Stranded Palestinian pilgrims allowed back into Gaza
Ali Waked
Published: 30.12.07, 18:55
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1. More Rocket crews
2. How did they go in the first place?
Mike ,   Israel   (12.30.07)
Leave them where ever they are, and why would they want to return to Gaza? They claim there is food, medicine etc so why return?
3. border inspection
marcel   (12.30.07)
egyptians will not check the refugees properly so i wonder if barak made this arrangement with egypt.Lets see what happens here. Note that olmert had nothing to do with this as he hates anything to do with security, defense,;He resents it, he is disinterested in it, he gets bored by it.
4. Gaza border crafted agreement
richards ,   tel aviv   (12.30.07)
Another dumb agreement crafted by livni and/or olmert placing responsibily for searches in the hands of the guys who leave the border open for hamas weapons
5. More irresponsibility on the part of the Israeli government
Rachel ,   Israel   (12.30.07)
How gullible can you be? Do you really believe giving the responsibility of checking these people to corrupt Egyptian police will prevent smuggling money and terrorists into Gaza? This is just the kind of cop out and illogical reasoning on the part of Olmert that put the Hamas into power in Gaza in the first place. Why does the world think Jews are so smart when they make such stupid decisions and why do Jews think they are so smart at all?
6. Isn't Zuhri the one caught smuggling money?
Squalid Ibn Harman ,   Qtir   (12.30.07)
I am sure that it is only foreign aid from EU. After all it is marked "SUGAR". I couldn't possibly be explosives? After all EU are our friends and couldn't possibly be backing terrorists?
7. Oh Well if EGYPT is Checking then We KNOW we're Secure ;-)
ZALMAN ,   ISRAEL   (12.31.07)
8. hey people, it say they WILL PASS THROUGH ISRAELI CHECKS
jack bauer   (12.31.07)
although I think that egypt should be given jurisdiction over all of gaza....let them hunt down hamas terrorists and secure the borders....let them provide power, food, water,etc..... let them be responsible for kassams being fired every day.... that way they can earn a bit of the aid money from the USA
9. an excuse which is much uglier than a sin
saheem ,   eygpt   (12.31.07)
this excuse of hamas hiding in the pilgrims is an excuse which is much more uglier than a terrible sin , u must be happy arabs are helping u in ur crimes , how lucky
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