouses which had given jobs to the local Arabs and had provided produce. He said by leaving we will enable to local Arabs to build a better life for themselves and we will have peace. So, we left. And the local Arabs? They destroyed the greenhouses and built tunnels underneath to bring in weapons. They continued to fire rockets. Hamas took over with a coup d'etat by throwing Fatah men off the roofs of houses and murdering them in the streets. And they continued to fire rockets on the people of Sderot! So, please, Roger, before you make a ridiculous statement - first get the facts!!
5. Americans lecture after murdering millions!
Menachem Ben Yakov ,   Jerusalem Israel   (12.15.07)
The Americans love to lecture after murdering millions of Native Americans and enslaving millions of blacks. Thats why Roger is so full of advice and why America is so loved by the world. Just ask any Iraqi.
6. Wait For Tel Aviv
David ,   Israel   (12.15.07)
As soon as a rocket lands in the tel-aviv yafo region the left will scream for blood and go into a frenzy that will give the right a moment's pause. That's the problem with being liberal and forgiving - when you wait too long to react the level of force required to do so effectively is magnitudes greater than if you'd have acted forcefully from the outset. When the bloodletting begins, and at some point it will, the responsibility for the feeding-frenzy will lie firmly on the shoulders of those who are preaching peace in the present. A time for peace; a time for war. If you don't make war when you must, there will be no peace - only the silence of the dead.
7. and ben #5
roger ,   usa   (12.15.07)
i never agreed that my country should do israel's bidding and start a war with iraq. and now you people have the gall to try to get us lured into a war with iran? nice try. the usa is done fighting israel's wars.
8. an apology
yosef ,   israel   (12.15.07)
The Orange camp predicted that the racist population transfer from Gaza would endager Israel. The Extreme Left together with Sharon and Olmert were so filled with antisemitic hatred that they refused to listen to the warnings. The Orange camp is still waiting for an apology.
9. Yo! Roger!
yehuda ,   Holit, Israel   (12.15.07)
This American fought for israel by coming here, becoming a Citizen and puting on the uniform of the ISRAELI Army. In the twenty + years that I have worn that uniform the only Americans I saw puting their lives on the line with me were others who put on the IDF uniform and became citizens like me. American soldiers are dieing for you, bub not for us. We die, have died, and will die quite enough for ourselves.
10. Roger, read the paper!
merlin ,   boston,ma   (12.15.07)
Sharon told Bush NOT to attack Iraq! Iraq is a US war about oil and power. The first Iraq war was about Saddam going into Kuwait. So, Roger, let's hear your creative anti-semitism on how you blame the Jews for Iraq. Oh, and study a little history - the Jews are the indigenous population more so than the Arabs. Oh, and Roger, where is the "thank you" note you should have written to Israel when the US troops, fighting a US war, didn't have to face Saddam's nukes? Didn't you learn you're supposed to write your thank you notes promptly? Merlin
11. To Roger - Killing and collective punnishment
Rebecca ,   Modiin   (12.15.07)
Please read what Hamas had to say at their rally in GAZA today. See how many people in Gaza supported their call to kill all Jews and remove Israel from the map. Collective support = collective punishment. Every time we give them a chance they take the gap to kill even more of us.
12. Hashem is talking to us...
yoni ,   jerusalem   (12.15.07)
Hashem is telling us to reinforce our commitment to being jewish and living on the jewish homeland. The threats are just a reminder and those that flee because of it are not strong enough in their understanding of why be jewish and why live in israel. wake up the nation and lets think again what the heck we are doing here!!!!!
13. I wasn't Aware Sddam was Even a Threat To Israel
The man was in control of Iraq for over thirty years and never attacked Israel except to break up Bush Sr's coalition and yet somehow he is seen as Israel's # 1 threat. Israel should have been grateful to Saddam, compared to what he had he gave the "Palestinians" very little compared to the EU and US.
14. stop crying and let's solve it
Sad man ,   Gaza   (12.16.07)
if u have problems with that war , then u must know that we have more now let's solve it and have peace and also u have to make this peace with hamas weather u like it or not or u can simply cry more
15. To #13
Marat ,   USA   (12.16.07)
I guess launching SCUDs into Israel doesn't count as threatening. If that's not enough for you, I seem to recall him writing checks to the families of suicide bombers between 1998 and 2001. Saddam may have Islamist groups that wanted to overthrow him, but he had no problem when they were murdering Jews.
16. SORRY YOU READERS HAD TO.............
AVROHOM BILGREI ,   ZION   (12.16.07)
17. power of repression
khader herzallah ,   Amman-Jordan   (12.16.07)
It happened once or twice that some one was killed by a Qassam,all the reports show that many qassams hit Sderot but no damages,no injuries.The politicians always loom the situation and unnecesserly enlarge the news which leads to panic among citizens.In case your attitude towards the Pals continue its barbarism and cruelty,the Pals will have no choice but to use better deterrant methods by improving the effectivity of their missilles.Its your IDF who forced them to do that.
18. #14 - Make peace with Hamas???
Chaya ,   Bat Yam, Israel   (12.16.07)
Show us you are serious by getting rid of Hamas, stop the rocket attacks on us - and then we will talk to YOU - not to Hamas!! They have made your lives miserable!!
19. Bush went to war for oil not Israel.
Menachem Ben Yakov ,   Jerusalem Israel   (12.16.07)
Only an idiot would think Bush went to war for Israel. Saddam kept Iran in check and now we face a nuclear Iran. Bush was motivared by greed for oil and a desire to pay back Saddam for attempting to assinate his father. Israel, weapons of mass destruction, etc. were all nothing but excuses. Americans who post telling Israelis what to do should clean up there own messes first. Then they can lead by example and give back the USA to the natives and move back to England where they belong!
20. Chaya, Sit down and I'll tell U a story
lydia ,   Brisbane, Australia   (12.17.07)
Despite Israeli's claim to the contrary Israel is the aggressor, not the victim. Israel has illegal invaded, attacked and occupied Arab territories for decades. Israel illegally kidnapps and incarcerates hundreds of Arabs in their prisons. The only reason Palestinians have not be consigned to the dust bin of History is that Iran/Ahmadinejad and their proxies Hezbullah/Hamas have been resisting and winning the illegal jewish occupation. The jews have 'left' Gaza as much as they left Lebanon with their foot firmly planted on the neck of the Arabs it has to be dislodged. Hamas is the legally representative of the Palestinian yet the US and Israel continually ignores Hamas and panders to Abbas, further festering division between Hamas and Fatah.
21. Lydia, deary; settle down, and have a cup of tea (1).
Ozraeli ,   Australia   (12.17.07)
Lydia, deary; settle down, have a cup of tea; learn spelling, grammar, punctuation, geography, & history. Lydia, with all due respect (yawn) for your passionate & (apparently) teenager's opinion, you really should learn some historical facts; and spelling, grammar, & punctuation for your next middle school essay. You also use "illegal" & "illegally" so often that I suspect your parents are lawyers... Poor thing – you know what Shakespeare said about lawyers! On what basis do you make such definitive declarations? You write: "... Israel has illegal (sic) invaded, attacked & occupied Arab territories for decades. (What about Arab attacks on Israelis/Jews going back 120 years-the beginning of the modern Zionist resettlement of Israel, or, say, over the last 2000 years of continuous Jewish presence?) "...Israel illegally kidnapps (sic) & incarcerates hundreds of Arabs in their prisons. (Where? Incarcerates hundreds in Arab prisons?) Actually, there are thousands of prisoners! As Aussies say, "Off the streets, & out of the billiard halls"! Usually, they are released, much healthier, better educated, & well fed, in return for 1 or 2 kidnapped Israelis, at a ratio of approximately 300:1). I don't advocate study at the University of Ktziot, but Gaza Uni gives credits for Distance Education. "...The only reason Palestinians have not be ("...have not be..."?) consigned to the dust bin of History (is History a pronoun?) is that Iran/Ahmadinejad & their proxies Hezbullah/Hamas (At least you know that they are proxies, i.e. puppets of distant terror supporters & fomenters [look that up for your next class!] have been resisting & winning the illegal jewish occupation..". As for being “…have not be consigned to the dustbin of History…”. Have you read of the Edomites? Canaanites? Phoencians? Samarians? Sumarians? Babylonians? Bavarians? Prussians? Hugenots? The Austro-Hungarian Empire? Yugoslavia? USSR? Tanzanika? Rhodesia? East Germany? Nations and peoples have come and gone throughout history. The Jewish people (or nation) has been around continuously for over 6500 years. All of Western society is built around Judaism’s principles. As you celebrate Christmas, remember that Jesus Christ was just a good Jewish boy with some unique ideas-and he never relinquished Judaism. His followers established “Christianity”. He died a Jew. Maybe the “Palestinians” need to do something constructive, to ensure their historical continuity and permanence… Is "...resisting & winning the occupation..." a State of Origin Rugby Series? I suggest you reassess your usage of the first & third party, not to mention active & passive descriptors. "...resisting & winning the illegal jewish occupation..."? (Jewish, deary, Jewish is a pronoun - from the root Judaism). I will leave the Hebrew & Aramaic roots to next year's "Advanced Studies in Political Correctness". By the way, it is Israeli “occupation”, not Jewish, & Israel completely left the Gaza Strip over 2 years ago. Do you have a problem with border control on the world’s largest island? I thought not. For your information, Gaza was conquered in a defensive war (The Six Day War of 1967, remember?) brought on by three direct (Egypt, Jordan, & Syria), & a few other indirect neighbours (Lebanon, Iraq, Libya, Saudi Arabia, etc.) preparing to attack Israel, butcher the Jews, & throw them into the sea. I believe it was ~180 million screaming, rioting, bloodthirsty Arabs versus 3 million Israelis, including Israeli Arabs. Somewhat like Qld versus NSW at cricket, or rioting Arabs vs. Aussies in Cronulla, writ large (on a larger scale, FYI)... Perhaps something the Australian Aboriginals should have done 180 years earlier to Captain Cook, & the rest of the criminal classes & human trash that Mother England consigned to "The Colonies"...! By the way, that is how the "Palestinian" (a non existent "nation") problem started. To be continued.
22. Lydia, deary; settle down, have a cup of tea (2).
Ozraeli ,   Australia   (12.17.07)
Imagine, once upon a time; a long, long time ago; way back in 1947, 8 Arab countries attacked Israel, Jews who just wanted a little place of their own (imagine a 1 bedroom unit in Mt. Gravatt, not a 4 b/m, 5 acre rural property with tennis court & pool in St. Lucia, like Australia). This, after surviving the Holocaust of 6 million being starved, tortured, gassed, & butchered in Nazi concentration camps–more than the entire population of WW II Australia. Has your class advanced to Modern European History, or are you still on Origami & Flower Arranging? Did you know that Israel was established after a UN vote that the Arabs rejected? Have you heard of the British Mandate? Partition? The Arab armies told the locals (~600,000) to get out of the way of the advancing Arab armies, to come back later to rape & pillage the Jews. Now we have 4 generations in filthy camps the oil rich Arabs will not let their brethren out of. Nice...and they do not seem to want to better themselves. Let us not forget BILLIONS in international aid stolen, in Swiss accounts of the poor Palestinians leaders. A little like ATSIC (Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Commission) on steroids. Have you seen any Jewish refugees lately, like the 1 million Jews who left, or were expelled from Arab countries post 1948, with nothing to their name, after living in Arab countries for hundreds of years? Arabs just keep refusing & losing like the Aussie Democrats, or like "white trash" in Woodridge, Inala, or Darra, not wanting to have "yuppie" neighbours moving in, & (Heaven forbid!) improving the neighbourhood. How many Caucasian "Original Australians" are there? I seem to keep meeting Poms, Kiwis, Irish, Scots, Eyties, Wogs, Slants, Slopes, Japs, Indians, Koreans, Pinos, & other assorted refugee Asians & immigrants who arrived since 1788 (or 1946, or 1976), & seem to have their boots resting comfortably on the "Indigenous Inhabitants" neck... I also suggest that you research UN figures on the levels of infant mortality, protein consumption, agricultural production, disease, per capita income, & innumerable other indicators of public health & advanced social structure in Gaza during the Egyptian Occupation (which was also "illegal", between 1947 -1967, & never internationally recognized), & the Israeli "Occupation", 1967-2005. You might discover some interesting figures for your next “Show & Tell”. By the way, the total area of Israel, including the West Bank, is ~24,000 km/2. About the area of the Byron Shire with a total length of 392 km, end to end. Pre 67, it was 12 kms wide in some places. Imagine that Aboriginals in Inala were constantly bombarding Kenmore with rockets, & sending suicide bombers with explosive belts packed full of razors, ball bearings, rat poison, & barbed wire into the Queen St. Mall. Get the picture? Australia is a land mass of 7.5 MILLION km/2, a population of ~20 million, surrounded by water, with incredible natural resources, & no enemies. Australia has to invent rivalries and use sport as a national unifier. Without the British Empire’s wars, Australia would have virtually no history, unlike 6765 years of recorded Jewish history, in Israel, and around the world. How many Nobel Prizes does Australia have? “…The jews have 'left' Gaza as much as they left Lebanon with their foot firmly planted on the neck of the Arabs it has to be dislodged. Hamas is the legally representative of the Palestinian yet the US & Israel continually ignores Hamas & panders to Abbas, further festering division between Hamas & Fatah…” I won’t even bother with your last inane paragraph - it really is too easy. Thanks for giving me some fun. I didn’t even begin lampooning your “legal” assertions. “International law”. Ho Ho Ho. Use your brain, & stop spewing crap. Learn history. Learn how to use a Spell Checker, a Grammar Checker, & an encyclopedia. Try to develop some critical analysis capabilities. GET A LIFE.
23. #21, 22 Deary Ozraeli
lydia ,   Brisbane, Australia   (12.17.07)
My family might be lawyers and respect international law but yours are obviously spin-meisters. An 'honorable' profession, I am told for a jew. Go now and join Murdoch and his faux new which is obviously where U keep 'informed'. It is still ILLEGAL to occupy Arab land and it is still ILLEGAL to murder unarmed women and children.
24. You are Mean and Evil
lydia ,   Brisbane, Australia   (12.18.07)
You make fun of the Palestinians plight you make fun of poor Australians and call them 'white trash", as you call them and you speak equally unflattering in your reference to the residents of Woodridge, Inala and Darra. You make light of the Aboriginals and Aussie Democrats. 'Noblesse oblige' is quite foreign to you, no wonder you are so disliked through the ages. Thrown out of England, thrown out of Spain , France, Poland etc. etc. Must be the warm caring cuddly,nature exhibited on captured Palestinian land.
25. Kol hacavod Chia no. 4
Tricia ,   Ramat Gan   (12.18.07)
Chia well said. You are so correct in what you have written. That is the long and short of it. Well said.
26. On Lydia and Ozreali
Tricia ,   Ramat Gan   (12.18.07)
I marvel Lydia's stupidity and applaud Ozreali's (somewhat naive) attempt to educate her. The fact is that there are too many Lydia's in the world. For some unknown reason they point the finger at a tiny (yes really tiny) country with only the mediteranean sea to count on as a neighbour. Lydia points the finger at a democracy where everyone gets a vote and yet fawns at the feet of those who would cast her aside as an infidel. It's a question of mindset. Stop swallowing the drivel and read history girl. Pre-1937 there were only about 75,000 inhabits of what was then "Palestine" now there are 6 million including 1.3 million Arabs living in the State of Israel. Can you tell me please where occupation and fleeing came into the equation when there were only 75,000 here in the first place. Oh and that is not taking into account Jews who were forced out of Muslim countries just because they were Jewish. Hmph!!
27. #26 Tricia
lydia ,   Brisbane, Australia   (12.19.07)
1. Democracy jewish style is to ban the voice to the rightful inhabitants i.e. Palestinians and their right to return. 2 Pre 1937! How far back? Lets go back to 63BC when Roman Pompey captured the place and by 135 AD Emperor Hadrian had wiped out the all traces of the remaining jews. 3 When the Brits came there were 500,000 Arabs and only 65,000 jews. 4..Own up to the fact that you are a disgraceful guest! You abuse the generosity of your Host. You invite all your mongrel relations to 'crash' the scene and assist in the mutilation and inevitable demise of your Host. You demand at the point of a gun that the neighbors recognize your claim to the possessions you have stolen and swear you and your relations were there all along and are not the perpetrators but the victims. That SOME hutzpah!
28. #24 ha, ha , the real truth of how you feel about jews is
rachel ,   usa   (12.22.07)
coming out .....you hypocrite.
29. #27 shush,shush ,shush, calm down ..., you anti-semitism is
rachel ,   usa   (12.22.07)
showing dear.......
30. #28,29 rachel
lydia ,   Brisbane, Australia   (12.22.07)
I looked it up anti semitic i.e. “UNFOUNDED criticism of the jews”. But dearly criticism of the jewish thuggery is not UNFOUNDED! The stealing of Arab land, the bombing of the King David Hotel, the bombing of HMS Liberty, killing women and children in their beds and on the beach from helicopter gunships, raining down cluster bombs on little kids in Lebanon etc. etc etc. the list is endless. Nothing UNFOUNDED about these criticisms deary! Someone should have told you, before now, that Arabs are Semites but don’t let that stop you taking over the name you seem to take over everything else.
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