Iran refutes report Nasrallah was demoted
Dudi Cohen
Published: 16.12.07, 15:01
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1.  It is true
Jay ,   Ohio   (12.16.07)
I first heard this from a Saudi Intelligence Officer by the name of Muhamad bin mahmood bin abu ahmad bin abu abdul bin abu feisul bin abu saud bin abumyshoe. If Saudis say it is true, it must be.
2. Nasrollah is loser ,it is very clear
sam ,   tehran,iran   (12.16.07)
Nasorallah is loser ,it is very clear that Iranian Supreme Leader are angry about him becuase he didn't run some command of this dictator,also lebanonise should understand that Nasrollah is not useful man for their country as Iranian think about supreme leader both person always making problem for middle east it is not for first time they did several time ,they like live in sedition because they can give guaranty for their lift time just I hope people understand this matter and be able to change the thing and pages for good situation people should stop them about dirty act
3. BottomLine:: Hezbollah=(extended)Iranian republican guard.
KMR ,   Middle East   (12.16.07)
4. Since Sam posts-Ayatollas closed internet cafes
Alan ,   Sa   (12.16.07)
5. I like Sams Posts . All very good news from him!
Alan ,   SA   (12.16.07)
6. Good article...
Micha   (12.17.07)
A must read!!
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