'Radioactive attack possible,' says IAEA head
Roee Nahmias
Published: 07.01.08, 12:58
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1. Be ready for the aftereffects of radioactive fallout with a
Rivkah   (01.07.08)
100 day supply of the following for each family member. These are adult doses. Children over six can ususally take half the adult dose as a rough estimate. 1. Potassium Iodide or Potassium iodate 100 mg tablets. Take one tablet daily. This protects the thyroid gland from radioactive iodine-131. 2. Calicium and magnesium citrate tablets or capsules 300mg/300mg or 300mg/150mg calcium/magnesium ratio. Calcium blocks the reuptake of radioactive Strontium-90. Magnesium prevents constipation from the Calcium. 3. Elemental iron tablets 18mg. Take one tablet daily for 100 days along with other items in this list. iron blocks plutonium reuptake from radioactive fallout. 4. potassium Chloride or Potassium Gluconate tablets 99 mEq (milli-equivalents). Take one tablet daily. This prevents Cesium-137 from damaging the body. 5. Zinc tablets 30mg. Take one tablet daily. Zinc reduces the reuptake of radioactive zinc-65. 6. Vitamin B-12 SUBLINGUAL tablets (NOT oral) 1000 mcg (micrograms). Let one tablet dissolve under the tongue daily. B-12 suppresses the reuptake of cobalt-12. All this will fit into a one gallon size plastic bag for each family member. Chelating out radioactive heavy metals with sublingual zeolyte drops or Detoxamin EDTA rectal suppositories is a good idea, too. That will take months and should be used with a vitamin-mineral supplement to replace the good minerals that are chelated out with the bad.
3. #1
Mike   (01.07.08)
Thanks but I'll take my chances with the radiation before rectal suppositories any day.
4. More Reasons Why
emanon ,   USA   (01.07.08)
THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS SAFE NUCLEAR ENERGY ! ! ! ! If only there was a safe way to dismantle the nuclear power plants already in existence, then maybe, just maybe, we could do something about this problem. NO COUNTRY NEEDS NUCLEAR ENERGY OF ANY KIND ! ! ! And Yes, that includes my own country. Without ANY safe way to dispose of the fuel, it seems we're struck with this problem for a long time . . . a few thousand years, if physics is correct..
5. Mohamed el ARAB dei opens his moouth again
zionist forever   (01.07.08)
The Egyptian likes to make the mullahs look like men of peace no doubt an excuse to condem Israel for having nukes which is something he never misses an oportunity to do. As for Assad the Ghandi of the Middle East the only reason he turned down an oportunity to get nukes is because his bank balance isnt big enough and probably on orders from Iran that doesnt want any attention to arab or persian neuclear desires and if Assad got caught out it would put extra preasure on Iran abroad. Give him authrosistion from Iran and the money to pay for it and Assad would be the first arab state in line to buy a nuke.
6. I'm soo scared, take more taxes and...
Popeye   (01.07.08)
...spend more money making wars George. Who doesn't see this coming. What dastardly things the CIA has cooked up to help war makers profit. Terrorism is not a legitimate formula for war, but it sure does work in favor of weapons makers. Who trained Al Quada?
7. 3 Mike: When you were a child, vomiting, and your
Rivkah   (01.07.08)
mother called a doctor or took you to a clinic, the doctor in all likelihood prescribed Compazine rectal suppositories. Which is worse? Putting a suppository in another person or in yourself? Would your mother want you to get cancer from not chelating out the radiation? I don't think so. There does not have to be a nuclear event for you to be radioactive. You probably are toxic in radiation, now. Get a heavy metal hair analysis done from Doctors Data, Inc. with a prescription from your physician and a hair sample. Dr. David Edwards of Fresno, the Physician of the Year for America and California a few years ago, said the drinking water supply of the whole world was contaminated by the radioactive clouds from the nuclear plant meltdown at Chernobyl. If you cannot handle a rectal suppository, try the intravenous EDTA chelation, but that is far more expensive. It is a hundred dollars out of pocket (not covered by insurance) per treatment. The rectal suppositories are $200. for thirty. Using one every other day for six months is a six hundred dollar expense out of pocket. But getting thyroid and other cancers from the radiation is far more expensive. Maybe the insurance would pay for that, so that is preferable to you.
8. Re: #7
Mike   (01.07.08)
Alright, I inserted the suppository and am listening to heavy metal. Am I good to go?
9. 3# Mike, this time Rivkah is right
Judah ,   Golan Heights,ISRAEL   (01.07.08)
Although Rivka's email a few months ago that claimed that a person can get cancer by touching a cancer patient was pure nonsense todays email has alot of scientific backing. I have friends who live near a nuclear plant in America and they have been supplied with some of the products Rivkah mentioned. It might be wise to provide the residents of the Dimona area with such a product.
10. The nuclear sites ARE guarded, aren't they?
Damir ,   Russia   (01.07.08)
I rather hope no government is going to be lax in this area. No laxatives, then.
11. 9 Judah: Dr. Loraine Day suggests you put a clove of
Rivkah   (01.07.08)
garlic in your shoe next to your skin and leave it there for awhile. In about twenty minutes, you will taste garlic in your mouth. A garlic molecule is MUCH BIGGER than a cancer virus or HIV virus molecule. It a garlic molecule can go through your skin, a cancer virus or HIV virus molecule can, too. Her website is .
12. #1: Two Ways To Be REALLY Ready
emanon ,   USA   (01.07.08)
1) When the bomb goes off, make sure you're higher than the bomb. 2) Bend over, put your head between your legs and kiss your tuchas goodbye.
13. 11# Rivkah, garlic is not like cancer
Judah ,   Golan Heights,ISRAEL   (01.07.08)
Cancer is alot more complex than absorbing garlic. I am a Doctor and I have been touching cancer patients for 22 years. My father is 84 and has been a Doctor since World War 2(over 60 years). He has treated tens of thousands of cancer patients and thanks to Hashem is "healthy as a horse" Cancer is NOT caught by touching another person with cancer!
14. In reply to Popeye, No.6
Roman ,   Lod   (01.08.08)
Not the US. Bin-Laden wasn't a "US-trained terrorist", but rather a Saudi rich kid who was funding the Mujahideen himself. You live in conspiracy-land, mate, better take off that tinfoil hat before it's too late.
15. 13 You rightly said "Thanks to Hashem" you and your father
Rivkah   (01.08.08)
have not gotten cancer. The cancer cells went into you body through your mouth or lungs or through the skin, as all people have cancer cells in their bodies. But the cancer cells did not ignite into disease because you and your father were healthy and had adequate immune systems and Hashem protected you. People who go into medical professions for the right reasons usually have green in their auras which is a protective element from diseases. Instead of truly being thankful to Hashem and to your religion for a healthy diet and being able to afford healthy food and a healthy lifestyle, you wrongly attack me. Like a lot of physicians, you are a liar. Cancer virus is MUCH smaller than a garlic molecule which can go through the skin. If something BIG can go through the skin, something smaller can, too.
16. 13 Judah: HIV goes through the skin, even healthy skin.
Rivkah   (01.08.08)
Why do some people get AIDS and others who have been exposed do not? Dr. Hulda Clark of Canada says there has to be BENZENE in the body for HIV to take hold. You can afford to take multivitamins like riboflavin (B2) which pulls benzene out of the body, so you have not been affected by HIV. You mock what you do not understand. Did you get your medical degree at Disneyland or are you lying about that, too?
17. Rivkah, are you serious?
Judah ,   Golan Heights,ISRAEL   (01.08.08)
My medical degree was from the University of Minnesota, class of 1985. Obviously you do not have a medical degree or for that matter any common sense!
18. 17:Judah; Ahh! A young wippersnapper who thinks
Rivkah   (01.09.08)
what is taught in medical schools controlled by Big Pharma is the end all of learning. You should start reading books by physicians who are not controlled by Big Pharma or influenced by ownership of stock in those companies. Try subscribing to Dr. Jonathan Wright's newsletter, Dr. Julian Whitaker's newsletter, Dr. Al Sears' newsletter, Dr. Willilam Campbell Douglass II's newsletters, etc. Read "AIDS AND THE END OF CIVILIZATION" and "THE RAW TRUTH ABOUT MILK" and other books by Dr. William Campbell Douglass II. Then read Dr. Hulda Clark of Canada's books on the causes of diseases. Maybe you will learn as I did that conventional medicine is a small part of the healing profession and the knowledge you do not have is what could be saving your patients. But you are afraid of the big bad wolves at Big Pharma and deviating from cook book medicine. I have a B.S. in Pharmacy from the University of Arizona in 1971 and a Master's Degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in Health Care Administration. Oh, also read "Prescriptions for Death" to see how corrupt medical research has become. Aborted babies that survive are not considered human beings since there is no birth certificate. So they are used in medical experiments like head transplants. Oh, and then there are the orphans who are used in medical research against their wills, particularly in Canada. Such decent fellows, these physicians with blinders are who go along to get along instead of trying to change their professions for the better. Physicians have tried to murder me to shut me up, but God has kept me alive. Minnesota, isn't that where the Mayo Brothers Clinic is? Not much of a place of healing anymore, is it? The Mayo brothers were like Dr. William Campbell Douglass II, studying four hours a night after getting home from work , unlike you who cannot see past what the drug detailers want you to know.
19. Rivkah,you do not know me
Judah ,   Golan Heights,ISRAEL   (01.09.08)
I also have a degree in nutrition(Bsc) and a D.C. degree(Doctor of Chiropractic). I certainly am no fan of the drug companies. With my patients I practice natural methods first, drugs only second and surgery only as a last resort. Most of my patients problems are corrected by my spinal adjustment. Do you know about chiropractic? Even with all this said I still disagree with you that cancer is "caught" by touching a patient with cancer. Millions of people in America are suffering from cancer and they need compassion and should not be treated like a leper wqith some contagious disease. Rivkah, one last comment, I could be living in America making a fortune yet instead I am a Zionist living in the Ramat Hagolan.
20. 19 Judah: Russia and Cuba quarantine HIV/AIDS patients
Rivkah   (01.10.08)
to protect the general population. To do otherwise is an insane public policy. People with leprosy should likewise be quarantined during the contagious stages of the disease. But you prefer that children and co-workers and the public be put at risk so the feelings of HIV/AIDS patients are not ruffled. What you want for Israel is for 80% of the population to be infected with HIV/AIDS like the peoples of SubSaharan Africa are, according to CIA reports in the newspapers. What kind of a doctor are you? You WANT people to die? Chiropractors do not make a fortune in America, but perhaps they earn more than in Israel. I went to a Chiropractor after being attacked by a policeman on my front porch for being accused of being a Jew. The Chiropractor told me that half of his patients are there for injuries from being beaten up by the police in and out of jails in Kings County, California. He made forty dollars an hour per patient for applying an electrical current to damaged muscle tissue and then he manipulated the spine. So I got a prescription for an AMREX low voltage MS322 muscle stimulator to use at home since I could not afford to go to the Chiropractor after the insurance coverage stopped (ten treatments in a year). That was helpful.
21. Rivkah, last comments
Judah ,   Golan Heights,ISRAEL   (01.10.08)
Soon Ynet will remove this article. Yet hopefully Rivkah you have learned NOT to make assumptions about others. You claimed that I worked for the "drug companies" yet I do not. In fact as you now have learned I have a degree in nutrition and I was a Docotor of Chiropractic before I became an M.D. Also I hope that you learn not to insult others like you have when someone tries to debate you. And by the way I never once talked about Aids, only cancer. So in the future you also need to read others emails more carefully! Shabbat Shalom.
22. 21 Judah: I said doctors are INFLUENCED by drug salesmen,
not that you WORKED for a drug company. You may own stock in a drug company as many doctors do. You said cancer is not like garlic. I replied that a cancer virus molecule and HIV virus molecules are SMALLER than a garlic molecule. IF A BIG MOLECULE WILL GO THROUGH THE SKIN THEN A SMALLER MOLECULE WILL, TOO. You are the one who said HIV patients should not be treated like lepers. THEY ARE LEPERS and should be quarantined. If you feel insulted, then it is a reflection of your lack of knowledge on some subjects which triggers feelings of inferiority instead of a thankful heart for more knowledge. Few people are thankful. As an MD you could make a lot more money in America, but you have chosen to suffer with your people where God wants them to be rather than to enjoy the riches of this life for a season. That is commendable. Will Rogers said everybody is ignorant on some things. You are smarter than I am on many things, but you are wrong to think viruses and larger molecules cannot go through a permeable membrane like the skin. Go to the website at and learn a few things from a WOMAN doctor. Oh, dread the though, learning something from a woman doctor. Oh, perish the thought.
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