EU disavows suspect chemicals hidden in sugar sacks bound for Gaza
Published: 30.12.07, 18:03
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1. "By way of deception, thou shalt do war".
JJohnson ,   Turks & Caicos   (12.30.07)
Israel must think the world to be a fool.
2. EU "observators"
Keren ,   Israel-SP   (12.30.07)
I ,personally,knew 2 EU "observators",a few months ago in Ashkelon,whose job,together with other 80 "observators",is to "observe "Rafah crossing(don't remember exactly if it was for this crossing) and make sure no irregularities are happening. Those 2 guys told me that they KNOW smugling is done and all sort of irregularities,so I asked what was exactly their job but, of course, I didn't get a real answer other than that they "observe". Hence,EU can deny as much as they want,but the fact is that they have hundreds of employees being payed to be in all crossings and not to let these things happen,or at least to report authorities when they happen. So,what is going on ?
3. is sugar really a human right?
aaron ,   ra'anana   (12.30.07)
israel should prevent all sugar imports to the gaza strip until the rocket attacks on israeli civilians in sderot stops. when they stop the kassams they can have their sugar.
4. Please Check the Sugar it self ....make sure it is safe...
ben ,   singapore   (12.30.07)
....these Pals might be poisoned.I feel Israel should just return the bags to the country of origin to be test again ! Let not Pals die of eating sugar- EU Humanitarian Aid ! In Africa many died when they eat humanitarian aid ! I dont want to here these kind of history repeating again ! They can shoot Qassams at us but we will ensure they dont die eating poison sugar, like idiots ! UN humanitarian agencies are such a bo booooo !
5. # 4 LOL!!!!!!!
Keren ,   Israel-SP   (12.30.07)
6. #5 Just kidding :-) LOL - CHoCOLATE Please !!!!
7. anti-semetic EU works against Israel
Marcel ,   Florida   (12.30.07)
We all knw this and Israel should find out ,dig to the bottom of this and if those who wotk for the EU are responsible,charge them with crimes in the world court in the Hague. Start fighting back against these deceitful EU snakes.
8. Explosives were being delivered "CONDOLCENZA(with sweetness)
Alan ,   SA   (12.30.07)
9. #1 not the world buddy, just YOU
jack bauer   (12.31.07)
10. No sugar from EU.
eu   (12.31.07)
Where does it all come from ? Hamas surely get assistance from someone who isn't "registered" anywhere.6.5 tons of fertilizer,must be a farmers paradise.INVESTIGATION NEEDED!!! I would believe it's in the interest of the Europeans and the UN to know all about who's abusing their aid-delivering systems.
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