Nazareth protestors demand end to Gaza siege
Roee Nahmias
Published: 05.01.08, 21:28
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1. gaza
izaak   (01.05.08)
freedom and independance in an international world is different to swamping the demographically depleted jews of their minimal security .a ten year truce a humanitarianization of islam an acceptance of the jews as equals will bring peace.
2. Stop the Seige on Sedrot first
Don Saliman ,   Nahal Oz, Israel   (01.05.08)
You don't seem to get it, if Hammas,fatah would make peace with Israel,instead of trying to destroy it,there would be no siege,"Ocupation" etc. What don't you understand about it? What do you want us to do,when Hammas wants to kill all of us or throw us out into the sea, sit and take it?
3. Send these "pilgrims" to Gaza
Frank ,   Canada   (01.05.08)
4. Their citizenship should be revoked.
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (01.05.08)
It's a legal fiction anyway - a hostile enemy population has no place in our country.
5. Shiekh Raed Salah
Marcel ,   Florida   (01.05.08)
He should have been arrested last year for incitement at the Temple Mount but the cowards who rule Israel allow his threat to grow and become more dangerous. War with the traitors within has begun.
6. congratulations, brothers!
MK BISHARA ,   baalbek/ lebaniran   (01.05.08)
when do i get my money back???
7. the most amazing thing is....
kutuzov ,   new york   (01.05.08)
these arab savages are members of the knesset. Only in israel are enemies of the state allowed into parliament. They should all be kicked out into jordan, egypt, syria or lebanon. Israel is for jews and its time that israelis reclaimed it.
8. funny
they want a palestinian state with jerusalem as its capital and with all refugees returned to israel proper......but thousands of israeli arabs ran to the israeli embassy pleading not to be transferred to the pa authority and future palestinian state and requested israeli citizenship asap. additionally, these people are morons and severely lacking in intelligence, civility, social intelligence and maturity. how can they run a state. what they want is israel. they don't want a state of their own. they want the destruction of ours.
9. End Gaza siege!
YA ,   UK   (01.05.08)
Go full force and finish that terrorists. Then install oath of allegiance to the State - for all citizens of Israel. Those who don't take oath should give up citizenship.
10. arabs and gaza
marv   (01.05.08)
Look at what olmert has done. By his appeasement and weakness, he has now radicalized israeli arabs who soon will want partition in the gallilee. New loyalty tests should be enacted to give reasons why all these protesters should be deported to Jordan. In the meantime, haaretz and olmert, take a look at what you have encouraged. Olmert should do the honorable thing and remove himself from the israeli body politic.Nothing that olmert can do will ever salvage any honor for him. Except, he will always have a ready place in an arab country or his kids places in france and USA. jews no longer want Olmert around them. Kadimites who support Olmert will go down in elections and are also moral cowards expecially barak for not pulling the plug. You have no chance of ever being PM again UNLESS you get rid of olmert and do it fast.
11. #4 they lived there legally for 1400 y & you illegaly for 4
12. gaza seige
judy ,   australia   (01.05.08)
I thought that Gaza was an independent state has borders with Egypt and Israel - they are always wlcome to leave Gaza thru Egypt's border. I didn't realise countries are compelled to give unlimited travel access to their enemies.
13. #5 depends on definition of "within", USA is vast country
14. #9 no need to call them terrorists to finish
Israel finishes all peaceful demonstrations without calling them terrorists.
15. #10 his kids places in france & USA!; u mixed Olmert 4 Bibi
16. third force
dave ,   uk   (01.05.08)
If the creation of a "palestinian" state means that these israeli-arabs will move there (forcefully/voluntarily) , then maybe it will be a good thing.
17. I never see any of them protest the kassams
jack bauer   (01.06.08)
so my sympathy for them is now non-existant
18. Are these guys israelis or traitors?
Marcelo ,   World   (01.06.08)
Do these guys forget that Gazans fires thousands of misslies targed against isralei population. It is time to shut down the borders, and let Egypt take care of their ex-egyptians media created palestinians.
19. Once again the Arabs of Israel has clearly defined
Roger ,   Panama   (01.06.08)
where their loyalties are.
20. to Terry,Eilat; is there crime of thinking?
צבי ,   הבלקן   (01.06.08)
Terry is there something written in Israeli law known as crime of thinking?
21. My God, you Arabs make a logical man despair.
Cameron ,   USA   (01.05.08)
22. Gaza Siege is a necessary Counter-Terror Measure due to Gaza
Squalid Ibn Harman ,   Qtir   (01.06.08)
Gaza Siege is a necessary Counter-Terror Measure due to Gaza based terror. The Fence and Gaza Siege have SUCCESSFULLY minimized the terror in Israel emanating from the PAL territories. It has been quite some time since we read about massive casualties due to suicide bombers. We still read about isolated incidents of shootings, stabbing, kidnaps, etc. HAMAS' CHARTER still calls for the destruction of Israel and the murder of all Jews/Israelis. With the 2 exceptions of not having Shalit back and the constant Terrorist Rocket launches against our cities, I see that Gaza is still committed to terror and not doing anything to change that. As such we must continue and intensify the seige by hopefully taking back Philadelphi Road to fight against the smuggling. But until PALs are willing to change their terrorist posture there is no reason to ease up on the siege - on the contrary. We should be cutting gas, electricity, and water until Shalit is returned and all rocket launches stop. When we hear overtures towards peaceful coexistance then there will be something to talkabout. But with the intensification of the rockets with new longer range Grads, we should now intensify our efforts commensurately.
23. #7: Have You Looked In The White House?
emanon ,   USA   (01.06.08)
The biggest enemy to the Nation of America is living there. He's also the biggest enemy of the State of Isarel.
24. Any Palestinian state includes all Palestinians....
Andy ,   ramat hasharon   (01.06.08)
get them the hell out of here.
25. They are not smart these palestinians
Johnny ,   Stockholm Sweden   (01.06.08)
It seems like they don't know they got their freedom over two years ago. They are not a smart folk.
26. Gaza
David ,   New England   (01.06.08)
Hasn't it dawned upon these people that if the Gazans hadn't been attacking Israel, there would have been no siege to begin with?
27. #20 - Crime of thinking.
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (01.06.08)
If they're thinking of destroying our country, the answer is yes. And, if you feel like thinking, think about Lebanon, Iraq, Sudan, Pakistan, Afghanistan - all fine examples of where we're headed by not dealing with a hostile enemy population.
AVROHOM BILGREI ,   ZION   (01.06.08)
siege Pronunciation: \ˈsēj also ˈsēzh\ Function: noun Etymology: Middle English sege, from Anglo-French, seat, blockade, from Old French *siegier to seat, settle, from Vulgar Latin *sedicare, from Latin sedēre to sit — more at sit Date: 13th century 1obsolete : a seat of distinction : throne 2 a: a military blockade of a city or fortified place to compel it to surrender b: a persistent or serious attack (as of illness) — siege transitive verb — lay siege to 1: to besiege militarily 2: to pursue diligently or persistently WHO THE HELL IS COMPELING SURRENDER ?
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