Bolton: Bush must 'rein in' Rice
Published: 16.12.07, 16:05
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1. Bush, Cheney, Bolton - on the side of good against evil
2. Bolton is another Pollard
Agent T   (12.16.07)
He clearly goes against American interests and in favour of foreign Israeli interests.
3. Bolton = EvilĀ“s worst enemy.
USA ,   USA   (12.16.07)
Bolton for President.
4. #2 - So? He's a private citizen.
Steve ,   UK   (12.16.07)
What he says is his opinion, and his only. You want to maintain an America First policy? Stop reading Israeli news.
5. Bolton for president
Judah ,   Golan Heights,ISRAEL   (12.16.07)
Why is he not running in the Republican primaries? He is younger than McCain, and has much more foreign policy experience than Huckabee, Thompson and Romney. He does not have the problems with his personal life that Guliani has. He also is smart as a whip.
6. DEAR MR.BOLTON...................
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (12.16.07)
We did not expect you to toe the lime.Knowing obviously where your personal interest were,we were surprised to make a note of your silence since the NIE reports were published.You spole at last...................but it is too late to make ammends as the coming months will prove.
7. examining assumptions
tom ,   toronto, canada   (12.16.07)
mr bolton's comments sound a bit simplistic: if only president bush "kept his eye on" secretary of state rice, all would be well. but since when does george w bush know much about foreign affairs? (besides his history of cozying up to the saudis.) without his loyal (and dwindling) cadre of neocons (who got him into this mess), he's not exactly the greatest strategist in america. so, mr bolton, "be careful what you wish for".
8. Mr. Bolton
Christopher ,   Boston, MASS USA   (12.16.07)
I hope one of our Presidential candidates has the courage to put Mr. Bolton on their team. That candidate will surely have my vote! It will be a strong change from a State leadership like Rice beholding to Arab dictators
9. Didn't the congress fire this guy because he loves war?
John   (12.16.07)
This guy already got fired by the U.S. congress because he is a war hawk. He should shut up and leave the scene along with the rest of his neo-con buddies.
10. John Bolton is an honest man in the duplicitious world of
Rivkah   (12.16.07)
international politics. He should have been Secretary of State or UN Ambassador but the elected politicians fear truth and run like cockroaches when light is shined upon them.
11. If you are condemed by people like Mahmood
Not fooled by Ahmads ,   Fort Bragg   (12.16.07)
You must be good for America. If you are are good for every Mahmood and Ahmad and abufeisal and abumyshoe. Wake up America
12. Bush is behind it all anyhow - we luv ya bolton !!
andrew ,   miami,fl   (12.16.07)
13. #10 - OK, its a little scary but I agree with Rivkah!
Andy ,   ramat hasharon   (12.16.07)
14. Bush must fire Rice
Frank ,   Canada   (12.16.07)
The Yanks ridiculed themselves in Iraq by buying Iraqi officers who eventually turned against themselves by starting the insurrection. They ridiculed themselves by sending in Iraq incompetent administrators who were unable to avert the rise of terror, they again ridiculed themselves with the pathethic Rumsfeld who was unable to understand military necessities. Right now, Rice is destroying their foreign policy. American power relies on confidence, if the confidence is lost, everything fails apart. Today they are bowing to Iran and Arabs, tomorrow they will bow on Taiwan and will lose most of their influence in Southern Asia. And eventually, they will even lose Europe. China will become the next superpower.
15. 5 Judah: Mr. Bolton should go to the Jews of Dallas for
Rivkah   (12.16.07)
funding like the current President Bush did, but I think the deadline has passed for entering a lot of primaries.
16. #9-Wake Up
Christopher ,   Boston MASS USA   (12.16.07)
Bolton is not a neo-co but a breath fo fresh air countering the extreme leftism now promulgating the Congress. Rice is cowtowing to both the Isalamic dictators, and her presumption that the Dems will take the White House and she would like to keep her job. She is the latest in a long succession of State Department leaders that feel the State of Israel stands between us and our overlords in Saudi
17. Bolton for President
Ralph Levy ,   USA   (12.16.07)
I would vote for Bolton. McCain is honest. McCain has some views on domestic matters I disagree with. But one time I wrote him on some ideas on and supporting Campaign Reform and he wrote me back a personal letter back anyone who does that is in my book is honest and a good candidate. Bolton is Not running but if he was I would vote for him or anyone who made him Secretary of State. Heck if I could make him PM of Israel I would.
18. bolton
elliot ,   point roberts,usa   (12.16.07)
remember that democrat senators,except lieberman, refused to allow the appointment to office of this friend of israel to even be voted on !
19. To #9: Saudis?
Frank ,   Canada   (12.16.07)
Americans will never gain anything with the Saudis. They have only one reliable ally in the ME and they are gonna lose it for nothing because if they bow to Arabs, they won't respect us anymore. Rice in interested in confidence building but rebuilding lost confidence in the US reliability will be very hard.
20. Bolton
Jack ,   USA   (12.16.07)
I have said it before and will say it again. State dept. must be cleaned out of the left, liberal democrats and should be replaced with Teddy Roosevelt thinking operatives, who will express the American view to all the world. Obviously, Rice is thinking of her career after Bush. We need to elect the right people for the right time and I urge all for Gullini for Pres, Gingrich for VP and Bolton for Secretary of State. We need a stong defense leader as well. No kinder and genteler US military but a Military with a Patton mentality. All the enemies of the Free world must stand in awe of what we do. If terrorists attack from civialian area then we destroy the areas and explain this was caused by there own terror groups. In Israel we need to be rid of Olmer, Livini and Barak these defeatests. We need Netanyahu and Arens. Destroy Hamas now! and tell Abbas if he does not immediately start fighting Hamas then they too will be disarmed.
21. Bolton's Assessment
Brod ,   USA   (12.16.07)
Bolton is a true America Patriot. He is right about Rice and Bush. However, he needs to be more open on N. Korea. Under the right guidance by the Six Party Nations and Ambassador Hill, N. Korea can brought into the family of nations and reunited with their siblings in S. Korea as E. Germany did with W. Germany. The Koreans are talented people who turned their countries from the rubbles of the Korean War into an industrial and high tech power house in Asia. And like China, whom the brilliiant Nixon brought into the family of nation and became a Capitalist industrial/high tech power house in the world, N. Korea will also be like their sibling-S. Korea. Already N. Korea has responded positively to dismantling their nuke plant and move towards improving relations with America and the others. And if there is a success story in the Bush Administration this is it. However, Bush cannot expect the Islamist-Jihadists to conform to the demands and expectations of the West and the Free World. As Islamist-Jihadist fanatics, they are hellbent on the path of Jihadism and destruction. Devoid of rationalism, the dark world of Islamist-Jihadist fanatics is beyond redemption. Hence, the West and the Free world should NOT waste their time, money and energy to convert fanatics into rationalists. Efforts should be focused on confronting and defeating Islamist-Jihadist terrorisms everywhere, starting from their Chief Sponsors-Wahhabhist Saudi Arabia and Ayatollahist Iran. So long as the Snake heads are functioning, their tentacles will continue to perpertrate Islamist-Jihadism/terrorisms around the world.
22. Bush, Straw in the Wind
Marcel ,   Florida   (12.16.07)
If the skinny secretary can overpower the commander in grief this easliy then it stands to reason that those who voted for this man of straw are as incompetent as he is. And Israel is equally nuts for looking to a man with whom his secretary so easliy overpowers. S much for your trust in straw Israel. Wood hay and stubble is the foundation you have built upon by looking to the US to save you.
23. BottomLine:: Bolton speaks the reality.
KMR ,   Middle East   (12.16.07)
24. What he says makes sense
zionist forever   (12.16.07)
Condoliza Rice seems to be saying more about what Americas policies are going to be than Bush .. how about we start calling her Mr President then at least she would have the legal authority to make all the policies. I think the politicians are picking up on the more posative inteligence reports and quietly dismissing the thiings thats going to show that force is the only policy that in the end will solve the Iranian threat. If the US wants to avoid a confrontation with Iran then pick up on the more posative inteligence that means they can say lets play diplomtic games that we know dont work so we can be seen as tough on Iran but we know we will fail in the end leave the long term consequenses for the next president lets just end the term in office by trying to do things people will like. Lets be nice to palestians do like Clinton did with Arafat turn a blind eye to what he is really doing and how he is screwing everything up because he is our partner for peace. Now forget what Abbas is really about all we know is he isnt Hamas and he wars a suit so that makes him moderate so we will turn a blind eye. Olmert and Isreaels left are just the same they are so desperate to make the dream of peace they are willing to turn a blind eye to reality make the compromises then when the reality sets in we blame ourselves for not being generous enough. The fact he is failing to stop terror or compromise in any way the same as Arafat was unwilling to do and at the same time put all the preasure on Israel so the US can say to the muslim world dont hate us look we dont allways take Israels side. Hillary has gone on record as saying she will pull the troops out of Iraq and will defaintly not carry out millitary action against Iran unless they try to blockade the US oil suplies. She is very pro palestian. Unless its a strongman who replaces Bush America is going to be much more left wing, pro muslim and arab so they can rebrand America theorticly as the country of peace and justice but in truth the country that runs when the going gets tough.
25. 19
zionist forever   (12.16.07)
America will sell out Israel if it suits them and they have the power to do it because over the years verious Israeli politicians have sold more and more soverignty to the US. Today most of of Israels foreign and defense policies are decided in Washington not Jerusalem so its easy for the US to look on Israel as a puppet to do its bidding while they see the likes of Saudi Arabia as the ones they really care about. The Saudis have oil - Israel does not When the Saudis want American weapons they pay cash while Israel relies on millitary aid paid for by the US government. The Saudis will stay liberal and prtened to be friends of America and America keeps paying their price in terms of support for their political policies, not to intefere to much and shut up about these ideas like democracy. The US is pulling the strings in Israel ( not supporting it ) and the Saudis are pulling the strings in the US especialy now they are trying to rebrand themselves the new peacemakers and decide unilateraly what the future of the region should be. Its not politiclly correct to say it but America is not a friend or ally its a country that will do you favours when it doesnt clash with their politices but if it comes down to it America will dump Israel without thinking twice if it suited American policy. In 1973 it wasnt untill the Americans were reminded Israel had nukes that they finnaly agreed to send Israel the weapons it desperatly needed to go on the offensive and win the war.
26. #25 - Brazil now has as much oil as the Saudis
redmiike ,   tel aviv and london   (12.16.07)
Brazil recently discovered huge resources of easily accessible high quality oil. Saudi Arabia has enough oil for 25 years and then like the Arabs themselves say, "once there was desert and then there was oil, and soon there will only be desert". Why doesn't the US now turn to Brazil? The whole oil theory thing doesn't ring true with me. Mike
27. #9, not to worry
Cameron ,   USA   (12.16.07)
That pack of weak sisters we call a Congress ran him off for speaking blunt truths to gentle Progressive ears. Fear not, he & the many who agree with his assessments will still be around to occasionally rap you upside that Liberal head of yours.
28. Badass Bureaucrats Summary:
Petra ,   usa   (12.16.07)
we've got one dumbass ( bush) one smartass( cheney) and one badass, ( rice) anyone watching the store? The asses of evil?
29. # 26 Red Mike
Petra ,   usa   (12.16.07)
And isn't it Brazil who now is oil free and independant? They use sugar cane and have 10X's the efficency of our method of seeds( corn) to produce fuel. We too could be independant from foreign oil, IF we had a forward thinking, Prez. NOT the hand holding between Bush and the Saudi Prince. Bush is his slave. Big oil is bush's love and profit. Anything for a buck, except, the American people.
30. Bolton speaks the truth and those that fear him are....
jack bauer   (12.17.07)
the enemies of freedom listen to his interview on israel national radio with tovia singer the other day. make note of what he says about the so called "intel" report that was brought out the other day
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