US Navy 'comes close' to firing on Iranian boats
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Published: 07.01.08, 22:50
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1. If this a true episode, then why US didn't sink them?
KMR ,   Overseas   (01.07.08)
2. Bush wants to do something right then do a deal with Israel
zionist forever   (01.07.08)
George Bush is just itching to start droping a few bombs in Theran .. sink the Iranian naval fleet, their aircraft, missles, and of course their neuclear weapons program. All he needs now is an excuse to justify it. Bush has said that America will come to Israels aid if attacked by Iran. Unlike the Americans Israel doesnt have the physical capabilities to carry out a major millitary operation against Iran, there would be no element of surprise, it has no carrier fleet in the Gulf so if the pilots had to get into a dogfight with Iranian jets they wouldnt have the fuel to get home. If Bush wants to go after Iran the way to do it is to provoke an Iranian response. Israel sends some jets ( unofficialy planned with the US ) the Iranians will then respond and fire rockets most of which Israel is capable of taking out with arrow & patriot missles. The US rushes to Israels defense sends in jets to destroy not only the Iranian neuclear sites & missle launchers but their jets and their naval fleet while they are still docked so the Iranian ability to retaliate to American actions or to hurt Israel will be extremly limited. In 1991 the allies chose not to overthrow Saddam just destroy his millitary and then keep him weak. The US could destroy the Iranian millitary within 1 week then its going to be a long time before they are a major player in the region a weakened Iran will also weaken Syria because the monkey will be to busy concentrating on rebuilding his own army than strenghenening Syria. Kill 2 birds with 1 stone give Bush a legacy for carrying out a millitary operation in the region that works as planned. Let America do what it does best and thats drop the bombs leave somebody else to rebuild then Bush will have done the right thing to help create more staability in the region and at least delay a neuclear arms race by about another 10 years if the operation is done right.
3. Attack on US vessels would be grave mistake
Johnson ,   USA   (01.07.08)
The terrorist regime in Tehran would be making a serious miscalculation by thinking they would be able to walk away from an attack on our fleet. Americans will demand lethal retribution, and the Iran we have all come to know and love today will be no more.
4. StraitJacket of Hormuz
Marcel ,   Florida   (01.07.08)
Preparing a trap ? Could it be Iran's *secret agenda to drag Bush into a confrontation,war that he can not afford or want now ? (*Russia,China,Iran,N.Korea,Venezuela,Cuba,Nicauragua and God knows who else) Just as the U.S. trumpets their successful surge in Iraq and Bush works to destroy Israel by his false peace we have the IRG with an agenda in that explosive region of the world,the Straits of Hormuz. What are they up to ? For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape. 1 Thess 5:3 Our enemies see the worn down,worn out,bankrupt paper tiger and act accordingly.
5. Since the Iranian Revolutionary Guard have been
Rivkah   (01.07.08)
labeled terrorists by President George Bush, there is that authority for the Navy ship to fire on the attack vessels. There are prophecies outside the Bible from Nostradamus about a fleet of ships sinking in the Arabian Sea, an ancient name for the place of battle. But when that happens, a mule (democrat) is in power. If he is right, then the ships in the Persian Gulf are safer under a Republican or Independent US President than under a Democrat. It is more likely that the war will start at Basra from Daniel in the Bible's vision of that. Ezekiel chapter 32 may be an expansion of that vision, predicting the destruction of a youn lion country's multitude and pharoah (leader) which could be the US forces in Iraq. Babylon, the land of the Chaldees, which must be Iraq becomes uninhabitable forever the Bible says; so the attack will likely be with dirty nukes that have a 10,000 year half life. I read an interesting theory that is not backed up by the ELS Bible codes. (The ELS codes say the WMD's from Iraq are buried in the Bakaa Valley of Lebanon). The theory is that the weapons are buried under the Euphrates River and the River will be dried up by the shutting off of water at the Ataturk Dam in Turkey, in the search for the weapons. If buried under the Euphrates River, those weapons will likely cause the deaths of a third of the people on earth since the Bible speaks of fallen angels bound in the Euphrates River that will be unleashed to kill that many people. The two billion people will die from fire and smoke and brimstone. Brimstone is sulfur, like mustard gas. So it is possible the horrible deaths of two billion people may be from poisonous gases, as well as conventional and nuclear warfare. Now is the time to read the Torah and draw close to God. I have a Messianic Jewish girlfriend who considers only the Torah to be her guide since that is what Yeshua of Nazareth used as his guide. Interesting.
6. U should have sunk all 5 ships.
Daniel ,   Israel   (01.07.08)
7. Closing the strait of Hormoz
zarebin ,   london, UK   (01.07.08)
According to some sources within IRGC, Iran is planning to close the strait of Hormoz. I think it is time the US shows Iranian who is in charge in the Persian Gulf.
8. US NAVY came close to firing on Iranian boats
Roxy ,   Israel   (01.07.08)
They should have fired 1 warning shot across the bow of the Iranian ships then if they continued in their menancing behaivor they should have blown them out of the water, sending them to Allah and the 70 virgins waiting for them! The US must not allow what happened to the British sailors happen to them,, they must respond will full force because that is the only thing that the terrorists understand !
9. Trouble-making before Bush visit.
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (01.07.08)
The jerks in Teheran just want to remind everyone they're still around, able to raise tensions, create incidents, & cause trouble. Eventually, they will miscalculate & an incident will escalate into conflict. Count on it.
10. Aggressive action merits an aggressive response
Raymond from DC ,   Washington, DC USA   (01.07.08)
After the NIE, Iran thinks it has "won", that the US is a paper tiger. They need to be disabused of that notion. After the Cole incident of 2000, why is the Navy allowing an adversary to get within "200 yards"? Whether Iranian forces are testing US response, just tweaking the Navy, or trying to lull them into complacency, this is a dangerous game. If a few Iranian vessels are sunk, they'll get the message. Don't mess with the US.
11. This is a staged event for oil profits!
Mark ,   USA   (01.07.08)
This was a staged/planned event to raise the price of oil. Remember, The USA oil companies benefit and Iran benefits. The Saudis benefit. It is all acting! We are the ones getting screwed!
12. Well done to the US - not as spineless as
the British who managed to be taken hostage.
13. Russian Roulette
Robert ,   New Jersey, USA   (01.07.08)
200 yards from a US Navy ship is way too close for comfort. The navy should have let these testosterone-filled jerks have it. The Iranian Revolutionary Guard seems to be itching for a confrontation. Although the US needs no further pretext (heaven knows, the 1979 hostage taking was an Casus Belli, let alone terrorist meddling worldwide and armaments shipped to insurgents in Iraq), it has shown unprecedented restraint towards Iran. Should the mullahs mistake this restraint for fear and cross the red line, the IRG will have their heads handed to them on a platter. It's high time this belligerent Islamofacist nation receive its comeuppance. It seems to be doing all it can to hasten the day.
14. A little thing called Rules of Engagement #1.
Sam ,   NYC, USA   (01.07.08)
The US Navy has very strict rules about when it is appropriate to open fire during peacetime. It makes them a bit vulnerable in situations like this but the USN, unlike Iran apparently, considers preserving peace to be worth the risk.
15. US boys not above water but from underwater
ben ,   (~ _ ~ )   (01.07.08)
you radar is not effective : -) ~ The boy are stressed out, change the batch !
16. Dont believe ANYTHING put out by the Bush administration.
naro ,   nyc   (01.07.08)
This conniving, lying administration lies without end. This lates balloney is meant to highlight Bush's forthcoming anti Iranian speech in Israel. It is also the Bush's family goal to constantly jack up the price of oil. It is basically has been his main goal during his horrid presidency.
17. BLATANT LIE.....................
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (01.07.08)
A blatant lie.All this so called provocation is in reverse order as Bush is visiting the Middle East and needs someting more than the Nuclear Issue to talk about in the regional countries.So far he has not managed to the story of Iranian Navy excuse. Bush cannot go far with this as well!!!!
18. ROXY..........DAY DREAMING,I SUPPOSE....#8
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (01.07.08)
If you think that the Iranians are going to cause any provocation like that.......forget.It will have to be the USA and the end will be determined by the Iranians.Keep a track of what is happening.You seem to be day dreaming,Roxy.
19.  #16,#17 I agree, a blatant lie.
Mark ,   USA   (01.07.08)
How may times has Bush lied and deceived the American people? Bhutto said Bin Laden is dead while the US troops are looking for a dead man. The whole war on terror is Bogus.
20. Fake Al-Qaeda Videos
Mark ,   USA   (01.07.08)
Fake Bin-Laden videos. It is so obvious. Look at the timing of these events. All planned to make this bogus war continue. People are profiting from this bogus war on terror. Exxon loves it. Corporations will do anything for profits.
21. Don't under estimate Iranian
Gassan ,   Canada   (01.07.08)
The Iranian are professional aiming to ship.that what they tought Hizbollah when they shoot at Israeli ship Sager during last Lebanon war.
22. MAHMOOD,Iran wanted Peace!
Mark ,   boston   (01.07.08)
an unusual two-page document spewed out of a fax machine at the Near East bureau of the State Department. It was a proposal from Iran for a broad dialogue with the United States, and the fax suggested everything was on the table -- including full cooperation on nuclear programs, acceptance of Israel and the termination of Iranian support for Palestinian militant groups. Bush chose War. why War Profits
23. This was a staged event for profits!
Mark ,   USA   (01.07.08)
Oil prices rose about 30 cents to over $98 a barrel after the CNN repor
24. #9 Terry has it right...Iran's bravado will be its undoing..
Scott   (01.07.08)
Whether these incidents are "lies" or stage-managed for "oil profits", the mere fact that the Iranians are getting involved, participating in incidents like this will be their undoing. We all know that 'pushing and shoving' can lead to a massive escalation. Even if either side dont want that, we all know that the US will not be defeated - one way or the other, Iran would be smashed to pieces at huge cost the world. That is the nightmare that is likely to come.
25. Alert from Iran..
Ibrahim ,   Egypt   (01.07.08)
for USA in general and Israel in particular...good work
26. To #'s 16 17 19
Robert Mcgarrah ,   Hurst USA   (01.07.08)
I think you people have been reading the New York Times To much.
27. Gassan
Jellybean ,   Chicago   (01.07.08)
Iran should not test the US Navy, The US Navy is far better prepared, equipped and have more "Preofessional aiming" than the Iranian Navy, plus the US Navy has won more Naval Battles than the Iranian Navy. So again keep your mouth shut.
28. Way to go US Navy!!
Jellybean ,   Chicago   (01.07.08)
That my boys! Good job and Bravo Zulu! From one Sailor to another! I also noticed once the US was going to confront them a manning battlestations that is when the Iraninans left with a tail between their legs.
29. Mahmood
Jellybean ,   Chicago   (01.07.08)
I disagree, Iran has made provocations before, can I say the 1979 Hostage Crisis and the Iran-Iraq war when both parties were threating Kuwait to discourage oil shipping..and Yes it was the US and other nations preventing that.
30. This was an Inside Job.
Mark ,   USA   (01.07.08)
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