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Aliyah numbers lowest in 18 years
Yael Branovsky
Published: 24.12.07, 00:32
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1. A Bleak Picture, and Only Half
Dan Friedman ,   NYC, USA   (12.24.07)
Anyone know the number of Israelis who left to live overseas?
2. Why aliya is dropping
Anthony ,   London   (12.24.07)
If Israel wants Jews from developed countries to immigrate, it needs to get its house in order: Sort out corruption in government and the horrible state of Israeli politics. Sort out the rediculous power given to religious parties and authorities. Make a serious attempt to engage in peace process by stopping construction of settlements on Palestinian land. Stop showing contempt for Jews that are not Orthodox (ie most American Jews). Make Israel a place where people from civilised countries who want peace with their neighbours, decent govt and a happy family life can see themselves being comfortable. For the right-wing Ynet audience about to jump on this post, whether or not you agree with my suggestions, at least consider that this is what prevents people from comfortable wealthy democratic countries from wanting to move to Israel. You make think of Europe as Eurabia, but we think of it as still being a damn sight more comfortable place to live than Israel. You can't help the bad region you're in; you can help a lot of other things, including all those above.
3. to #1 No , do you know how much left ?
Magav   (12.24.07)
Any real numbers? would be interesting to know.
4. Olim
Rabbi Lazaros ,   USA   (12.24.07)
The reason for the decrease in Aliya is obvious. Noone wants to live under a Govt. ruled by Olmert, Livni, and Barak. Get a real Jewish Govt in power and watch those numbers soar.
5. big bucks? who is writing this?
SAHM ,   New York   (12.24.07)
6. #1. A lot and I'm one of the many
Jess ,   NZ   (12.24.07)
Where should I start? Will the government help me recover all the bounced cheques given to me by my patients? Will I be able to ship my 911 porsche without paying extra taxes? I paid for it already at the time of purchase. How about waiving the stamp duty on property investment for rental? Tax on the income , Yes by all means, but why stamp duty to buy them in the first place? No one pays duty for buying a business, so why investment property for rental should be levied? Fix all of this and I will be prepared to share the burden. But hey; don't expect me to leave a house by the sea in a peaceful country only to come to Israel and be stripped nacked by the government! God Bless New Zealand!
7. Are you surprised?
MK ,   Atlanta,USA   (12.24.07)
Your country is run by dysfunctional, spineless douche-bags. Why would ANYONE more there?
8. Zionist enterprise ??????????
Yisraeli   (12.24.07)
What frakkin Zionist enterprise ???? You mean the one that expels Jews from their homes in theyre own land?? Or perhaps when you arm our enemies to kill Jews?? Or did you mean allowing our towns like Sderot be bombarded year after year without any care or concern?? Or maybe you meant giving up Judea and Samaria Israels heartland to the enemy?? But surely not the Temple Mount right? Wrong that too. So tell me please WHAT Zionist enterprise ????????
9. Aliyah
Avi   (12.24.07)
The Middle East is complex place to live. Israel being at the heart of the issues that it is, one has to consider very carefully the factors involved before making the jump. The best way to do this is in steps. It really depends on how adventurous the Oleh/Olah is.
10. #1 - hundreds thousands!
Isragirl ,   Kiryat Yam   (12.24.07)
ISraeli government does nothing to entice ISraelis to return home - took away all the privileges that encourage ppl to uproot from their American/European/Australian homes. Not all become rich, u know. Some really struggle, want to go back, but once they start asking questions at the consulate they learn it will be even worse financially if they move back home. And let's leave the righteousness and ideology alone, okay?
11. CNN
Fadi ,   lobnan   (12.24.07)
according to CNN this morning .. 40% of american jews under the age of 25 yo do not care if Israel is gone . i thought that was fascinating to all of us . i think those young men are just watching the crime commited live on TV in the name of their God .
12. Aliyah
D ,   USA   (12.24.07)
Do you want to know why there is less aliyah? Look at the "leadership"..the olmert. ramon and the rest : corrupt, cinical, aimless useless people.
13. No surprise. The country is being lead by people who...
Rick ,   Sharon, CT   (12.24.07)
do not protect their people and who who do not believe in the country, its people, its history, etc. Who in his right mind would want to move to a country lead by these hollow men? Read about the prisoner releases contemplated by the Prime Minister. It makes one sick: None of the releases has achieved anything. Under such circumstances, it takes a government of surpassing and irredeemable stupidity to contemplate further releases.
14. Aliyah
ML ,   Israel   (12.24.07)
Most aliyah candidates still in Russia and Ethiopia are not Jewish, so it's better that they don't come. Better to spend the money helping young people who live in Israel and have never left. Use the money to give them decent paying jobs so that they will not leave the country for greener pastures. I recently read that one in four Israeli college graduates leave the country for better paying jobs abroad. Also, use the money to give scholarships to young people here who cannot afford college tuition.
15. but not invest anything in the people who stayed and bore
JL ,   israel   (12.24.07)
the brunt of living here...f**k deserve everything you will recieve thanks to these a**ho*** that are our "leaders"...its just another way they will make money off our backs
16. It'll rise again, once the North American Jews...
Steve ,   UK   (12.24.07)
...realize what they've walked into. If they choose to go, let them go. All I'll say is "burn no bridges, you WILL need them again."
17. Hey, at Least it Beats Molvania!
Micha ,   Medinaat Yisroel   (12.24.07)
...The Middle Ages saw Molvania invaded by numerous armies, including the Goths, Tatars, Turks, Huns, Balts, Lombards and even a surprisingly militant band of Spanish nuns, before Molvania’s first king and patron saint Fyodor I, set about unifying his country by killing off as many of its citizens as he could. Those not murdered or imprisoned were forced into teaching. The empire converted to Christianity with the arrival of the missionary St Parthag in AD863 but reverted to paganism as soon as he left the following year. During the Dark Ages Molvania enjoyed a short period as a Muslim country, but the Koran’s strict teachings against drinking, violence and extra-marital sex never caught on with the local population. The 17th century saw Molvania divided into various fiefdoms, each under the control of a despotic ruler who would ruthlessly crush the slightest sign of unrest; this was considered one of the country’s most enlightened periods.
18. aliyah
sas ,   israel   (12.24.07)
who should come with such a corrupt government, universities r closed. i recommend those that r able to leave they should and and soon!
19. #4, #8, #13 so right
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (12.24.07)
There are two types of Jews. Jews who want "quality of life" will not come, and #6 explains why. Jews who would come are made unwelcome by the extreme Left, Olmert and Mazuz. No one dreamed 2000 years for the night life of Tel Aviv, but for Jerusalem which Olmert and Mazuz are raping. These Jews do not want to be Condi's "boys" and enter in a side door but to be "a free nation in their land". History will not remember Olmert and Mazuz kindly
20. The explanation is simple- but you won't like it
Dani ,   Tel Aviv   (12.24.07)
The religious continue to come from the West- because ultimately, our connection to our land is because of the Torah. Secular Zionism, a temporary phenomenon because it isn't Torah-based, is dead here. Why should it be alive elsewhere? The Jews in chu"l continue to intermarry and lose their Jewish identity just like the non-religious Jews here continue tolose THEIR Jewish identity. In the long run, there are only 2 choices for the Jews; Jew, which means religious and in Israel, or non-Jew, assimilation and intermarriage.
21. ItsThe Economy
Sam ,   Jerusalem   (12.24.07)
Simply put people do not want to come to a place where taxes are unbelievably high nearly 100% on cars and fuel and then you pay VAT on the import taxes! very high personal taxes and high muncipal rates low salaries for highly qualified professionals including doctors ,engineers,accontants etc cartel like economy -try and set up a private business good luck!
22. To Dani #20 - You are 100% right
David ,   Karmiel, Israel   (12.24.07)
In addition to your comments one must take into consideration that most non religious Western Olim want to live in the Center of the Country where property prices are super inflated because of the Western type of lifestyle and job availability. The sensible thing to do would be to develop the Galilee which has been totally neglected by every government from 1948 onwards. In fact most Israelis in the Jerusalem and Tel Aviv seem to forget that there is an Israel north of Hadera. The Galilee offers a great environment both for the “idealist” who wants to develop and to the city person who wants to get away from the rat race but is not prepared to live without his mod cons and shopping malls. The problem with this idealistic Galilee concept is the lack of employment, the lack of medical facilities north of Haifa and the abysmal attitude of Israel Railways in delaying the train service to Karmiel until 2011. A good high speed rail service would bring the job availability South of Haifa within reasonable travelling time to people here in the north and make it a lot easier for those who need medical treatment, disgracefully not available in Naharia or Zfat, to travel in comfort to Haifa or Tel Aviv. Further, movie mogul Arnon Milchan donated US$100 million in 2005 to establish a “University of the Galilee” in Karmiel. This project has been delayed due to right wing political pressure. This is nothing short of a disgrace! What a waste of another resource that could encourage people to come on Aliyah in the beautiful north of Israel. The problem is that Israel north of Hadera is the stepchild of Israel and is only remembered when there is a war, terror attack or snow on mount Hermon!
23. What is net number:Incommings less leaving Israel?
Tayfun_Turkey ,   Istanbul   (12.24.07)
24. Anthony #2
Keren ,   Israel-SP   (12.24.07)
I want to reply your message by its end. Let me tell-without false modest,G'od forbid-that I know exactly 30 countries,some of them very well ,as France,Italy and US,and I can tell you:there is no more beatiful,decent and significative place to live than Israel in this world,despite all its problems. So your presumption is totaly wrong in that "You make think of Europe as Eurabia, but we think of it as still being a damn sight more comfortable place to live than Israel".No Eurabia is no more confortable than Israel.Israel has soul,Eurabia is dying in a culture of lies and presumption.That's how I see. About your other suggestions how Israel should behave to attract immigrants,let me tell you,you,if Jew,better keep in UK,because I do not think this is the way Israel will run.
25. Jess,6#, from New Zealand
Judah ,   Golan Heights,ISRAEL   (12.24.07)
I also had a busy clinic in Canada. I also had a sports car and a big house. Now in Israel I work in the Kupot Holim(government health clinic) and I get paid considerably less. I have a small house in the Golan and drive a small Japanese car. And guess what? I love live living in Israel. I met my wife here. We now have one baby and expecting another in May. The first baby born in our family in Israel in 2,000 years! My patients are Jewish(with some Druze) and I feel that I am making a real difference living here. G-D bless Israel, the only Jewish homeland.
26. Loose Olmert and then watch them return
Petra ,   usa   (12.24.07)
easy peesy.
27. aliyah Numbers low
Carolyn ,   Israel   (12.24.07)
Funny just a few weeks ago they were saying the opposite. Could the numbers be falling becase people are smart enough not to move into a war zone, we all know that Iran will not be allowed to develope nukes! 2) the lousy educational system here is no enticement either,3) Low paying jobs and high taxes 4) the prices on basic food items going up every few weeks, not to mention the pricess on electricity, gas and everything else PEOPLE MOVE TO OTHER COUNTRIES FOR A BETTER WAY OF LIFE TO BE ABLE TO GIVE THEIR KIDS MORE NOT LESS!!!!!
28. 22# David from Karmiel, good email
Judah ,   Golan Heights,ISRAEL   (12.24.07)
As much as I love living in Israel ,especially the North, I must admit that the delay of the train route from Karmiel to Tel Aviv was a big blow. I was counting on driving my car from the Golan to Karmiel and then relaxing on the train. Instead I must sit on a crowded bus for 6 hours roundtrip on the two days that I work in the Mercaz. I just hope that in 2011 the train line will finally be finished.
29. This country is what we make it
Naomi ,   Tel Aviv   (12.24.07)
Unfortunately I find it a bit easy to write "talk backs" from abroad, that are so critical of Israel. I am French and I have lived in USA, in France, in London and in Denmark. I did Aliyah over a year ago and I can tell you that Israel as well as ALL the countries mentioned here have pluses and minuses. But who will change and improve the minuses?
30. Not enough elderly left in F.S.U.?
jason white ,   afula,israel   (12.24.07)
Not enough goyim to come from f.s.u. Or falasha mura from ethiopia? We need aliya from the west of educated young Jews. We need to attract yordim back.And most importantly we need to keep the youth here in Israel after their army service. We need to clean up corruption and get rid of anti Zionist elements.
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