Iran, Russia meet to discuss defense cooperation
Associated Press
Published: 24.12.07, 21:25
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1. Too bad Russia risks WW3...
Mark Kleiman ,   Florida, USA   (12.24.07)
Perhaps this will start an individual humanitarian boycott of Russia...
2. Mark Kleiman
leon ,   Grand Rapids USA   (12.24.07)
Don't bet on it.
3. Syria and Egypt
Marcel ,   Florida   (12.24.07)
Ezekiel 38 is setting up before our eyes. But before Russia and Persia and Lybia and Ethiopia do what was written they would do the U.S will have to have been neutralized. Out of the picture. Something the Lord showed me a few years ago ; the two MISSING big players in verse's 5-6 Egypt and Syria are not mentioned .Why ,where did they go ? I strongly believe it's because Israel has reduced them to rubble and this may be what brings the Russians on down for their own destruction. It does seem to be shaping up before our eyes ,just as it was written.
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (12.24.07)
Nothing untowards,of course.Iran should not enrich uranium,no one should buy Iranian gas,no one should invest in Iranian economy an so forth.Funnily enough,Iranians have managed to float tenders,had bids and is fast working on various projects with different countries unless the Bloomberg and Middle East Business news is producing statistics of Iran from thin air. On the present talks with the Russians,nothing untowards has happened.Iranians are making their air defence system more stronger which is in line with constant threats posed by the USA.Its depleted Airforce is gradually taking shape,its missile industry,under the positive guidance of Vahidi,is producing various types of solid-fuel missiles,improving in range and payload.All these activities are repeatedly made to appear in the news media.What exactly does anyone expect Iranians to do?Buy toys from China?
Adam ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (12.25.07)
6. US & West only thing saving us from true tyranny
Scott   (12.25.07)
Those who would see the US down and out...along with the West and Israel. To be replaced by what "new order"? Disgusting primitive, religious based hegemony or tyranny most foul - all in connivance, running the world. Taking the world back to the Dark Ages. No thanks, I'll stick with the 'bad old US' and 'cronies' any day -warts and all. The alternative is worse.
7. Not Ezekiel
Shelly Waxman ,   USA   (12.25.07)
Zechariah--the division of Jerusalem by "all the nations".
8. Time for Israel to start helping Chechnyans
Squalid Ibn Harman ,   Qtir   (12.25.07)
9. so, Russia will not allow Iran to attack Israel
or anybody else
10. 4 Mahmood, I should get you a compass.
freedom ,   canada   (12.25.07)
So that you can really understand the problems in Iran. This is a country that can not even produce enough of its own gasoline and it has to import gasoline. Producing gasoline is pretty simplistic, just ask any democratic nation in the world that produces oil and its done. Many in the west dont agree with the Russian brand of democracy and soon they will be under a microscope as well. Iran well it was so smart it didnt wait for world opinion to jel it brought its own problems upon itself. Anyways, be glad youre in a country that appreciates all religions and all faiths. Some countries in the world dont believe in that. You think about that one the next time you undertake your analysis of world events. Have a nice day.
11. Love Triangle
Johnson ,   USA   (12.25.07)
Russia is firmly in the grip of the KGB, the mob, and so it seems Tehran. Gen. Patton was right.
12. Looks like USA needs to install the Patriot batter on Russia
Squalid Ibn Harman ,   Qtir   (12.25.07)
Looks like USA needs to install the Patriot batter on Russia's doorstep. The Russians are really pissed with that idea.
13. What does the Apartheid state want...
Ibrahim ,   Egypt   (12.25.07)
I really wonder what does the apartheid state want ??!!!....everything security , peace , land, US protection, nuclear weapons, US rocket shield....While the others keep silent and nothing to do...just Only have the right to watch...even much more than you think Israel's glorification at the expense of her enemies!!! that kills childrens everyday...Who the f*cking are you....dude Nothing in life is free you have to pay the price...the price has different forms NOT only the money....everyone knows doesn't need anyone has more than Zero IQ...Be realistic otherwise you will be idiot....
14. Continues #13
Ibrahim ,   Egypt   (12.25.07)
You want to be the first power in the region preventing the others....and allow yourselves only.. depending up on USA.....israel itself isn't the first power since few years which occur obviously in the last war.....I have a Question What does it mean? the IDF sent the videotapes of smuggling weapons into Gaza to the military attache to the Israeli embassy in Washington DC a few weeks ago...The tape was meant to be shown to the US Congress during a discussion regarding the placing of sanctions on Egypt for its failure to act to to prevent smuggling into the Hamas-ruled enclave Ynet said,.....they always Go cry for their american friends as usual to save them....israel alone isn't a real power nowdays....
15. NO BIG DEAL..........................#10
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (12.25.07)
What has it got to do with Iranians having to import gasoline?If they mismanaged their economy themselves or were made to do so due to other priorities as a result of war and continues sanctions,they have to pay a price,dont they?Even presently,due to sanctions imposed arbitrarily by USA, Iran may have to pay between 10 to 15% more on items of vital needs in defence and oil industry. I cannot comprehend your talk-back at all.What are you trying to suggest?Is it that because you live in different part of the world,you turn a blind eye to knowing and commenting on the issues?Your narrowmind may accomodate but my talk-back is pretty well in line with the article itself.Your is way out of the topic.You too,have a nice day.
16. #1. That has to waint after the world boycotts the US for...
Persian CAT   (12.25.07)
selling ILLEGAL cluster bombs to defeated government of Zionistan. The difference is Russian arm sales are not illegal.
17. Iran and the Commies
CLL ,   Tampa USA   (12.30.07)
Iran should look at Chechnya and wonder the wisdom of getting to cozy with the Russian bear. Putin is bent on becoming the next Stalin. I wonder if he will do better than the 10 Million Stalin butchered--of his own people. In that, Islam and Communism do have a lot in common. As I recall, Eqypt couldn't defeat Israel even when they and Syria were loaded with Russian arms and "Advisors". Because the US treasurers democracy and freedom, we will be there always supporting Israel. But Israel always has done it's own fighting. So gloat as you will, small minded, big talking Islamists, nothing has changed, you'll still get your butts kicked, as usual.
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