Deputy defense minister: Israel should free Barghouti
Published: 05.01.08, 22:21
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1. no moral compass
Yisraeli   (01.05.08)
this man has no moral compass. If hes willing to go a long way to free Shalit why doesnt he offer up himself and even his family in exchange? There are no red lines with people like this. No morals, no ethics, no principles, and no ideology. Am empty vessel. Sadly the same exists within the entire political leadership of Israel. We are doomed with people like these.
2. No Problemo. And Collectively Walk Into The Mediterranean
David ,   Marietta USA   (01.06.08)
Makes perfect sense to me. Who elected these idiots?
3. Principles of Prisoner Exchanges
Squalid Ibn Harman ,   Qtir   (01.06.08)
With all due respect to Shalit, Regev, and Goldvasser who I wholeheartedly want returned to their families, there are principles here. If we were talking about prisoner exchange for people captured in war, I have no problems. But when Hezbollah and Gazans cross into Israel with the expressed intent of kidnapping Israelis to exchange for terrorists, I due have a problem. To accede to this tactics is to reinforce and legitimize kidnapping as a method to liberate terrorist who will strike again. The most I would ever consider is the release of prisoners who "do not have blood on their hands". But to release murders who will murder again is counter-productive. It may release Shalit but how many more Israeli must pay the price for releasing massive numbers of murderers?
4. And the other soldiers?
Avi   (01.06.08)
This man should not be released unless all Israeli MIA's and POWs are accounted for and returned in safety. If Barghouti goes, yes we may have gained Shalit's release, but maybe not the others. And in the process, we've given away the whole falafel. Not a good deal.
5. shallit
ira ,   usa   (01.06.08)
add Pollard to barghouti deal for shallit
6. Preparing for the next abduction.
Ilan ,   Ariel   (01.06.08)
We expect our officials to do what they can to discourage attacks on us, not to encourage abductions by making the tactic a successful way to release convicted mass murderers. I would say shame on him, but the thought is lost on someone devoid of basic morality.
7. What is "soldier 'like' Gilad"?
Daniel ,   Israel   (01.06.08)
He is the only soldier in Palestinian custody. Other two are in Iran (it seems). This is a good deal. Release Barghouti for Gilad, act fast before Bush arrives.
8. Trade
Mike ,   Jerusalem   (01.06.08)
Vilnai should offer to trade HIMSELF for Shalit. he is worthless in his position and would be valuable to Hamas! In fact I would trade the entire Kadima party for Gilad Shalit
9. this kadima labor govt is impotent, ineffective, idiotic
aaron ,   ra'anana   (01.06.08)
did i mention the most corrupt ever???
10. worst mistake ever made by israel
or should i say, olmert?
11. if terrorist swine is freed, send olmert, vilnai et al w/him
dante ,   uk   (01.06.08)
olmert didn't have to lose a war if he were going to capitulate to the terrorists. he could have skipped the war and capitulated to the demands of the terrorists. olmert should be put on trial for treason, corruption and criminal stupidity.
12. We should be exchanging Gaza for Ghilad
Andras Bereny ,   Kfar Tapuah, Samaria   (01.06.08)
14. vilnai
sas ,   israel   (01.06.08)
keep your mouth shut.
15. we cannot give up on Gilad
sharon ,   ashkelon israel   (01.06.08)
To all of you against releasing prisoners, think for one moment if this was your flesh and blood, your son who was sitting captive day after day, you are heartless people. Gilad is our soldier, fighting for our country, he is our hero and we must not forget that. We owe it to him.
16. Time to Release Gilad
mr ,   israel   (01.06.08)
Let this not evolve in the same manner as the missing of Ron Arad. Drastic situations call for drastic steps.
17. re: 15 & 16
zionist forever   (01.06.08)
I would be very upset & worried if Gilad was my flesh and blood but look at it from a logical presepective. It sounds cruel to say but Gilad is 1 man and we must consider the saftey of the majority because otherwise we get Gilad back today by releasing hundreds of terroristrs many with blood on their hands annd havnt change their ways so next time the terrorirst groups want something else they kidnap another Israeli ( somebody elses flesh and blood ) In the United States the policy is no dealing with terrorists so allthough terrorists will try and kill American soilders as they try to kill Isreaeli ones they dont bother trying to kidnap them because they know the risks of getting caught are not worth the risks of trying to take them. Vilani says himsellf how it works here Whenever we get out soilders back, we released prisoners from the other side, terrorists from the other side. This is how its done and this is what we have been doing since the 60's when this phenonoman began. The terrorists have allready been calling for taking more soilders to trade. Its this attitude of surrender which Vilnai seems to be so proud of which is the reason that soilders get kidnaped. Another way needs to be found to get Gilad back rather than say you give 1 man we give you hundreds including high value terrorists tried by civilian judges in civilian courst in Israel Bargouti isnt a politicial prisoner. PRISONER EXCHANGES ARE NOT THE WAY FORWARD IF WE WANT TO AVOID FUTURE KIDNAPINGS.
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