Hikers killed in West Bank shooting were soldiers on leave
Efrat Weiss
Published: 28.12.07, 18:40
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1. what sparked it? they were in the wrong place
at the wrongtime and there were crazy ass arabd who killed them that is what sparked it
2. Ban Arabs From OUR Roads
Yishai Kohen ,   YeShA, Israel   (12.28.07)
If they can't use OUR roads in peace, then they can't use them at all. And if they can't live here in OUR land in peace, then they must go.
3. What sparked the event:? Jew-hatred
Ilan ,   Ariel   (12.28.07)
4. Olmert´s peace partners again
5. no words..
Elchonon ,   Chevron   (12.28.07)
Just pure jewish hatred sparked it.. we are supposed to make peace with these animals ? would the left justify jewish nationalist murder by jews claiming that arabs are wrongly ocupiying jerusalem ? gimme a break... Daily these arabs try to kill me.. I woner how kind the ynet talkbackers will be to my eventual death reporting ?
6. what you waited for
you are killing from them everyday ... what you expected . ..... you will never learn.
7. The most people who hate the Jews are the Jews themselfs
Thousends of years and you allways making troubels around the world and in the end you get hurted and insted of changing your selfs and get normal that you live normal between the rest of the world you insict to caus more troubles and then you get hurted again and then you cry around again.... you are the most anti-simitics because you what it will hurt you and still you do it .... no one is more danger on the Jews more than the Jews , you will destroy your selfs.
8. the experiment must continue..
ed ,   london UK   (12.28.07)
Olmert and Livni, give more weapons, and APCs to the PA... Olmerte arming Hamas via PA...
9. left will blame jews for walking into gunfire
yoni ,   jerusalem   (12.28.07)
i am sure the leftists will be glad to support the arab terror and blame the hikers for walking into gunfire and provoking the arabs to shoot.
10. Were they killed
Matityahu ,   Slovenia   (12.28.07)
with a Galil rifle?
11. #6 and #7
Elchonon ,   Chevron   (12.28.07)
Why dont you come say that to me in my face ? Dont tell us what to do, this is MY land.. I will live as I so please..
12. For every one of us they murder, 1000s take their places
Judah ,   Shomron   (12.28.07)
We not only survived their war of terror (the "intifada"), but grew by more than 50%. The nation of Israel is strong with G-d behind us.
13. #1 "what sparked it?" ANSWER: THE PERPS & FOOLS LIKE YOU
dante ,   uk   (12.28.07)
the PERPETRATORS "sparked" the murders. AND, FOOLS LIKE THE AUTHOR OF THE FIRST TALKBACK POST. these fools condemn the victims, in this case, two hikers!!!, and make excuses for the murderers and, so, encourge them. moral slime.
Ron   (12.28.07)
15. We must expel Arabs in Hevron and near Hevron and
Dov   (12.28.07)
from other Jewish cities once and for all. It's PEACE NOW we should all point our fingers at and blame for this double murder. They are the ones instigating Arabs against Jews. And we should thank Olmert for releasing terrorists from jail and for providing them with weapons.
16. And It Goes On and On and On
Dave Levy ,   Burbank. CAUSA   (12.28.07)
Israel again and again and again doesn't really know how to respond to these targeting killings of it's Jewish citizens. The left, like the Pals, will blame the so-called occupation (get the Jews out of the territories fully and there won't be similar incidents). The Pals have a justification, forgetting why Israel is there to begin with. Israel should cordon off the entire area believed to be harboring these bums, and go door to door searching for them. In the process, they will uncover much more, arms and the like. But remember, when terrorists are captured and incarcerated, they eventually go free. Israel needs capital punishment, and a 12.00 hangman's noose. If Israel cannot do it, then let them hire mercenaries We will have no hesitation. Those 2 hikers died for nothing. Their deaths will only encourage more killings. Freeing Shalit for 200 murderers accomplishes more of the same.
17. Olmert Will Free 200+ Terrorists for Shalit
Jerry ,   NYC, USA   (12.28.07)
and they will possibly kill even more people. A nation with insane leadership.
18.  #6 and #7 Arabs
after the Bush visit, Har Homa will definitely be built you kill, we build
19. #18 why not building before Bush visit ? COWARD !
20. Israeli leadership a bunch of fraiyers (suckers)
Sam ,   Canada   (12.28.07)
Israeli leaders agonize over construction because Palestinians complain but tolerate Palestinian missiles and bullets aimed at Israeli civilians. Israeli leaders have taken the fear out of Palestinians and put it into their own citizens.
21. #6
Natan   (12.28.07)
What we are killing every day is those who are trying and planning to kill us. I guess you are not smart enough to figure this out!!!
22. #11 This is not your land, it's Palestine
Wissam   (12.28.07)
Go home!
23. wake up
anas ,   gaza   (12.28.07)
To whom who wants to ban arabs and kill arabs ,I say that .you all must to wake up and think why this happened ,did not the Israeli army killed more than 50 palestinians in Gaza this month ,do you think that you have the right to exist and we have not. I am proud to be a palestinian and I think every action has a reaction. First stop killing everywhere and go to peace agreement instead of killing and I think you can live in peace ,we all love living in peace but you better wake up and think
24. This is a natuaral result !! We are in WAR with the zionists
Ahmad ,   Hebron   (12.28.07)
Leave West bank and avoid the shoots.. Vaaaaaaaaaaaary simple
25. to11
live in it but don'r cry all the time ..... i wish i can say this in your face .
26. damn
that´s why Israel should Leave WEST BANK! Who cares for west bank? Go Back to Israel and fight it there
27. #7 all I can say is: you must be very very very stupid!!!!!
rachel ,   usa   (12.28.07)
28. They were soldiers on leave.
JJohnson ,   Turks & Caicos   (12.28.07)
Combatants. There were probably armed. They got into a gun battle and lost. This is not terrorism. It is war. And the natural consequence of stealing another's land by force.
29. more painful sacrifice for the no peace
Marcel ,   Florida   (12.28.07)
Israel ,do more for 'the peace' Maybe if Israel does more for 'the peace' and all Jews move into barbed wire ringed ghettos the Palestinians will stop attacking them ? Maybe if more land is surrendered and terrorists released from prison the Palestinian terrorists will stop killing Jews for slaughter whom Olmert refuses to allow to have weapons to defend themselves. He only supplies weapons to Palestinian terrorists who kill Jews I wonder if they used weapons supplied to the Palestinian terrroists by president Bush or Puppet Olmert ? I'll bet you these Palestinian terrorists KILLERS were just released by Quisling Olmert from prison to please his master Herr Bush. cover up If these Palestinian murderers were just released from prison and used weapons suplied by the Bush/Omert syndicate of destruction ,they will work hard to cover it up to keep the 'process' moving forwards. Whats the big deal ,it's only two dead Jews and this is a small part of the painful sacrafice Israel must give to the god of peace,no peace,imitation peace,some peace,lite peace,fake peace George.
30. Word To General Ashkenazi
Marcel ,   Florida   (12.28.07)
"Unfortunately, despite our yearning for peace as we reach out to our neighbors, the time has not yet come to sheath our sword. It must remain sharpened and honed, prepared to face any enemy... We will be prepared for the challenges posed to us by the terror organizations and by others who not yet come to terms with the existence of the state of Israel in the Middle East... We will become stronger in order to deter them. And if need be, we will be prepared to overcome them." IDF Chief of Staff Gabi Ashkenazi The sword of Israel is restrained by a devious foe who masquerades as a friend and brings no peace but disaster to Israel. Israel's obedience to Bush's words and ignoring of God's word will not bring peace but great disaster to Israel. When will Israel awaken to the trojan horse of peace and use the sword Hashem has provided them to use against the palestinian enemy who is not a peace partner as the lying wolf of no peace Road map says ? Isn't it past time to tell the one who restrains Israel to get lost and butt out of Israel's sovereign security decisions and to remove his quisling Olmert from power ?
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