Iran: Intellectuals call for suspension of nuclear program
Dudi Cohen
Published: 18.12.07, 22:48
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1. DEMOCRACY...........ISN'T IT?
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (12.19.07)
True,every Iranian has a right to express as an individual.How come few weeks back we read an article and also many in the past suggesting that Iranian massess cannot utter a word against their leader????
2. Mullahs will kill
Bob ,   Chicago   (12.19.07)
Shah did not and see what happened to him
3. If you think that Iran will stop its nuclear program..
Nabil ,   Casablanca   (12.19.07)
then you understood nothing in the recent events in the Middle East.The US governement is Knocked out ,after the quagmire it endures in Iraq up untill now,no matter what we hear of propaganda about an "appeasement" inside iraq (death toll says it all) , and the humiliating blow of the NIE ties its hands and the hands of the so called "international community." Israel has lost its deterent power since the last lebanon war.It is only able of exercing useless,ridiculous,and vain repression against helpless palestinians from the sky. Stop writing propaganda articles and face iran if you dare.Becauset it will not stop,in such a good strategic position to gather more power.I bet if israel could,she would,but now it bites more than it can chew.It is just that it doesnt know it yet.
4. Don't fret, Russia Will Not Permit a US Attack on Iran
Lev Bronstein ,   Moscow, Russia   (12.19.07)
The Bush Administration has been sternly warned by Russia to back off on Iran, and that any US/ Israeli aggression against Iran will demand a Russian military response. GW Bush may be a complete idiot, but he knows better than to mess with Mother Russia as GW is a coward as well as a nit wit.
5. Iran, what a mess. Here is a hint, do not mix
freedom ,   canada   (12.19.07)
politics and religion. Make them separate, and honor all differences, whatever they maybe in the country. Develop your Natural gas reserves and be a great country. Its really that simple, a countrys' wealth is correlated to its relative democracy. Think about that.
6. #1 - Mahmood, still not democracy...
Joe ,   Los Angeles, CA   (12.19.07)
Mahmood, first things first, freedom of speech and democracy are entirely different concepts. Take a moment to research and think before writing one in place of the other. Secondly, writing a letter suggesting one's government follow a particular foreign policy isn't "uttering a word against their leader". A suggestion is a suggestion, not an accusation. Thirdly, true freedom of speech would allow for citizens to express whatever thoughts they hold against their government as long as they are not libelous or slanderous. The fact that these Iranians have to dress criticism in the guise of suggestion is evidence that these people might not enjoy the freedoms you imply they do.
7. #1- Mahmood
Solly ,   los angeles, CA., U.   (12.19.07)
You are right - lots of contradictions. I also cannot understand why they are so afraid of having the Iranians do as they please. Iran is a sovereign nation and they have the right to do as they please. Let the people of Iran decide, not others. Why is everyone soooo afraid of Iran???! Can you please explain?
8. #1
are you an idiot or what? don't you see that the iranian press allows them to voice their opinion because this is exactly what the khumenei government intends to do? and if not, don't worry......they can still be imprisoned and tortured to extremes by your oh so lovely despotic mullah regime in iran.
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (12.19.07)
Because this was an instance where a suggestion was made but a point was made to President Ahmednejad,neverthless.There have been more heated debate in Iran over Government's economic policies as well.Looking at it closely,your point is also becoming have no idea about how people in Iran react to every situation.It astounded a Western journalist recently when he visited Iranian cities and towns.THAT report,unfortunately,did not appear in our favourite news media.
10. SOLLY.............................................#7
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (12.19.07)
No one is afraid of Iran.The news media,the strategy developed in the Western countries earlier on is what we see today.Travellers to Iran from Western countries have recently been astounded at the contrary reports in Western press.Are all these travellers to Iran,daft? Moreover,Iran has consistently followed and persued objectives,specially so in the case of Palestinians right which no country did in the region.Iran has managed to awaken the sleeping Muslims around and what you see today is the nett result of its leadership gaining popularity amongst the MASSES in the region Arab states.
11. NO,I AM NOT...............#8
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (12.19.07)
If your conclusions are based on spite and hatred,an idiot like you will never be able to reason out the difference.Unfortunately,you are one of then,can one explain that what you read about Iran being a repressive regim is not true.I can only wish you well and also an improvement in your thinking and suggest you doing more research into other medias to know the truth.I am not endorsing everything to do with the present Iranian regime.They have their shortcomings as well like other countries in the world.But you are over doing it,fellow.
Shir ,   Finland   (12.19.07)
Most Iranians DO SUPPORT their president. What I don´t understand is why Israeli media is trying to manipulate Israeli citizens to believe they don´t. You should see all those arrogant Iranians here who praise their president, swear loyality to him and vow destruction for Israel. Most Iranians support their president, accept that. I also don´t understand why Israelis (and the rest) are so intimidated by Iranians. From what I have seen they aren´t smart and there is no proof of them being so heavily armed that they could destroy Israel. They barely made it against Saddam´s Iraq. Iranians boast and you believe EVERYTHING they say? If they had something on you, they would not have the need to boast. By the way, it takes a whole lot of intellectuals to plan, build and maintain nuclear reactors. Why label opposition as intellectuals? To the one who said Israelis are afraid of Iranians, Im a half-Israeli and Im not. Its about time to show them who has the real power in Middle-East, SHOW NO MERCY.
13. 3
Shir ,   Finland   (12.19.07)
Don you think Israel used the heaviest arms against Hizbollah? Israel wasn´t even prepared and didn´t send much soldiers there. Israel has been secretly preparing war against Iran for years and will continue to do that. If necessary nuclear warheads will be used.In But in the meantime, keep living in your little fantasyworld. 1948 there were less than 50 000 soldiers fighting against five Arab countries? Did they give up: NO. Are they gonna give up now that they have built everything there and have heavy armament: NO. Israel is the most powerful state in the Middle-East. Get used to that. Oil will run out (of the whole world) in 40 what will you Muslims have then? Youll have nothing and youll have even less power than now.
14. Russia Sent Their Generals to Iraq
and it almost caused the American generals to blink.
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