Barak on the Katyusha fire: We’ll study situation and make decisions
Hanan Greenberg
Published: 08.01.08, 15:20
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1. in the end we will miss Amir Peretz...
2. Of course it's serious when will Israel respond?
Petra ,   usa   (01.08.08)
after Bush leaves Israel, or, after he leaves office? Delay from Israel conveys the wrong message. Just take them out with the trash.
3. Barak: Take your time.... As long as your family is safe
Joseph P. ,   Jerusalem   (01.08.08)
there's no need to retaliate. Learn from Olmert. Build yourself a bunker so that, "you" are safe. And never, ever, strike back; you might loose a pieces partner. Releasing some of their terrorists from Israeli prisons as "goodwill gestures" can surely help. Look how quiet it is in Sderot and Ashkelon after their daily rockets firing. And, of course, don't forget to provide your terrorist with weapons and money when you release them.
4. Barak's response to the Galilee attack
MGS ,   Jerusalem   (01.08.08)
"We will do what we have to do.” In other words - concentrate all our efforts on remaining in power regardless of the the damage done to the country.
5. Um..Hello
J K ,   NYC, USA   (01.08.08)
Where is the UNSC condemnation of this unprovoked attack on Israel? Yeah, I thought so. Hypocrites.
6. Incoming Katyusha's!
Major ,   Florida USA   (01.08.08)
UNIFIL, as is to be expected of any UN operation, is particularly ineffective in doing their mandated tasks. Hizbullah has rearmed; is once again feeling frisky and making thinly disguised threats toward Israel. The more things change, the more they stay the same. *sigh!*
7. Barak ,Retreat to Negev
Marcel ,   Florida   (01.08.08)
8. So, what to do?
Talula ,   Israel   (01.08.08)
Go in for another all out war because of these two rockets? That's just not the smart thing to do right now.
9. Let´s not be provoked by Nazrallah
without war Nazrallah is desolete
10. And what will you do about this serious attack, Barack?
Avraham ,   NYC   (01.08.08)
Start withdrawing from parts of Galillee?
11. #9 right
this was a typical Hizbullah provocation, because Nasrallah needs a new war
12. We'll study the situation ....
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (01.08.08)
and make no decisions. Why can't Barak just shut up already? We all know he's a useless opportunist with delusions of grandeur. The question to ask Mr Barak is why he is staying in Olmert's crap coalition. But we know the answer - he's afraid of an election. No matter what he says, no matter what he does, we all know who he really is. His record speaks for itself.
13. Dalida
Semper Fi! ,   San Diego the Finest   (01.08.08)
The popular singer used to sing a very popular song years ago: " Parole...Parole...Parole.... " in English...Bla, Bla, Bla.... It fits exactly Barak's response...
14. Barak on the Katyusha fire in the North
Carolyn ,   Israel   (01.08.08)
Well should the Homefront be prepared for this should it escalate? Should not the gas masks be handed out to the Northern residents to play it safe? After all the Homefront Command handed out those booklets in Hebrew to every house here(all other languages you have to ask the homefront command to mail them to you), but they have done little else. The Hospitals are still not protected fully, neither are the Kupat Holims, and the local municapalities in the Kryot have no plans for what to do if another war starts.The last time the Municipality in K. Bialik simply closed its doors for the duration of the war with Lebanon leaving the citizens here without any one to turn to! Shouldn't someone ie the Homefront Command and MR Barak sit down and do something for the Citizens of Israel that actually matters, protect us before we go into another war situation!
15. a grave occurrence, for whome?
observer   (01.08.08)
Yes because even after occurrence, Israel's Inteligence could not decide whether it was Hizbullah or not. That of course less grave than the fiasco of not knowing how Hizbulla reached the secrets of Israel's latest technology in Rafael Firm. They couldn't either know for sure the origin of the Katyusha. A tip to the ordinary audience: rewiew the clip on the news: the projectile entered the tile floor at almost 90 degrees, the meaning is it was fired from a very very short distance, much less than you can imagine!
16. Galilee,Shmalilee! Sderot Smederot,
Alan ,   SA   (01.08.08)
17. Time to give up the Galilee/peace plan!
Mark ,   USA   (01.08.08)
Will Israel have to give up this region since there is a large Arab population? Was this is a staged event?
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