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Sanhedrin to Bush: Declare that Israel belongs to Jews
Koby Nahshoni
Published: 08.01.08, 14:53
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1. Heck, his would be Republican succesor...
Dorothy Friend ,   Tel Aviv   (01.08.08)
...whoever get's the nomination, except perhaps Guiliani would be willing to declare the USA Christian for the fundamentalist/evangelist crowd. I've been suspecting that this visit is aimed at Jewish voters who will leave the Republican party (not that their are that many) if such a religious Christian becomes the nominee.
2.  ;- O~
ben ,   singapore   (01.08.08)
Let Jonathan Pollard GO ! George Bush , Let Jonathan Pollard GO ! I stand up alone for Jonathan Pollard with the ... "Loyal representatives of the Jewish people, in the name of God, ruler of the universe. ben singapore. :- ) ~
3. sorry, the word 'crackpots' come to mind
ZOrk ,   ZOrkpstttqyd   (01.08.08)
4. Rabbi Steinsaltz, You should add in the letter
Joseph P. ,   Jerusalem   (01.08.08)
that Jerusalem MAY NOT be given away to the Arabs nor to anyone else. Rabbi Steinsaltz, It's even more important for Olmert to receive a letter that HE declare Israel Jewish and that Jerusalem MAY NOT be given to the Arabs nor to anyone else. Olmert, who has no feeling for this country and would give it all away.
andrew ,   miami,fl   (01.08.08)
6. To #1
M. Hartley ,   Atlanta, US   (01.08.08)
I don't subscribe to any religion, but I'd rather have some Christian in the White House, who's convinced that his belief doesn't make sense without the Old Testament, than certain other people, whose background is questionable as to what they really believe, or someone else, who's only interested in a personal power trip. Assuming that Bush has to go all the way to Israel to sway a handful of voters is pretty ridiculous. He could do that more easily from home and in less time than it takes to fly to Israel and back. Nobody can figure out why, but iIt's a well-known fact that most US Jews vote for Democrats, regardless of what they're being called behind their backs by some of the very people for whom they vote. As for declaring the US a Christian country, there's this little item called "freedom from and of religion" that's very near and dear to all of us which precludes anyone from cooking up too much religious foolishness. As long as it's "God bless America" and not someone or something else bless us, we - and that includes everybody - will be in good shape. And if you don't want to blessed by anybody, well, that's all right, too. But why would it be such a disaster to call the US a Christian country, but quite all right to call Israel a Jewish country?
7. Joseph P
charles ,   petach tikva   (01.08.08)
No , Jerusalem may not be divided , never , and has to stay as our eternal Capital [ for all Israelis , without exeption ] Why has pres Bush have to declare that Israel is Jewish ? IT IS , and has to stay so . Where i disagree with you , is regarding our prime minister . He wants to give Jerusalem away ? i don't think so . He knows those palestinians , they can be proposed what ever you can think , they will always find a reason to say no . Do you remember what Barak proposed in 2000 ? what was the result ? No , and intifada . They will maybe say yes if you propose them those 22,000 square km inside the green line , but i'm not so sure , they also will find some reason to reject it . They never missed a chance to miss a peace .
8. For God or against God?
Chris ,   UK   (01.08.08)
If Bush does not declare that Israel belongs to the Jews then he has no right to call himself a Christian, considering that the God of both Jews and Christians said that Israel would always be the land of the Jews. If Bush is going against God's promise then he is going against God.
9. Declare Israel Jewish?
Tamar ,   U.S   (01.08.08)
How can he in the open call Israel a Jewish State when he refused 8 times to pass the embassy act? Nothing further diminished the cause of Jerusalem as the undivided capital of Israel more then that. Sadly, Bush went one step further by not even sending the lowest level representative to the ceremonies of the 40th Anniversary of the Reunification of Jerusalem. In my book it is difficult at best to speak words of truth that Israel is a Jewish State when one can not even find truth tantamount to recognize Jerusalem as the undivided capital of Israel. Noble deeds by great men seem to allude the Jewish people.
10. Rabbi is right
Benjamin ,   Detroit   (01.08.08)
Let the goim know that they have a role in the world and should do rightegious things.
11. Lahon Harah!!! Rabi?!
Josh   (01.08.08)
Evil report letter. "in front of the world that the Land of Israel was given to the Jewish people by the Creator." Read the Torah, it was given to Beni Israel of which there are ten tribes. Judah is only one of them and all will be present in the end of times for their portions. Secondly, it is not for the world to give afirm where we stand in Torah. Recieving the land was CONDITIONAL. We are to take it if G-d wil slowly disposses the nations for us. This happens when we do the real Torah which is not what the Dear Rabbi is teaching but rather Chet additions. I have an idea Rabbi, try teaching the straight reading to the nation, give up the incantations, kabbalah, and talisman objects, remove that magic you gave us from the tents of Jaacob and lead the people to embrace the laws, such as not stealing, honoring shabbat, honoring parents , loving G-d first and formost, etc., etc. Then you will watch the garden fruit grow and G-d return to make Israel the mightiest nation of all. This will happen without the need of Mosiah to walk on water for you, Dear Rabbi. Is not this action the same as the story behind Lashon Harah? A report to the people that another nation is so great we must ask them to afirm to the world what only G-d can give? If our heveanly father tells us we cannot stay because of ours sins, will asking a feirce nation to attest to the wolrd, to a neighbor, that G-d gave us it to keep. Only G-d, and G-d alone can make such a statement via a prophet. George Bush is no Prophet. Does the "good" rabbi not offend G-d with such sniveling words before the ears of out children? Let Israel show the world that Israel was given to Beni Israel by gaining back favor of Hashem. Remember Torah and knowing that according to the curses, it is only "ours" if G-d doesn't cast us out for not following the real Torah. You want to stay Dear Rabbi, return the job you claim as yours, to the Kohens and Levis and bow out from the leader role you have failed at for centuries.
12. If this man wants to be the next PM he has my vote
zionist forever   (01.08.08)
A jew is standing up for jewish & Israeli interests for once and not going out of their way to defend the interests of Isreaels enemies. Its been to long since anybody like this has spoken their mind in Israel and taken some action even if it is just a letter its making an effort something this regime doesnt like to do unless its competing on who can give the arabs more.
13. Who cares what bush thinks? why do we even care what he thin
14. it is a jewish state, and all know this already
and that is the problem!! the arabs do not want ours to be a jewish state, why doesnt anyone understand this!!! we dont need bush to afirm waht is already known in the world!!
15. # 8 For or against G-d? Rather obvious, isn't it?
Petra ,   usa   (01.08.08)
Bush is as much "christian' as any lover of Saudi Prince can be. He exchanges American troops to boost the Saudis war in Iraq. Israel is just an annoyance to his masters, the Saudi 'peace plan'. Oil is his god and his failures are just the tip of the iceburg. He's sold his soul for his friendship with demons. It doesn't bother his pea brain at all, giving aid to Israels enemies. Bush is a disaster to both peace and our allies. G-d can't be too happy with his idiocy.
16. #7 Charles Chodesh Tov Umvorach!
Joseph P. ,   Jerusalem   (01.08.08)
Very reliable newspaperS (from here and the U.S.) claim that Olmert is planning to tell P. Bush that he will allow Jerusalem to be the capital of the P.A. It won't be too long before we find out. If Olmert has the chutzpah even to make East Jerusalem the capital, we're in grave danger. P. Bush does not have to declare Israel Jewish, because it already is and it always was and will always be. But as long as it's not officially declared, the Arabs insist it belongs to them.
17. u r a respected rav y didn't u just ask 4 a meeting w/Pres
18. #10 Benjamin
Ephraim ,   Diaspora   (01.08.08)
I agree with you 100%. And I would add, let the Jews know that they have a responsiblity to treat the goyim in a righteous manner and stop slandering our faith. After all isn't it their responsibility to be a Kingdom of Priests to the World? That is what I find in Tanach.
19. Joseph P
charles ,   petach tikva   (01.08.08)
The Arabs can insist , claim that OUR Israel is their's . They will do it even if 1000 presidents Bush , Sarkozy , the UN , in short , the whole world , declares it . You certainly know this 27 nov 47 UN decision , was this not an official declaration ? Result ? you know .
20. Who cares what Bush declares or does not declare???
Avraham ,   NYC   (01.08.08)
21. If Bush declare it, than his tour to Riyadh has no point
Islamabad, Pakistan   (01.08.08)
22. Josh
Ephraim ,   Diaspora   (01.08.08)
Spoken like a true Karaite. And I agree with you for once. My only question would be, which two tribes are no longer tribes?
David ,   Los Angeles   (01.08.08)
24. Steinsaltz is a disgrace
Daniel ,   New York   (01.08.08)
I went to see Steinsaltz speak recently. I had high hopes that I would hear the words of a talmud chochem, but I was sorely disappointed. He gave a talk full of off-color remarks and sexual innuendo (designed to make a predominantly non-religious crowd "like" him) and was unbelievably rude, condescending and arrogant. He also stated privately that it was nonsense top believe that the Rebbe is the Moshiach, but when another rabbi came into the room he actually tried to pretend he was talking about something else. This man is a self-centered grandstander, who doesnt' have the courage of his own convictions.
25. Delusional
Atheist ,   London, UK   (01.08.08)
All of you religious people are completely off your heads. Religions are always self-serving, self-aggrandizing and always claim that they are the only truth... What a crock of shit! Religion has been the cause of more wars and death than any other ideology; the root of all evil! If you believe in an imaginary, bloodthirsty god, then you truly are a misguided soul!
26. You're right, Charles, it's not for the Arabs. I think
Joseph P. ,   Jerusalem   (01.08.08)
the Rabbi wants self-hating anti-Israel JEWS to "hear" from a non-Jew that Israel is Jewish and belongs to Jews. Perhaps they'll stop joining the non-Jewish anti-Semites in their attacks against Israel's rights to exist and Israel’s right to defend themselves. BTW the other day you posted a message to me regarding some tbks of non-Jews. I didn't have the time to respond but now I noticed the bochur, Ephraim, is here again right above your post. Many times their post are full of rubbish. I don’t even bother with them. What I found interesting, though, was his Hebrew name he's using for his tbks. It would be even more interesting if it's your Hebrew name. Perhaps you should switch. Nothing personal. It's just that it would make more sense.
27. josh you r either christian or karaite?
yoni ,   jerusalem   (01.08.08)
josh you sound very very confused in your statements. first you say that the land of israel is given to the children of israel with 10 tribes missing. so what? that doesnt mean that the descendants of abraham isac and jacob dont deserve the promised land as G-d said. we are those children of the same family. the same forefathers we own this land. if you can find more jews out there great! let them join our torah values and ways of life. then you say the rabbi should leave the explanations of torah that is in our heritage since moshe brought the torah down and teach the straight reading of the torah? are you nuts? have you ever tried to make sense out of the torah on its own? how would you put the vowels in? how about the begining and end of verses where do you feel like putting those? how about all the explanayion of the torah is that just whatever we feel like? shabbat keep it- how? tefillin what? mezuza whats that? how do i honor my parents whatever i think is right? are you all there?
28. Only the Pollard demand makes sense
Damir ,   Russia   (01.08.08)
29. Joseph P
charles ,   petach tikva   (01.08.08)
As i wrote it already to this guy , he is a usurpater of everything Jewish , first of all his name . He is one of those messianic fools . Thanks , i have my Yddishe name , after my Zaide Z.L. . We were three cousins , one of them murdered during the Shoa , named after our grandfather . Yes , maybe you are right , those anti Israeli "Jews" have to hear something , but will they listen ? They are blind and deaf , or better , they don't want to see or to hear . For me they don't deserve to be called Jews .
30. #26 Joseph P
Ephraim ,   Diaspora   (01.08.08)
For your information, I use the name Ephraim out of respect for Jews because I cannot prove my Judaism. I can prove from history that my people migrated from Israel, so I believe myself to be of the tribes. But as Josh said, there are more than just Judah. My true name, given to me by my parents is "David". and as I said, I don't use it out of respect for Jews who can prove their Judaism. I don't expect a kind response from you, however, you should know you are attacking your brother.
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