US report: Israel would weather nuclear war with Iran
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 24.12.07, 10:11
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61. number 5, it's easy to talk from eilat, isn't it?
me ,   jerusalem, israel   (12.24.07)
Even if iran strikes 100 nuclear bomb on Tel Aviv you wont be injured...
62. 27 - BA from Berlin
Gil ,   Tel Aviv   (12.24.07)
You live in Europe and in your safe, civillised world sick killers hardly exist. You cannot comprehend the hate that surrounds little Israel in the middle east but we can. Your opinion is right and good but it is not realistic or safe. If we are to avoid tht total annihilation of Israel then we should respond. German intransigence or poor security policies should not allow the Arab terrorists to succeed as they did in Munich in a much smaller yet comparable situation.
63. childish study
A Watcher ,   Canada   (12.24.07)
childish study... it sounds like who wrote it is a PC games addition the study doesn't include if Iran has developed different type of weapon far more advanced than nuclear.
64. So as usual, the fanatical islamists are out of their minds
Dan ,   USA   (12.24.07)
and don't care how many of us normal people are "martyred". May be we can strap the mullahs and their fascist cronies to nuclear missiles and send them off into space. Then the rest of us can live in peace.
65.  Csis Unhide the true sight....
Ibrahim ,   Egypt   (12.24.07)
The israel has much more high value targets than you have been listed...more than 24 targets...
Anne ,   USA   (12.24.07)
Congrats to MANKIND! The 21st Century is lookin' good, eh? Talkin' 'bout who's gonna win a nuke war, yeah! Stop the planet, and let me off first, God have mercy! Btw, this won't be Armageddon, but the "Sudden Destruction" spoken of in 1 Thess. 5:3. Armageddon will come 7 years later.
67. #37
B. A. ,   Berlin, Germany   (12.24.07)
Keren, I won't comment on your statement about the Christians sticking to your people like ticks. It speaks for itself. I think you should rather be happy about our stickiness, cause without our support (The U.S. is mainly Christian and Christians all around the world support Israel.) your tiny little country would not celebrate its 60th anniversary next year.
68. Who knows,ba #67,who knows...
Keren ,   Israel-SP   (12.24.07)
But anyway,hearing your voice from Germany,it always remind me your great contibution to bring us back to our homeland,and it was not your money but the holocaust you created. Remember ,ba,remember...
70. number 6 Terry Eilat
avrom ,   Bet shemesh   (12.24.07)
Do not worry everything will be alright look at Ecclesiastes 3v3 and Rashis comment quoting Isiah 14 v28 verse 29 and 30 and it will not be three weeks I LOVE YOUR POSTS THEY ARE GREAT
72. 57
Igor ,   Munich, Germany   (12.24.07)
read the report meticulously: US report: Israel would weather nuclear war with Iran. It´s the US who´s estimating the nuclear war.
73. Ali #16
X'   (12.24.07)
You and your islamonazi terrorist criminal heros should start kissing your collective butts goodbye! Your country is soon to be a hated historical artifact and morons like you will be radiaoactive soot.
74. #57 "celebrating love"
Israel Israeli ,   tel aviv   (12.24.07)
It's funny how you talk about "celebrating love". What you doing is commemorating the memory of a Jew who lived in a Jewish state. A European power killed that Jew, and a few years later performed a near genocide on the Jews, destroying the Jewish state. You now rant and rave against the people of that Jew whose love you celebrate and support the people who said the Jews never existed here and want to exterminate them. Have a Merry Holiday celebrating that Jew.
75. I just have a very short comment...
Ibrahim ,   Egypt   (12.24.07)
the author of this article only remembers the israeli nuclear bombs...and forgot there are some countries e.g Egypt have bought nuclear bombs through the libyan land...avoid the international community's with Iran....the first country must avoid using the nuclear weapons is israel...not even Egypt , Syria and Iran...these countries have huge populations and huge lands.......the nuclear mushroom clouds will cover also the tiny piece of country < israel >...and the israeli casualties will be millions...NO startegic depth..second if the High Dam is destroyed...the Nile water will convert to the Don't exaggerate the events...and Don't try to fear me wow...coz I am not that man I know this is your dream is exactly such case the israel existance will be.......our new military creed can sacrifice milions but to wipe the israel existance out....
76. To #72
Ibrahim ,   Egypt   (12.24.07)
You have to ask yoursef first Who are the members or stuff of Csis?? most of them are american jews and israel biased let me say NO difference....#57 is indeed...
77. No. 57
NYC Girl   (12.24.07)
Did you actually read the article or are you just using this forum to spew your racist crap? The estimates didn't come from Israel, they came from the United States.
78. Cold, hard facts.
Loolwa ,   Israel   (12.24.07)
Appalling subjects, but I tend to like this kind of brutal, factual discussion. The average Persian is not a suicidal fanatic. You want fanatics, go to Saudi Arabia. The doomsday image of Iranians is built up by a hysterical media. Iran is very different from the Saudi-style environment that you imagine. But you must visit to understand. Everyone in their hearts know that Israel will win a nuclear war with Iran. Iranians know it better than anyone, even if it hurts them to admit it. Not only is Iran vastly outmatched by Israel in military capability, Israel has what Iran doesn't have - support from countries all over the world, especially the West. Oh, please stop whining that the West is against us. When push comes to shove, they will always take our side & you know it. In the real world, if some crazed mullah decides to nuke Israel, if the frightened Persians don't kill him first, Israel will destroy Iran and about 80 countries will dismember whatever's left of it. A nuke on Israel will destroy many Arab countries and Shi'a Iran will pose a deadly threat to Saudi Arabia. No one will stand for it. Persia would cease to exist and no one will honor & remember their holocaust. Just the facts.
79. #68
B. A. ,   Berlin, Germany   (12.24.07)
It also says a lot about your narrow horizon that you remind me of the holocaust, cause I am writing from Berlin. First, I was born more than 30 years after the end of WW II and second, the fact that I write from Berlin does not mean that I am German. Good guess - I am not German; not in the slightest. My ancestors have nothing to do with the Holocaust or the German history, my nationality is not German, though I am living and working here. Its a good place to be. I find it quite enjoyable but a bit too cold here. Happy Christmas.
80. A Horrifying Scenario and let's hope it will not be enacted
mr ,   israel   (12.24.07)
Peace on Earth, Good will to men. Merry Christmas to our Christian brethren. May G-d help us all. Some of these TB's are really scary and I hope and pray that we will survive.
81. now IRAN has got more reason for proliferation
Ricardo Penea ,   Madrid Spain   (12.24.07)
It is quite clear the writer and the media which published this piece of nonsense aimed at frightening the Iranians and possibly Syrians. BUT The fool who has drained his brain to draw this scenario, helped so much to Iran's intention for going nuclear as quick as they can. If i was Iran i wouldn't hesitate for a minute to complete my nuclear TOY!!!
82. REALLY?........................................#20
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (12.24.07)
Theoratically,yes! When and if that happens we shall communicate if you are around!! Ha!! Ha!!
83. To #72
Ibrahim ,   Egypt   (12.24.07)
I also forgot to tell you Why israeli website like Ynet did Quote this article from Csis??!!!!
84. #81 You are 100 % RIGHT
Ibrahim ,   Egypt   (12.24.07)
Exactly that is my feeling...due to this article....and I am one of people who will talk about it in every place...this article is a good stimulus for nuclear arms race in the region......
85. Israel
nader ,   USA   (12.24.07)
This is sick as it gets. There are no winners here.
86. Polls not Nukes
Mehdi ,   Tehran, Iran   (12.24.07)
No problem, Israel can hypothetically survive a nuclear war with Iran, but can it survive a free election between all original inhabitants of the land it's occupying?
87. the only thing more sick...
avramele   (12.24.07)
the only thing more sick than this strangelovian conversation is the constant racism and infantile Jewish thinking of right wing talkbackers. who would have guessed that a return to zion (the miracle of our time!) would have resulted in the intellectual anddmoral dumbing down of a distinct minority of diaspora Jews. We returned to the land to build ourselves spiritually and morally-- not to become cossack wannabees.
88. Lol Ali 16, & to 5 terry
Korem ,   New York, USA   (12.24.07)
So the only method for coexistence is for all Jews to leave the Middle East? People like you are the reasons why Israel is in the situation it's in. Anyway this article does not seem to be promoting a nuclear war, and I think only one or two of the talkbacks (out of 72 people) support it. Obviously millions dead is not acceptable. #5 Terry, I usually don't agree with you on anything but on this you're right. These statistics give more incentive for Israel to strike first against Iranian nuclear technology and prevent this, like with Osirak in 1981.
89. This article shown to the arabs that Iran is not the enemy.
Ahmed ,   Egypt   (12.24.07)
90. This report is both sobering and incomplete.
Persisan CAT   (12.24.07)
It says Israel can "weather" a nuke war with Iran! If any Israeli thinks life in Israel after a nuclear war is going to be "easier" than life in Iran after a nuclear war, then keep your head buried even deeper in the Negev sand. What this reports misses the world economic ice-age which will follow - unless Israel is promissing to compensate the lost energy resources by its own undiscovered oil and gas reserves! Consider the US and the world's dependence on ME oil and gas resources, then Cordsman's scenario will not be so "reassuring" for the Zionists in Israel. Israel will have to answer to a lot of countries for messing up their energy supplies - heck some of those countries may decide they need the energy more than they need the pesky Zionists and that's the perfect time to get rid of them just like they tried before. Israel must remember Iran is more valuable to the world community than Israel! MAD saved the world before, it will save it again, unless the rulers of Zionistan decide they can "weather" and "win" an nuclear war.
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