Soldiers indicted on charges of abusing Palestinian prisoners
Hanan Greenberg
Published: 20.12.07, 21:02
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1. Death by bamba bamba!
Joker ,   bambaland   (12.20.07)
Ein ein ein k'mo bamba!
2. My god!! They were forced to eat
Joe ,   Ohio, USA   (12.20.07)
Israeli snacks and French Fries!! The cads should be ashamed of themselves, this is a gross violation of their human rights! The soldiers should have made a special trip to Gaza for some of Mom's home made falafel!
3. Better The Commanders Should PUNISH The Enemy..
Adina Kutnicki ,   US   (12.20.07)
IF the IDF high command went after the terror nests with such vigor, perhaps S'derot et al would be a haven of quiet. However, they are VERY busy prosecuting/persecuting soldiers for hurting the prioners delicate feelings and forcing them to eat bamba. What a shrek!
4. Nonsense.. IDF did it's best to avoid casulties Cudos to IDF
Richard ,   London, UK   (12.20.07)
5. Oh the horror of eating Bamba!
Bisli   (12.20.07)
8. If those Arabs would've been fed ELALmeals THAT would have
been a War Crime ,   Alan SA   (12.20.07)
9. Well, if the snacks were hechshered, they were halal
It's not like they fed them a ham sandwich or something, geesh.
10. They did also beat their prisoners up
Danny   (12.20.07)
11. What's wrong with you ALL???
Royboy ,   Washington DC   (12.20.07)
Are you so blinded by the horrific situation we are in to see simple and blatant abuses of power? IDF's soldiers should distinguish themselves from the enemy and behave in a professional and humane manner. It doesn't matter what the prisoner's were fed. It does matter that they were ABUSED. And defending their behavior is DISGUSTING.
12. must have been a bisli fanatic
Shuki   (12.21.07)
13. Abuse
Kyle ,   Southpark, CO, USA   (12.21.07)
Whiny nancy-boy Palestinians and their "Human Rights Groups" shills and cheerleaders are the ones committing the abuse by making these stupid complaints over idiotic trivia and gumming up the system with pointless investigations. REAL ABUSE AND TORTURE is what is being done to Gilad Shalit, Ehud Goldwasser, and Eldad Regev. These Palestinian prisoners are being treated like little princesses.
14. No 11
As an American you are one to talk! Look at what your American soldiers did in Abu Greib prison to their Iraqi prisoners? Before you start criticising another country's army, look at your own.
15. Support the upright, punish the wrongdoers
CK Tan ,   Singapore, Singapore   (12.21.07)
The military legal experts and investigators have concluded that the soldeirs did wrong and charged them accordingly. The verdict must be respected. I am sure the accused can present their defence in court. Israel should be proud that it does not protect abusers or those who wantonly break the law.
16. prisoners
colin   (12.21.07)
It is definitely not fare.The rights group have complained not because of abuse but THEY WERE NOT OFFERED BAMBA AND FRENCH FRIES. How disgusting --no manners..Must reprimand the soldiers for not being good hosts.And the cost of french fries from thier own account REALLY its is a case for the supreme courts only.Maybe the chief of staff has something to say ???
Squalid Ibn Harman ,   Qtir   (12.21.07)
If terrorists murder innocent people, they deserve no consideration. Both in Israel and Iraq if the Israeli or American armies can extract operational information from terrorists that can destroy the terrorist cells or infrastructure, GO FOR IT. NO HOLD BARRED. ANYTHING GOES>
18. #11 - two words: "Extraordinary Rendition"
Steve ,   UK   (12.21.07)
Pots, kettles, you know the words, sing along!
19. Did they put kethup on the fries?
jason white ,   afula,israel   (12.21.07)
This what happens when you put idiots in government,let courts handle defense matters and have officers that are soft on the enemy and hard on their soldiers. Before long the soldiers will worry more about being tried than defending Israel and their comrades. Terrorists have no rights and are murderers or potential murderers. They are not p.o.w.s!
20. To # 11, the PinHead Moron!
Semper Fi! ,   San Diego, USA   (12.21.07)
First of all, you guys don't specify with what kind of oil those Freedom Fries are made of. Are they made with Canola Oil or else. Any Trahs Fat? Nbr 11 is complaining about what. Is he one of those self loating scum traitors that are looking to pick on only Americans and Israelis. Have you seen this trash making protests about human rights in arab countries or even on their beloved thugs in Gaza and Samaria? To the one who criticize the USA, which is the only country in the whole freaking world defending Israel against the barbarians and their c..suckers, means the, p;ease don't judge the USA because some raghead or a selfloating retarded jew comes with some idiotic accusations... BTW, thank you to Zahal for sending some material to the 72 wh...res waiting for some dirty ugly corps... In Fallujah we cleaned te city and send to hell some 1500 barbarians, why dont we send the Marines to clean Gaza, since the Olmert government is not capable or does not have the guts for it...
21. The focus should be on beating people
Ray Hanania ,   Chicago, USA   (12.21.07)
Is it an Israeli tradition to beat prisoners? I don't think so. It seems people would be outraged that prisoners were being beaten. But, of course, the focus is on the "humorous" issue of the food. I wonder how you guys would feel if the Israeli soldiers were forced to eat pork while in captivity. Would be a different story, right? Someday, good people on both sides will find the courage to stand up to a principle of justice and fairness. Maybe then the future might be brighter. Hey, I miss you all Ynetters ... Hope all of you are doing well. Happy Eid. Merry Christmas. Belated Channukah blessings! Ray Hanania
22. Ray Hanania you are a joke not a comedian
chanan ,   USA   (12.22.07)
Focus is on combating terrorism by all means and if you are a terrorism supporter and defender/apologizer just let everybody know. BTW, I've never found anything funny about you, only great sadness to belong to such a backward group as Arabs are.
23. #21, not quite the same
Danny   (12.22.07)
As I pointed out in #10, the issue is that the prisoners were beaten up. I don't understand why the "force feeding" of food is even discussed. However, nowhere does it suggest the Palestinians were forced to eat non-hilal food and if the worst thing that happened to IDF prisoners of Hizbollah or Hamas was that they were forced to eat peanut butter, I doubt there would be an outcry. On the contrary, IDF prisoners of arab countries have a marked tendency to be returned in coffins.
24. We feed them Bamba,and they feed us BOMBA
Yoav Naor ,   Haifa Israel   (12.25.07)
When I first read this I though that someone was having a laugh. Then I realized that the I.D.F. has gone mad.Keep this up, and no one in his right mind will want to serve in the army.
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