Killers of off-duty soldiers near Hebron were PA security officers
Efrst Weiss
Published: 01.01.08, 22:31
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1. Bad Idea of the Month: Free terrorists and give them guns
Besalel ,   Kew Gardens, NY   (01.01.08)
My 5 year old son that we shouldn't free terrorists and give them guns but then again what does he know, he's only 5.
2. Weapons
avi ,   Jerusalem Israel   (01.01.08)
These soldiers were killed with the weapons which our stupid prime minister gave to the terrorists. Ehud go home we have have enough of you.
3. Not surprising-Fatahan is Terrorist-infested
Brod ,   USA   (01.01.08)
This is not surprising as Fatahan is infested with fanatical Islamist-Jihadist terrorists, thugs and zombies. Their so-called PA forces are all terrroists. When Bush makes the trip to Fatahan these terrorists would be waiting for him. Bush must be out of his mind if he thinks he is making a trip to heaven in that terrorist infested enclave.
4. Olmert's "peace" partners
Reality Check ,   BaGolan   (01.01.08)
5. PA personnel are just like in IRAQ-totally TERR infiltrated
Alan ,   SA   (01.01.08)
6. there is NO difference between
the Abbas Gang and Hamas, besides the former are on Bush-Condi´s payroll and pressure is applied against us
7. So the 25% that didn’t vote for Chamas also want us dead
Alon   (01.02.08)
8. World Media Disgrace:The under-reported list is growing...
Scott   (01.02.08)
1. UN "aid supplies" - 6.5 tonnes of bomb ingredient. 2. Egypt caught red-handed aiding terrorists at the border. 3. PA thugs responsible for murder of the two soldiers. None of these serious incidents has hardly rated a mentioned anywhere. Why would that be?
9. oh poor innocent Israelis !!!
how dare these terrorist palis do that to you !! MY A** !! LOOOOOOL
10. Olmert, Livni, Ramon & co.- the blood is on your hands
LEE ,   NY, USA   (01.02.08)
Once again our left wing 'leaders' and our 'allies' supply our 'moderate' terrorist murdering enemies with the guns, money, training, and immunity they need to destroy us. When will we finally learn?
11. I want revenge for the death of the two Israeli soldiers.
debra ,   usa   (01.02.08)
there are so few jews in the world. each of our lives are precious.
Elchonon ,   Chevron   (01.02.08)
David was my neighber, he was a easy going guy with a smile all the time.. We lost 2 commando's.. killed because we gave our enemies weapons..
Marcel ,   Florida   (01.02.08)
These two men who go out of their way to reward these Islamic terrorisats and deviously protray Abba's &Fatah as moderates for peace must be held to account for thier failed and evil agenda.
14. PA
Yisraeli   (01.02.08)
Lets be clear the PA has not been infiltrated by terrorists they ARE all terrorists by whatever name you wish to call them. And the Government of Israel IS responsible for the death of our brothers. animals behave like animals but its our Gov that allows them to roam around freely, arm them, feed them and talk with them. Where is the outcry?????
15. Olmert, Rice, Bush...So what, no big deal
BJL ,   USA   (01.02.08)
It doesnt matter .....Just a couple of Jews......Peace at all cost.... This is evil thinking. Hashem yekom damo.
Ron   (01.02.08)
Shame on Olmert
17. PA Security officers
Bernie ,   Seattle WA   (01.02.08)
Trained by the USA( our best friend) using bullets supplied by Olmert, need i say more?
18. What a surprise!
Joseph P. ,   Jerusalem   (01.02.08)
So the Shabak (GSS) is accusing Olmert's friend and "Pieces Partner", Abbas and his gang of criminals, of misusing the weapons given to these terrorists when they were released from jail. Isn't it about time Olmert's corrupt and stupid government is overthrown? What are we waiting for?
19. Where's Betzelem, HumanRights & PiecesNow's condemnation?
Joseph P. ,   Jerusalem   (01.02.08)
Oh, I forgot. It was Jews who were murdered by these poor, deprived, Palestinians. No need to condemn.
20. Were those "good gesture" bullets?
Daniel ,   Israel   (01.02.08)
Idiotic gift given by Olmert as “good gesture” to Palestinian security forces? Can you trust them with any thing like that? Can you trust Olmert with unlimited powers?
21. Weapons
Manny ,   Israel   (01.02.08)
These beautiful Jewish boys were very likey murdered with weapons that our own government gave as a gift to the enemy. And, don't forget that we just gave 2 MILLION bullets to Gaza. On whom are they going to use them??
22. When will we get rid of these selffish maffiosi?
Suzanne   (01.02.08)
Coz that's what they are. Only there for their own financial sake. Most terrorists are higher educated than their fellow Palestinians, have already a higher income and are more often not married and thus have no family to take care of. What else than doing it for themselves they join a maffia gang making them heroes for killing off-duty soldiers and (other) civilians?
23. when will israeli jews learn about judaism?
yoni ,   jerusalem   (01.02.08)
all of our problems will be solved when we all know who we are and what we are doing here. we must learn about judaism being jewish comes with wisdom that makes us great. no more stupid debates. no more stupid moves by our "PM" no more stupid talks with terrorists!! wake up jews!!!!
24. Olmert learned your lesson with Fatah yet?
freedom ,   canada   (01.02.08)
Not much more to say. Bush do some thinking as well.
25. Olmert to the rescue
chaim ,   Tzur Hadassa   (01.02.08)
Don't worry boys, your stay won't be long in jail. We have a piece process that has to be shoved down our throats and Bush and Condi says we need to make painful concessions. So here comes Olmert to the rescue to save the day. We will feed you then dismiss you with a guns and bullets. May HaShem bring this government down.
26. PEACE and not piece !!
miri ,   israel   (01.02.08)
These two lovely boys paid the ultimate price with their lives. I doubt that we will ever have real peace with the enemy, but let's set up boundaries to keep them at bay - the walls, checkposts, etc. and definitely not supply them with ammunition !!!
27. Saturday Fayad visited Peres pretending innocence (Debka)
Alan ,   SA   (01.02.08)
28. poor equal death?
Richard ,   London UK   (01.02.08)
Israeli forces killed 373 Palestinians during 2007. Palestinians killed 13 Israelis in the same period. Of the Palestinians killed last year, 131 were not engaged in fighting at the time of their death. The number of Palestinians being held by Israel in administrative detention - imprisonment WITHOUT trial - rose by 13 per cent.
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