Chief of Home Front Command retires from IDF
Hanan Greenberg
Published: 03.01.08, 19:48
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1. home front
marcel   (01.03.08)
As I said and what gershon has confirmed is that the home front has not been prepared by olmert for hezbollah rockets.Israel- investigate this because olmert has maintained that he is in a position to correct the errors of lebanon war in 2006. He has not done anything. The quisling should be taken to the public square and hung if that were the current law for negligence and treason. A great number of soldiers died because of olmert and arabs even within israel are taking to the streets. Get rid of this weakling. I guarantee you this. When he steps down,he will leave israel for another country. This is the same COWARD who would not come to the memorial of soldiers killed in lebanon war .Even Halutz and peretz came. Olmert is a cancer and Israelis, don't be stupid.Olmert is a skilled politican and it will take some stealth to get rid of him.
2. I was only a staff sargeant,but I know
jason white ,   afula,israel   (01.04.08)
a heavy artillery barrage on gaza will stop the kassams and mortars. Let the palis live under the threat of I.D.F. fire. The solution lies in the hands of politicians who have the guts to fire terror and not serve the interests of eurabia,u.n. and the U.S. state dept.
3. to 2
come on guy , Gaza was in your hands before and under your control , and still you couldn't stop them .
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