New building projects planned for east Jerusalem
Tani Goldstein
Published: 19.12.07, 12:42
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1. The Yemenite Village in E. Jerusalem
Thomas   (12.19.07)
The Shiloach neighborhood (which later became known as Silwan in Arabic), also called the Yemenite Village, is currently overwhelmingly populated by Arabs, many of whom squatted on property that was forcibly abandoned by its Jewish owners in the 1930s. Arab East Jerusalem my foot.
2. Jerusalem is Biblical capital of Israel
ed ,   london UK   (12.19.07)
Before London became capital of England, Washington of America, Paris capital of France, Jerusalem was the capital of Israel, the Israelites and the Jewish tribe. It remains so forever. The arabs have come from other places to occupy Israeli land. Israel's PM should not be so submissive to American opinion - but he is the one who said Israel will be finished unless his experiment is implemented. Finally, it makes a mockery of Government if one government annexes east Jerusalem and the next government turns back it's decision.
3. Tough statement, Ed
Willy ,   Israel   (12.19.07)
Let's just hope the Jebusite never come back and claim it was theirs before a certain King David took it from them while they were out taking a poo. THEN you're in trouble :-))))
4. What is good for the goose....
Roscio ,   Rome, Italy   (12.19.07)
The word is silent to the slowly growing tide of Islamofascist "cleansing" of formerly mixed areas. When the Turks invaded Cyprus in 1974, there were over 500 historic churches in the half of the island seized by Turkey. Today, only 3 remain. Almost 1,000,000 Jews were forced out of Arab-Moslem lands only a generation ago. Not a peep from the UN or the world. Today, Christians are being murdered, churches are being burned, whole non-Moslem communities are being forced to emigrate from the West Bank, Gaza, Lebanon, etc. Gaza was rendered completely Judenrein (devoid of Jews) 2 years ago, but that did not lessen the Islamofascists' craving for land and destruction. In European nations, there are literally hundreds of areas that are now "sensitive areas" - no-go zones - that are Moslem enclaves where "the infidels" are not allowed to set foot. Since this is a time-honored and universally accepted practice of Islam, then they should be happy that Israel is following their example - however as a DEFENSIVE and not offensive measure. Jerusalem must NEVER be divided again, and must never fall victim to the plague of Islamofascism, even when disguised as Arabs playing the victim of prejudice instead of its perpetrators.
5. #4 thank you, its like you read my mind
jack bauer   (12.19.07)
All the land between the sea and the river is Israel And nobody and no country, especially those that are proven enemies, should have any say whatsoever in the matters of jews building in their land Jerusalem is the capital city of the jewish state thieving squatters, and anti-semite meddlers should worry about their own problems, and stop trying to make more for Israel
6. Roscio,your comments are excelent,in my opinion.
Keren ,   Israel-SP   (12.19.07)
7. Willy #3
Keren ,   Israel-SP   (12.19.07)
King David BOUGHT Jerusalem from the Jebusites.
8. Division of Jerusalem
Shelly Waxman ,   USA   (12.19.07)
See, the Prophet Zechariah for results.
9. # 4 Roscio, Rome Italy
Petra ,   usa   (12.19.07)
Pity you weren't the roman 'boss' over 2 thousand years ago!
I MUST REITERATE YOUR WORDS: Jerusalem must NEVER be divided again
12. TRUE, TRUE, TRUE, #2!
13. Why Commit to the Road Map at all?
Eyal ,   Jerusalem   (12.19.07)
...and Annapolis when you plan on breaking every promise? We committed to freezing settlements, and now we're building in Har Homa AND a new neighborhood in East Jerusalem? The Palestinians don't believe we're serious about peace, and I'm starting to believe them. I wish I had never voted for Kadima.
14. If GW is Serious About Peace, Israeli Incitement Must End.
Lev Bronstein ,   Moscow, Russia   (12.19.07)
Israel will continue to announce more land thefts, vandalize Palestinian homes and kill innocent Palestinians (later expressing deep regret of course) in their latest attempts to destroy the peace process. Clearly peace must be imposed upon Israel as the government is corrupt as they come and the world has already witnessed just how far the radical illegal settler groups will go to prevent Peace, including assassinating Israeli prime ministers if they should anger the illegal settlers. The Palestinians leaders have made great strides towards their obligations under the road map by putting an end to nearly all of the Palestinian resistance to Israel's illegal occupation of their; while the number of Palestinians killed due to Israeli state sponsored terrorism continues to rise unabated, with over 400 children killed due to Israel’s acts of state sponsored terrorism this year alone. The World can sit back and simply allow Israel to destroy this opportunity for peace once again and must take action to help bring peace to the Middle East. Countries who truly seek peace should start by imposing trade sanctions, encouraging boycotts and organizing divestment campaigns against Israel until it abides by international law and its commitments under the road map. Working together, the world can put an end to Israel’s occupation of Palestine and finally free the Palestinian people from the 40-year holocaust that Israeli Zionists imposed upon them. Never again remember?
15. East Jerusalem
Hilda ,   US   (12.19.07)
Israel has the right to build anywhere it wishes in its capital and neither Condi Rice, George Bush nor the UN has any right to stop them.
16. Why discuss it ?
charles ,   petach tikva   (12.19.07)
ירושלים is , and has to stay the undivided capital of our Nation . That's all . Strangers are welcome to visit their "holy" sites , but they have'nt anything to say about the status of our Capital . We don't talk about their capital , that's not our business . Reprocity is the rule
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