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Haredi rabbis approve internet use for business
Neta Sela
Published: 17.12.07, 14:52
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1. Wow - Nota's done it again!
Shalom   (12.17.07)
I bet he get's paid more than I do, for pulling out these "nothing" stories every other day. There is no change here - for several years the Rabbanim have called for restricted internet usage, namely for those who need it for business. I didn't see anywhere, any Rabbi or Educator suggesting that computers replace teachers or that kids spend their evenings in front of a computer.
2. a lot of things are heretical
ed ,   london UK   (12.17.07)
perhaps the rabbis should abstain from all modern medicine, since Chemistry and the periodic table is heretical (the rabbis hold the ancient 4 elements theory as sacred)
3. Next time you go to an internet cafe in Israel...
John ,   Jerusalem   (12.17.07)
count the number of black-clad "religious" in there surfing porn. The problem isn't the internet, it's keeping your kids so sexually repressed and ignorant that they go looking for it wherever they can.
4. It's great to live in a world of kosher servers!
5. Are the CPU's kosher too?
TG ,   US   (12.17.07)
What about the lead on the circuit boards?
6. A story
Secular   (12.17.07)
While at an event, with mainlyHaredim, there were a couple of men canvassing for donations. They had a laminated sheet of paper with their organizations and their causes-but I couldn't read it well as it was handwritten. I asked if there was a website I could go to, and he didn't know anything of a website. To be fair, it sounded like his English was not good. The internet is a valuable tool of spreading information. If I had been able to know of a website, I would have read about their organization, and may have even donated. There's a lot of good the internet can do. Ynet is one of them. I like being able to connect to Israel in a way I would not have been able to before. Also, there are wonderful sites about Judaism like Aish that are a great service to the worldwide community. I throroughly enjoy reading and learning about the different streams of Judaism, and seeing how each one contributes to the whole. Unfortunately, Agudat Israel doesn't have a site, and since they're off the net, they are without a voice in cyberspace. It's about gaining a new persoective within the community, and that's one area not heard.
7. #3 Who's more ignorant?
Dov   (12.17.07)
The religious are ignorant in filth, but you're ignorant in basic Jewish Laws. And if you're not Jewish, you're ignorant in the 7 Noahide Laws.
8. I-net
M. Hartley ,   Atlanta, US   (12.17.07)
How much glory is there in forced decency? No computer can match the trash the mind can conjure up, if one is so inclined. Those who want trash will find it somewhere, and they certainly won't pay attention to any pronouncements from any religious sector. I only know that this "crate" has given me the chance to learn about people and their views of the world that I could not have learned from any book or in any school. My mother used to tell me, "God gave you time, a good brain, and a conscience. Don't waste the first two and always pay attention to the last one." I can't think of how any rabbi, priest, sheik, or preacher could top that advice and make me a better human being
9. What about the filth in the Hareidi heart and
head, you cannot deal with that, can you?
10. and does the kosher servers have to be toiveled!
11. Let me guess:
Secular Eagle   (12.17.07)
The "rabbis" will be the ones "examining" and filtering "undesirable content," right? *wink wink* Goodness, who takes these people seriously anymore??
12. technology is a tool, can be used for good or bad
13. to disrespect rabbis is not being a good jew.
debra ,   usa   (12.18.07)
14. Studies have found that 80% of the hits on the Internet are
Rivkah   (12.18.07)
to pornographic sites. So the concern about misusing the Internet by the Rabbis is valid. But I am glad they see the positive aspects, too.
Elisabeth McGrath ,   Sydney Australia   (12.18.07)
Can we now see some Ynet writers/talkbackers join up at If you type into helium's search engine "Should Jerusalem be split between the Israelis and Palestinians?" you will see there are only 21 articles published saying NO to this debate. And none of them even come close to delivering the expertise shown in the articles and talkbacks of Ynet. Come on. You can do it. Thousands of you SHOULD do it!
16. About time
C McCoy ,   Canada   (12.18.07)
I happen to know only one business owner who makes absolutely no use of the internet. And no, he's not Haredi. And even he, when argued with, will concede that yes indeed it would probably improve his business. It's just well he's old enough, tired enough, Luddite enough he can't be bothered. I cannot fathom any Haredi business owner who would allow stuck in the past rabbis to sabotage his business success. I would guess most are already using the net.
17. Questioning
Secular   (12.18.07)
A major part of Judaism is to be able to question the rabbis and debate what is before you. That's being a good Jew. Learning that blind obedience leads to no good.
18. is it necessary to be horrible to someone who has opposing p
Gidon ,   Modiin   (12.19.07)
Some people may be pro and others anti, but why when in touch with talkbacks etc. is the approach towards one another curt?
19. Internet was always allowed for business.
David F ,   London   (12.19.07)
"Cracks are beginning to form in the high wall of Haredi internet-phobia"?? As far as I can remember the rabbis always allowed it for business?? This new proclamation is that is should be connected to a filter, something that wasn't available previously.
20. to #7
John ,   Jerusalem   (12.19.07)
Ouch. You really hurt me with your "holier than thou" response. Not. I'm not encouraging kids to get involved with "filth" but rather for parents to educate them about what sex is, and for everybody to just loosen up and come out of the medieval ages. They're not allowed to wear shorts in the middle of summer in the Middle East! They're not allowed to date, which is why once they get married way too early at 17 or 18 they pop out 5 or more kids by 25. They are just like every other young person wanting to have sex, but nobody educated them about it, or about what a contraceptive is. Bottom line, you can loosen up without supporting "filth."
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