Palestinians indifferent to Bush visit
Ali Waked
Published: 10.01.08, 13:17
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1. "he said that we have murderers who kill innocent people."
er der   (01.10.08)
Yeah, and? true isn't it? waaaaaaaaaaaa waaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
2. At least the Waiters grandmother has a bettervision thanmost
Pals on West Bank ,   Alan SA   (01.10.08)
3. If Bush would've gone to Gaza,he could eat their Weeds&Olive
diet Haniheh prepare ,   Alan SA   (01.10.08)
4. Israelis
Said ,   London, UK   (01.10.08)
If you don't care about their suffering, do you expect them to care about yours?
5. Palestinian grandmother can' read & write?
israeli ,   israel   (01.10.08)
How come? I thought they had a wonderful country, with a developed economy and strong educational system before we stole it from them. I am in shock...
6. can't read or write?
Aryeh Wetherhorn ,   Elazar, Israel   (01.10.08)
The children in Palestinian schools are still taught to hate both Jews and Israelis. unless that stops there won't be peace, no matter what Bush or other politicians my say.
7. #4 we expect them to leave our land
and we expect them to stop crying to the world already and take responsibility and do something with their life. terror will make it only worse. we dont really care, we can go on like this until all palis (terrorists) are dead... it's your choice
8. #5 Different type of grandmother!
Ibrahim ,   Jerusalem   (01.10.08)
Grandmother can't read, but have kids that not only got high education, but understand how to get their stolen land back and how to fight for it, and also teach their kids and grand kids that we are here to stay and you came here by force and aggression to colonize our land and soon you will leave since the resistance against the occupation will continue
9. Ibrahim
israeli ,   israel   (01.10.08)
if you are so educated, how come Gaza residents are still begging for medical assistance in Israel? And for continuing study in Israel? Where do you in Jerusalem go for help? To Mokassed or to Hadassah Hospital? If you want a decent diploma do you study in Bir Zeit or the Hebrew University of Jerusalem? Yes, different type indeed! Not the type of East Jerusalem resident who flock in their hundreds every day asking for Israeli citizenship for fear that they might be forced to live under Palestinian authority. Or worse still, under Hamas rule. All you can teach is lies and propaganda. Yes, very different type!
10. trust
american security overlooking cooking preparation in abbas mukatah? americans supplying the dishes for this feast themselves? it only means one thing. that despite what bush believes in on the outside to please these palestinians, he doesn't trust them himself and this meal preparation is proof. he doesn't trust the people he is making israel make concessions to. what does this mean? if he doesn't trust them, does he expect israel to trust them? hence lies the real feeling of bush and i am sure that no such preparations and security took place at a meal served in israel which says quite a lot!!!! bush, wake up! you are willing to give a state to people you can't even trust to make you food and serve from their platters and dishes? and you expect israelis to trust, leave jerusalem, stop developing in their country, stop checkpoints? stop the building of security walls and installations? what a joke. if you cannot trust the hamas/fatah plate you are using, how do you expect israelis to trust anything coming out of these people.
11. #4
their suffering, my friend, was brought about by their actions. you cannot disregard a cause/effect factor here. if you rain violence on the jewish state, you will get an answer. common, said, you palestinians never wanted just part of israel. you want it all. all these wars arabs started against israel, all these wars they lost in shame and loss of honor, all these mortars and katyoushas and terror violence......if you concentrated all these negative energies on benefitting from an intellectual state living amongst you and left her in peace to coordinate work with you arabs, agriculture, science, medical research, infrastructure knowledge and coordinated efforts between you and israel, i believe the arab world would have been much better and more advanced now than ever. however, you chose violence and you chose to create a condition on the ground that is not conducive to peace and sharing of lands and sharing of knowledge and progress together. you chose hate because of jealousy. you chose terror because of your kuran. you chose violence because you refuse to allow the jews their rightful place in the middle east. this is israel. historically, it is a jewish homeland no matter what arabs believe and no matter how they re-write history. you could have developed your lands along ours with help and hands joined. but you refused. it was more inportant for you to hate and live in misery than to build and enjoy a productive life. pity!
12. What's really on the menu?
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (01.10.08)
As an apetizer, they will start of with some threats & intimidation stuffed with lies & deception. This is an old Palestinian recipe. This will be followed by another apetizer of phoney smiles seasoned with excuses. Then they will have some terrorist soup made from all the various home-grown thugs which have made them world-famous. The main course is called Hypocrites Delight since no one there means a thing they say. For desert, a Kassam parfait courtesy of Hamas caterers is offered. Some thick over-sweetened Arabic coffee accompanied by complaints, excuses, self-pity, and some more lies, promises, & deception tops off the whole meal. The cost of this BS buffet is only $7 billion, courtesy of the suckers in the EU. Bon appetit.
13. to#8&9 Withdraw inside of borders from 1967and sign peace
צבי ,   הבלקן   (01.10.08)
14. Very Well Said # 9
Ginette ,   Toronto, Canada   (01.11.08)
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