Former IDF Chief of Staff Moshe Levy hospitalized
Sharon Roffe-Ofir
Published: 01.01.08, 17:15
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MOSHE ,   US   (01.01.08)
2. When the first symptoms of a stroke are noticed, the person
Rivkah   (01.01.08)
should be given two cups of regular coffee and two ounces of whiskey if the person can drink fluids. If this is done within three hours of the stroke, 80% of the damage from the stroke can be reversed according to studies quoted by Dr. David Williams' newsletter. Ambulance and hospital emergency kits should have Caffeinol-IV, and intravenous equivalent to two cups of coffee and two ounces of whiskey. Whether that is done or not, the TISSUE oxygen level of the stroke victim should be elevated to 14 parts per million for as many months as it takes to reverse the stroke. This can be done by adding Vitamin O stabilized liquid oxygen ( to the food tube or spraying it under the tongue every hour during the day. Often the stroke is reversed in weeks if this is done. The Nobel Laureate formula is more expensive and has more ingredients and is called Cell Food or Cell Renue. The 1934 Nobel Prize for Medicine was for reversing diseases by elevating tissue oxygen levels. This is taught in medical schools but rarely used because physicians prefer to use tradename products covered by insurance that are newer and more expensive. It is big money for pharmaceutical companies to get physicians to give up tried but true therapies. The Will Rogers movie "Dr. Bull" shows why physicians are reluctant to do anything but "go along to get along". Dr. Bull was run out of town for prefering to use older medicines that worked on his patients rather than new untried therapies.
3. Moishe Levy
Lynda Wells ,   New York City, USA   (01.03.08)
I'm honored to have met Moishe many time, and I send my respects to all of his family and friends. He's an amazing man - more than a Moishe and a half, really.
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