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Sanhedrin to Bush: Declare that Israel belongs to Jews
Koby Nahshoni
Published: 08.01.08, 14:53
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31. Yoni , Yeroushalaim
charles ,   petach tikva   (01.08.08)
I think , maybe am sure , that this josh does know what he is . He claims to be converted by conservatives , i have my doubds [ but if it's true , you see the results ]. He always attacks the Rabbanim and our great sages are nothing for him . Exept of this , he is hatefull and disgusting towards others , Jews and non Jews alike , who do not follow his ideas . That's he for sure !
32. #22 Dont talk to me with your foolish things
Josh   (01.08.08)
It is Torah. All of the tribes exists and will be there in the end. Read!
33. Re#11 twelve tribes- my typo mistake
Josh   (01.08.08)
34. #27 We need to do Torah
Josh   (01.09.08)
Rabbinical Torah bPeh is not now nor was it ever explanations of Torah rather constructs used to add to Torah and to use forbidden magic. If the Jews had passed the test of Devarim 13 and the passage, they would know that in order to love G-d you must be attentative to Torah. You cannot let even a miraculous prophet mislead you, let alone a group of men who have not authority and not a prophet among them. Read Yehezkeil, it debunks your lie that the oral Torah was passed uncorrupted from Sinai. Clearly the 70 leaders of the temple taught people magic and corrupted learning. In addition, Deuteronomy states these are the words Moses "spoke". It also states not to add to this Torah bPeh of Moshe. I know the Rabbis use the word karite in a derogatory way the same way a redneck uses Jew in a negative way. The Karites are people who love hashem and do torah (I am not learned in their beliefs but I have heard they do what is written - if true good from them). And the fact the rabbis dehumization the Karites really speaks loudly about what the rabbis are really about. Power. Luckily not every Jewish person listens to such foolery. One day our glory will be restored. This will happen as soon as we listen to Moshe and not our country-club cult Rabbis. If you want to know how to keep Shabbat, read the law Moses gave, it is pretty clear. People want to make a mountain out of the definition of "work". We all know what is work. It is the things that we do to gain money and material things. Rabbis say it is towling yourself off or tearing a piece of toilet paper. If you want to know about tephilin as an object, your deluded. It never was an object which you say an incantaion over. However the container and incanations that you bind to your arm positioned below your upper arm in your armpit while you wear a cloth on your head, that is explained in Yehezkeil 13. There are tephilin on the exodus, tephil on the redemtion of the first born and on the receiving of Torah lets see you bind all of these on your arm. You must think like a pagan to want to protect yourself with objects. Only hashem is our sheild and this is not done through an object. You ask, Do we do just whatever we feel like?, of course not. So since we must do Torah, why are the Rabbis doing whatever they feel like? Are they not bound by Torah as we are? Adding laws despite the prohibition to do such? What they do is not judging over difficult court cases as judges do, rather make believe out-of-context lies. It is just a lame excuse for the question on everyones mind. "What are they doing the Kohens job for?" What kind of person has trouble understanding what honor is for a parent? Be gone with this childlike excuse "i don't know". Torah states you don't need someone to go and get it for you, it is in your heart to do it. Anyone who looks at the rabbinic explanation can see excuses and intentional confusion to "baffle them with BS", rather than a valid straight forward explanation. If one would enagage their brain when the rabbis use some BS story to open up a gate to drive their sins through, they would see their excuse doen't hold true in the real world. Torah is laws. Laws are not questions, they are not parables, they are clearly worded. This was and is how the righteous lay down the law. This is how G-d is. Man however seeks to compicate the law so that subjects are always in violation and vulnerable. False prophets like Jesus use parables. The snake in gan Eden used open questions and assumptive clauses. The Rabbis use both and more. We as a nation must do it as it was written and obey the law not to add to Torah. We must know what Magic is so that we can be sure we don't do it. We do Torah, so read the laws and think about them, dont just stick a magic box on your arm and say your done reminding yourself. Reminding yourself to do what?, Torah as Moshe communicated it?
35. would Bush accomplish what Balfour didn't & Americans oppose
observer   (01.09.08)
According to a survey commissioned by the five largest American Jewish organizations, but suppressed by them afterwards, 20% of American Jews support Palestinian demands and 35% say that Jerusalem should be shared. In 1919, the American King-Crane Commission spent six weeks in Syria and Palestine, interviewing delegations and reading petitions. Quoted in its recommendations: "The Commission recognized also that definite encouragement had been given to the Zionists by the Allies in Mr. Balfour's often quoted statement, in its approval by other representatives of the Allies. If, however, the strict terms of the Balfour Statement are adhered to-favoring "the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people, it being clearly understood that nothing shall be done which may prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine"—it can hardly be doubted that the extreme Zionist Program must be greatly modified. For a "national home for the Jewish people" is not equivalent to making Palestine into a Jewish State; nor ran the erection of such a Jewish State be accomplished without the gravest trespass upon the "civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine." The fact came out repeatedly in the Commission's conference with Jewish representatives, that the Zionists looked forward to a practically complete dispossession of the present non-Jewish inhabitants of Palestine, by various forms of purchase. “If [the] principle [of self-determination] is to rule, and so the wishes of Palestine’s population are to be decisive as to what is to be done with Palestine, then it is to be remembered that the non-Jewish population of Palestine — nearly nine-tenths of the whole — are emphatically against the entire Zionist program.. To subject a people so minded to unlimited Jewish immigration, and to steady financial and social pressure to surrender the land, would be a gross violation of the principle just quoted...No British officers, consulted by the Commissioners, believed that the Zionist program could be carried out except by force of arms.The officers generally thought that a force of not less than fifty thousand soldiers would be required even to initiate the program. That of itself is evidence of a strong sense of the injustice of the Zionist program...The initial claim, often submitted by Zionist representatives, that they have a ‘right’ to Palestine based on occupation of two thousand years ago, can barely be seriously considered.” In his first presidential visit in around-world tour of 7 years in white house, would Bush do it?
36. More useful is a declaration from the Iranian Muslim Leaders
OVADIA ,   ASHKENAZ   (01.09.08)
..acknowledging that G-d gave Eress yisro'el to am yisro'el as an eternal heritage to observe His torah and honor the Sabbaths, and display true piety to all of humanity. When we have such a declaration from the muslim world then there will be peace. The question is who is going to send the post card?:-).
37. #29 Charles
Joseph P. ,   Jerusalem   (01.09.08)
I didn't say you should take on the name Ephraim. I'm sure you have a Hebrew name that’s specially geared for you. I meant, you should switch names for tbks, as the name Charles is more suited for him than for you. "For me they don't deserve to be called Jews." That's the reason conversions must be done very thoughtfully and cautiously by orthodox Rabbis. We don't need all the goyim in the world amongst our holy nation who have no feelings for the Jewish law or the Jewish country. There's no logical reason to convert them in order for them to be able to live in Israel, as per Livni’s absurd suggestion. Let them be whatever they are even if they want to live here, as long as they follow the 7 Noahide laws they're commanded.
38. #30 Since when
Joseph P. ,   Jerusalem   (01.09.08)
does a non-Jew use a Jewish name “out of respect for Jews”? The name “David”, King David’s name, is a very Jewish name which non-Jews have been using too, just like Sarah and Miriam. What do you mean by “because I cannot prove my Judaism”. According to Jewish law, if your mother is Jewish, you’re Jewish. Or else, if you were converted by an Orthodox Rabbi, you’re Jewish. So what’s the problem and what’s there to prove? “I don't expect a kind response from you.” Why shouldn’t you expect a kind response for me? As an Orthodox Jew, I don’t recall hurting anyone in my talkbacks. Certainly not on purpose. “however, you should know you are attacking your brother” Prove your Jewish identity before calling me your brother, please. Otherwise, you have the same status as any other non-Jew in the world.
39. Wow, Steinsaltz
Secular   (01.09.08)
I could hardly believe my eyes when I saw that he was a part in putting this declaration together. Well, with all due respect... As for declaring Israel Jewish-it already is. But getting the American officaldom to declare it, and accept it is quite another story. No other point illustrates this more poignantly than with the embassy. It's currently right now in Tel Aviv, and I don't think there's going to be a change unless the situation in the region gets MUCH better. He's definitely got his heart in the right place by encouraging Jews to make Aliyah. I'm curious as to why he is not meeting with Bush. He is quite important among the Rabbis, and it would look good with any US president.
41. Joseph P
charles ,   petach tikva   (01.09.08)
Those "jewish" anti Israelis don't deserve to be called Jews , that's what i said . Of course , conversions have to be done carefully , and maybe have a follow up , this to avoid such "converts" as josh and paqid . But those two are'nt converted by TRUE Orthodox Rabbis .
42. #3 Rabbi Steinsaltz is no crackpot
AK   (01.09.08)
He is an intellectual and a pragmatic thinker, judging by his book I read.
43. Josh, me thinks you ain't the person to teach R. Steisaltz
AK   (01.09.08)
I came across an interview with him years and was became immensely interested in him although I am an Agnostic. He happens to have a superb traditional education in science, in addition to religious and is an engaging speaker and writer. The man has a well rounded education, easily qualifying as a secular as well as religious scholar. He is no intellectual light-weight by any streach of imagination.
44. 11 Josh : stop smoking that grass once and for all
45. #43 proves point of #24
Daniel ,   New York   (01.09.08)
I'm sure that AK must have enjoyed Steinsaltz's sexual innuendos. I, on the other hand, not being a secular agnostic, was shocked and disgusted to hear such words coming from a Torah scholar.
46. #43 Therin lies the problem...
Josh   (01.09.08) started to think and assume about things you could not know. Agnostics, should first learn to think. I assure you G-d exists. It is not a belief but a knowledge that he unequivocally exists. By the way who said learned men cannot be fools or lacking wisdom? Many a fool has opened their mouth in dynamic and entertaining speeches. In fact most highly educated are unable to cope with the real world. As they say those who can do, teach. I am well familiar with an individual who was ranked within Americas top two hundred scientists. A leader and teacher. In fact a head of one of the most prestigious schools in all the united states. He was advanced several grade levels as a youth. Although I am fond, I would not say that qualifies him to add to Torah. Nor would I say his wisdom ever transcended the boundaries his peers imparted on him. Even Einstein was dysfunctional forgetting to put on his pants or how to walk to his lab. But I would say that anyone who teaches the nation of Israel to violate Torah, is a fool. There is no allowance for Rabbinical Torah bPeh as Torah forbids adding to the Torah bPeh of Moses. If we chose a blessing we can stay. If we chose a curse, other nations will overrun us and take the land away. This is Torah and the hand of G-d. Since you have no belief in G-d, you are unprepared to reason it. Abpaqcharin, nice switching up of wording but crooked hand do crooked work.
47. Charles quit posting under Joseph P.
Josh   (01.09.08)
Either that or come up with an entertaining personality for your characters so we can get some value for all that text you post. Their all the same. Unbelievable.
48. push foreigners away from it.?
Alex ,   South America   (01.10.08)
that sounds soo racist for a person who believes in God.
49. Steinsaltz IS a lightweight with a good PR machine
Daniel ,   New York   (01.10.08)
His claims to fame are as a great translator, as author of some "pop" books for secular Jews and as "Nasi" of the group of crackpots that has the temerity to call itself a Sanhedrin. He is not even considered to be a posek or godol even within Chabad. (And the Rebbe was publicly and admantly opposed to the establishment of a Sanhedrin).
50. Better than be a leftie ! to #1
Semper Fi ! ,   San Diego the Finest   (01.10.08)
I don't know any Jewish voter leaving the Republican Party but it seems that more and more of them are leaving a party which members on their extreme wing hate Israel, the Jews and are proarab, propal, 5th column in the USA, traitors to their own country and hate that much their own president that they prefer bin laden or the wetback illegals than their own people. Most of the jews have the same values and love the evangelist crowd as you and the aclu, move on, the new york times and most of the network media but Fox who hate Israel..and I'm a secular person but I hate turncoats like you all are...oh I forgot the evil G. Soros and who else the hollywood cowards and lefties....
51. Before Solomon there was no Temple but Jews were no less Jew
Karole du Pont ,   Quebec, Caanda   (01.10.08)
Judaism is about mastering the Law given by God to foster always more justice in the world since God is the King of the Universe and peace is the fruit of justice. This is what Jerusalem was about under the Man given by God the highest wisdom on earth ever... for God gives the wisdom. Wisdom is absolute law, it is not Arab or Jewish . However the historical progression that led to King Solomon asking the help of God to govern comes from his understanding that being a devout Jew was not sufficient to bring peace. One needed to apply the Law in governance to the best interest of all nations. So other nations have nothing to fear from Judaism fullfilling its covenant with God to be a light into other nations.
52. Racist #50
david ,   los angeles   (01.10.08)
Nice that you reveal your true colors with your racist "wetback" comment. Not to mention your nonsensical writing. Thought and communication are obviously not your strong points. Or maybe you were stoned when you wrote your talkback. Fortunately you are 100% wrong about "most of the jews." Most Jews, as always, will vote Democratic. And Bush is such a disaster as a President that the usual ~80% of Jews who vote Democratic will probably increase over 90% this time around. Bush's lame attempts to pretend he's a friend of Israel will fall on deaf ears. Most of us know that he just wants to see us all converted to Christianity and to keep the oil $$ flowing into his Texas buddies' pockets from his real partners in Saudi Arabia. There is no area into which Bush has stuck his nose that hasn't been a complete screw-up. WORST PRESIDENT EVER.
53. not just a letter! a scroll of 5 pages!!!!!!!!!!!
God   (01.10.08)
54. AK , # 43
charles ,   petach tikva   (01.10.08)
This josh thinks he is god himself so he can teach everyone , our great Sages and Rabbanim included . He is only a pseudo convert , a hatefull disgusting goy .
55. #8 judging Bush's Christianity by
observer   (01.10.08)
a government within government; both are ordering Bust to push "foreigners" away from Jerusalem. Otherwise they will rid Bush of his Christian title. They are working on the "will of God" !
56. To Number 6
Nili ,   Jerusalem Israel   (01.10.08)
Read your history--Israel is a Jewish Country--always has been and always will be. And just so you know, we allow everybody freedom of religion here--even though they shoot at us.
57. Sanhedrin to Bush: Declare that Israel belongs to Jews
David ,   Mtl Canada   (01.10.08)
aliyah - no ! We can not and will not until the Jewish state is defined. Until the Palestine issue has been settled . The creator turned his back on his people when they defiled his commands. Israel will be a country soon, it will be split down the middle and then we can all rejoice.Jews will own and settle the entire land mass that will be known as Israel. 60 years of looking for peace and never really wanting it all the time stealing more and more of arab's lands. Why can my people not live together with the rest of God's children,would be the creators answer. I ask the Jews of Israel to try to get along with the rest of humanity. The whole world is ours if we can but reach out.
58. Isreal Deal
Jana ,   Rapid City, SD   (01.10.08)
AMEN #57, because it truly does!
59. Read your Torah, people!
A. Magnus ,   Tampa Bay, USA   (01.11.08)
G-d specifically states that the grant of Canaan to the Israelites was CONDITIONAL upon their following his laws! If the Israelites didn't follow the commandments, G-d said 'the land will vomit you out.' Learn from the Diaspora and the destructions of the temple, and stop moving your neighbor's fenceposts and mistreating widows and orphans.
60. Religious Radicals vs Freedom Fighters
Ed Leaders ,   Green Bay USA   (01.13.08)
Did God REALLY mean for men to be free (didn't he ask us to live within the confines of his word)? And are ALL men created equal (if so why would God have helped win battles)? Created to be free and being free to do stupid things and choosing to perform stupid acts is not (in my opinion) something the forefathers of the US constitution had in mind when they penned the constitution of the US. What seems to prove this theory is the fact that, for the most part, the US has been a Judeo-Christian country for over 200 years and now comprises members of almost every sect in the world. We have made our mistakes, as have all great communities, but to endorse the view the Rabbi is promoting would be counterproductive, especially in a hot spot of the world. Lets wait until we don't need the Oil from Saudi Arabia any more. Lets wait till we feel we don't need to respect the Royal Saudi and/or Persian governments any more. I'm being cynical of course because promoting the Rabbi's call would be akin to slapping our Allies in the face (including Israel). What DOES need to happen is ALL of the nations in these areas need to begin to embrace the more mainstream views of their citizen's religious beliefs and eliminate any radical views of those religions. Above all other beliefs most religions believe life is a gift from God. To take a life, nomatter what the circumstance, is a serious thing. Life should be valued. Respect for life should be valued. Examples of radical beliefs: If a body member sins...cut off the body member. This quote was a metaphore, not a literal. Truely if it were a literal we'd all be walking around blind, if we were walking at all. Cutting throats, killing in the name of God (remember valuing life?) severing heads to illustrate ones love of God? Killing infidels. I would rest that the Rabbi's suggestion is akin to Hitlers goal. I know he feels different so I will just ask him for one favor. Rabbi, please try to put youself in God's shoes? Would you feel the same? If so...then it appears you may be wearing God's shoes already.
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