Fayyad: PA responsible for attack in its territory
Ali Waked
Published: 29.12.07, 16:27
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1. article: yeah
sure! tell us another joke!
2. "There is no al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades anymore,"
charles   (12.29.07)
GW & Condi beleive that, I donĀ“t
3. Complete and utter LIES!
freejay ,   Israel   (12.29.07)
4. Palestinian prime minister pledges
tinashkuli   (12.29.07)
Palestinian Authority will fulfill its commitment to combat terror. =============== Maybe Fayad would like to sell us some swampland and a bridge next!
5. No Al-Aqsa?
PG ,   USA   (12.29.07)
My, my! What will they say next? When will Israel just destroy all of them? Wait, just thought of something. I think the King of Israel will have to do it.
6. what a joke1
oded   (12.29.07)
fayyed is the terror, who is kidding who? and smartutmart eats out of his hand!
7. no terrorist organizations anymore
boxley ,   ATL   (12.29.07)
these were PA police enforcing a nogo area perhaps? If I were a settler in hebron I would be careful to make friends with the neighbors
8. Fayyad & Abbas, two great lovers
Steve ,   Fla.   (12.29.07)
These are a couple of slick Islamists, these two leaders. With one hand they take the Jew (Olmert, Livni, Barak; whomever) by the hand and place a big sloppy, wet kiss on his or her lips, while with the other hand they stab the Jew in the back. Jews must love this masochistic or sadomasochistic love-making. We keep coming back for more. We even pay our lovers and provide theme with love-making tools to achieve this form eroticism.
9. Israel Should blow up the house of the terrorist
Squalid Ibn Harman ,   Qtir   (12.29.07)
Israel Should blow up the house of the terrorist killed in the attack on the 2 Israelis and that of the wounded Terrorist if they know his identity.
10. Judea and Samaria are part of Israel
jack bauer   (12.30.07)
and the plo terrorists and hamas terrorists have no legitimate claim to it they should all be transfered to arabic countries, and only those friendly arabs that accept a jewish state and swear to live peacefully should be allowed to stay changing a terror groups name does not mean it doesnt exist anymore. telling it in public to stop and in privte to continue doesnt either quote->The officials said Fatah's al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades largely agreed to go along with the government's Advertisement security plan in the West Bank without putting up a fight. "There is no al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades anymore," Yahya told Voice of Palestine radio. Israel and some al-Aqsa units dispute Yahya's assessment, saying the group remains active
11. #9 Squalid Ibn Harman
SHazam   (12.30.07)
blow up houses not a new idea, never worked got anything else in your bag of tricks? you can not control a nation of ppl, your talking about 4 or 5 million. you cant ship them off, and you cant control them. the wall your building is not high enough, what happens when qassams are launched from there soon. then what? there is no single israeli strategy that has any potential of ending the conflict. Gaza an utter and complete failure by israel and looks like the west bank is to follow. you need to talk to hamas, not only abbas, give them thier land and sign a 100 year hudna. just like you did with egypt. only way out!
12. #11 SHazam - If Fatah and Hamas are killing each other
Squalid Ibn Harman ,   Qtir   (12.30.07)
1. The missing piece in blowing up the houses was Saddam and Iran paying $25K to replace the house. The key to fighting a suicide bomber is to find a way to undermine his motivation. If he knew that his family would be deported or blown up, there are not many suicide bomber who would attack knowing the fate of his family. 2. HAMAS' charter uncompromising calls for the destruction of Israel and they will not negotiate with us. The bottom line is that this is a war where one side must totally vanquish the other. And so be it. For right now, I WILL BE HAPPY TO NEGOTIATE WITH ABBAS AND DESTROY HAMAS, PRC, IJ, and EL AQSA. 3. Solution for Qassams: Cut off all gas, electricity, water, and EU expolsives disguised as food as long as Shalit is not returned and they continue to launch Qassams. Sooner or later the Israelis will vote and Olmert and other incompetents will be removed (the sooner the better). Remember that it was the PALs through Intifada II that moved the Israeli voters to the right and elected Arik Sharon, the PALs' worst nightmare. I can only assume the next PM will be Lieberman or someone very far to the right. 3. Egypt had a brilliant strategist in Anwar Saddat (both in war and peace). We did negotiate and withdraw from lands. For the most part, it was a decision that both Egypt and Israel can live with and they do. Disengagement showed the true face of Gaza. HAMAS again showed their face as they murdered FATAH and overthrew Gaza only to beg for a reconciliation after being thrown out of govt and being made irrelevant. Also see current new re; celebration of 43 yrs of Fatah. 4. We don't have to do anything. The terror is largely contained by the FENCE and boxing Gaza up. Our cities other than Sderot are thriving. Our economy is booming. The PALs started the terror. We boxed them in and they are suffering. We are doing just fine thanks. 5. It is our land. See reference in Torah and Quran. 6. Hudna is just an excuse to re-arm and regroup and has absolutely nothing to do with peace. We don't want any Hudnas.
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