US report: Israel would weather nuclear war with Iran
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 24.12.07, 10:11
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1. Ummmmm...
Eric ,   Israel   (12.24.07)
Ok, heard that? Now back to work everyone...have a nice day :S
2. Who cares
Konrad ,   Warsaw   (12.24.07)
Excellent. 18 million here, 20 million there --- what the heck, who cares. Pure statistics. Merry Christmas
3. So, do you feel lucky? well do ya, PUNK?
Talula ,   Israel   (12.24.07)
So let's put down our nuclear weapons. The fallout from a nuclear war would be pure devastation for a long long time and it wouldn’t affect just the middle east......nuclear goes airborne. Let’s agree that the world hates the Iranians the most and we follow closely in second place. It’s just the way of the world. Doesn’t mean we need to kill and maim millions and millions of people.
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (12.24.07)
Well,well..................well.So, no need to worry at all.With such striking capabilities why do we have to then worry......................
5. Why we should strike first ...
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (12.24.07)
Pretty much, the article says it all. Whatever the consequences of a preemptive military strike on Iran, it could not be worse than the scenario described. My own opinion, for whatever it's worth, is that if we hit them hard enough, retaliation will be limited. We should hit Syria at the same time & finally eliminate what is becoming a major threat. The basic problem is the ambiguity of the situation. We have zero communication with Iran. We can verify almost nothing with certainty. What is beyond doubt is that they are pushing for a nuclear capability & that they do not have good intentions. The risk is just totally unacceptable. I don't believe for a minute that deterrence will work. The ideology of the regime believes that an apocalyptic war will bring the return of their messiah. I have no reason to doubt the sincerity of their beliefs. This is not the first report of this nature that I've read. All come to similar conclusions. In a situation of such ambiguity & risk, the unfortunate rational decision is to strike first. We do not need to wait for between 250-800 dead to respond. While it is conceivable our society could survive, I cannot imagine the chaos & suffering that would follow. The last century was a catastrophe for the Jewish people - a catastrophe from which we have not as yet fully recovered. Another such event could really mean the end of us, the end of 4000 years of history. I was much criticized by some for making the comment, "to hell with world opinion & damn the consequences" but this is exactly what our position should be. We should use every means at our disposal to eliminate the Iranian threat.
6. Israel would survive an nuclear
Joe ,   Ohio, USA   (12.24.07)
exchange. Well if that isn't reassuring I don't know what is.
7. Yes zionists ! Attac iran NOW
Avis   (12.24.07)
As zionists are so sure that they will win, why not attcing now?? Maybe because we know that they are stronger than us? and only to mention: these statistics are made by jewish owned institute.The question is , do they dare to say also that there could be 4-6 million israelis killed( which is more realistic)?
8. I know my fellow's brains...
Keren ,   Israel-SP   (12.24.07)
And hope they will not be needed to be used at its fullest,because if it will...Well,many of us can die,but certainly billions of others will be HORRYFIED to see the Hell they created and asked for being turned into reality. At least, we will get rid of all of our enemies, including gazans and "wb palis".At least ,I will not listen these cursed names anymore."palis",islan,christianity ,all of these are new names fated to disapear ,as so many others did throughout the history.Jews are G'od's people,and He want us here to fulfill His plan,and here we will keep ,as history has proved.
9. Stupid logic
kyle ,   vegas   (12.24.07)
What the heck doesnt this guy mean three weeks? more like 3 hours. Iran isnt that far away and missiles fly very fast along with submarine launched cruise missiles with nuke warheads. Syria and Egypt are even closer. Point is if Israel was on the verge of going down, every arab country is going to go as well.
10. I do find it reassuring
Willy ,   Israel   (12.24.07)
Only between 200.000 and 1,6 Million Iraelis and about 50 Million Arab casualties? Including the Atomic Desert an all out atomic exchange would leave behind? Let's go for it then: In ten days New Year is coming up. Time for the fire-works.
11. What stupid talk.
Rich ,   Toronto, Canada   (12.24.07)
In a nuclear war in the Middle East, where radiation gets in the atmosphere and spreads in the clouds around the globe, there are no winners. Israel will be contaminated by the radiation fallout just like everyone else. Those CSIS people are idiots, and can not guarantee that Israel will not be affected by radiation.
12. don´t attack IRAN
destroy the Ahmadinedjad Gang
13. And a further thought ...
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (12.24.07)
If our political leaders do not have the balls to take action, then I hope the IDF will take it's responsibilities seriously & take charge. The "peace process", Hamas & Gaza, Hezbollah, etc. are just an unnecessary diversion of little real importance compared to the Iranian threat. The "peace process" will fail anyway, Hamas & Gaza are no existential threat, & Hezbollah can be dealt with when we get around to it. Desperate times require desperate action. To sit with idle complacency is the height of denial - take a look at pictures of Hiroshima & imagine it is Tel Aviv.
14. What a fantastic opportunity for Israel's arms industry
Chanalau, Tova ,   London, UK   (12.24.07)
Post conflagration, our markets in Europe and the Americas will be hungry for Israeli-made atomic-war-tested military equipment. This is a once in a lifetime chance to become the world's #1 arms supplier; let's not miss it.
15. Glowing report?
Ilan ,   Ariel   (12.24.07)
Cool news on a hot topic? What would be the cost to us both in human and economic terms even if we succeeded to detonate a nuclear missile over Jordan or Syria en route to Israel? We might come out of it better than the Iranians would suspect, but it would still be messy.
16. Bring it on Dummies
Ali ,   Bushhr, Iran   (12.24.07)
Analysis is irrelevant. An Israeli nuclear agression will start a domino effect which will destroy the world as we know it. Israel doesn't care about the rest of humanity, since it considers non-jews to be animals anyway! My advice to any sensible Jew out there is LEAVE the MIDDLE EAST until the racist Zionist enterprise is reversed and dismantled. We can then talk about coexistance.
17. IL has been in Nucbusiness 40 years-Iran not yet prod A bomb
Alan ,   SA   (12.24.07)
The article makes sense to me! If Israel has as many bombs as reputed( plus Neutron Technology), Iran Persians&Arabs would be wise not to mess with Israel. Better for Arabs&Persians to stick to Carlesberg Beer Storage Yards and Katys
18. What is this - a joke?
Christoph ,   Germany   (12.24.07)
Israel could weather a nuclear war with Iran? Yeah sure. The key in this study is the following: Aside from the aforementioned direct casualties, the study could not determine how many additional long-term casualties would arise from fallout and radiation in the weeks and months following such an attack. But that is precisly what matters in small country like Israel. While the US could easily survive an attack with 30 100kT Bombs, Israel cannot. Cause almost the entire population will be exposed to radiation. All industria areas of Israel will be contaminated for decades to come. There is no recorvery from that. Of course Israel will wipe Iran of the map. No question about it. But it´ll be over a couple of month later when millions are dying due to radiation sickness. As for shooting most of the warheads down with the Arrow 2 - forget it. Iran will launch not only 30 nuclear armed warhead but all missile they have. Arrow will simply be depleted and some point.
19. Win-win situation for the settlers
Chanalau, Tova ,   London, UK   (12.24.07)
The number one target will be Tel-Aviv of course, Iran isn't going to destroy Jerusalem or the West Bank. Thus the settlers will survive and the only victims will be those peaceniks in the fleshpots of Tel-Aviv, that didn't want to fight in the last war anyway.
20. TAKE IT ALL IN MAHMOOD..........
Iran - "completely and utterly obliterated" You have nothing son.
21. #9 Kyle is right. Israel do ALL her enemies.
Scott   (12.24.07)
They will NOT be around to enjoy any aftermath. They will be smoked and we know it even if they are too stupid to know themselves. The islamic hegemony will have to wait.
22. Take it from the experts
Take it from me ,   New York, New York   (12.24.07)
I would agree with these experts. I studied this scenario a bit and arrived at the same conclusion...a nuclear attack by Iran against Israel- assuming they would probably not hit Jerusalem (imagine the outrage) but instead go for Tel Aviv would leave a few hundred thousand dead Israelis and presumably lead to the death of about as many Palestinians, Egyptians, and Jordanians (based on the area's weather and topography). A nuke attack against Iran, on the other hand would be much more devastating-not only because of Israel's superior stockpile, but also the topography of Iran, and Tehran in particular could not be better to pick for a nuclear strike.
23. Messiah and the Third World War
Cristian Negureanu ,   Bucharest , Romania   (12.24.07)
Google : 1 ) The Bible and the third world war - the 1000 year kingdom 2 ) Eris - the red planet and the worlds in collision
24. Appalling thinking
B. A. ,   Berlin, Germany   (12.24.07)
First of all, an article calculating with 18 Million dead people here and 800.000 dead people there is one of the sickest pieces I have ever read. We are talking about 18 Million human beings! 18 Million of God’s creatures! How can you possibly calculate to sacrifice the life of so and so many Israelis in order to defeat and kill so and so many enemies? Do you have any idea what you are talking about? It’s not a game. You are talking about 800.000 people who have children, wives, husbands, grandparents, friends; everybody in Israel would loose a loved one. Same counts for the 18 Million enemies you want to kill. Such thinking is appalling. #8: Your twisted logic is as dangerous as the Nazis’ was. If you think you are fulfilling God’s plan by killing others, if you declare everybody who is not Jewish an enemy, than hopefully you are the only one with such a ridiculous opinion in Israel. Your statement could have well been made by Bin Laden, who also calls all non-Muslims enemies that should be annihilated sooner or later. As a Christian I sometime’s wonder what God’s plan is. Sometimes it is hard to tell. However, I know one thing for sure: It does not involve killing and humiliating other people. Merry Christmas to my fellow Christians – peace and well-being to all people in the Middle East: Jews, Muslims and Christians alike.
25. Isn´t Ali (16) a common Iranian
Shir   (12.24.07)
he doesn´t sound like a poor oppressed scared little creature what Israeli media has depicted Iranians to be. They are nearly all like him, arrogant, anti-Jewish, anti-Israeli. That´s why you should feel no pity when you strike Iran. Destroy them, once and for good. Then you can get rid of Hamas and Hizbollah, when these Iranians won´t supply armament and money to them anymore.
26. Remember these same fools/strategists
lydia ,   Brisbane, Australia   (12.24.07)
said the Iraq invasion would be a 'cake walk' and mission accomplish in a matter of months and that the IOF in July would invade Lebanon, rescue their captured men, thrash Hizbullah, seize more land up to the Litani river etc. etc. Truth be told US is still bogged down in quagmire Iraq and Israeli still negotiating for return of said captured men. Hizbullah, a rag tag army fought the great US and its proxy Israel to a stand still.
27. #24 Yes ,appalling thinking - but who would wait for ...
The animals in charge of neighboring arab and islamic states should not be ignored - they will do as they have stated more times than can be recounted - attempt to destroy Israel. You are dead right . this is NOT a game. If you feel so stridently about avoiding this calamity - Lobby your government to stop Iran from getting the bomb.
28. Wrong,ali#16!
Keren ,   Israel-SP   (12.24.07)
There is no people in this world who have contributed more for the well being of the humanity than Jews.25% of Nobel prizes are won by Jews,who are something like 0,0002% of the whole humanity.And these Nobels are ,generaly speaking, won in all fields,being veterinary a not really out standing speciallity.So,no.We love human beings first and animals after,even if some human beings behave as animals,as your Ahma...jad or our gazan neighbours,for example.
29. as we saw in the last war, the arabs target their own too
aaron ,   ra'anana   (12.24.07)
expect them to bomb jerusalem, lod, ramle, haifa, natzrat, yafo, sachnin as well as tel aviv, rishon, rehovot, yavne, ashdod, beer sheva, arad, dimona, eilat and afula.
30. #16, Ali in Iran
Jew ,   Jhb, S.A.   (12.24.07)
Ali, it seems as if you are mistaken. Surely when you describe Israel (Jews) as considering all non Jews to be animals, you are actually describing how Islam views all non Muslims (dhimmies).
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