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Israel invites Manchester United to play during 60th anniversary celebrations
Associated Press
Published: 10.01.08, 18:28
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1. i will not go to see manchastar united
rashid ,   palistinian   (01.10.08)
when they come here because they support the israili football if manchastar united come here i will start to support their rivals like london united or birmingham united who i hear is a very good team or liverpool united who play in the colour green believe me which is the colour of our hamas i am very inteligent thank you please ynet
2. Why them
Rickie   (01.10.08)
Why not Milan from Italy the FIFA Teams Word Champion or Internacional from Porto Alegre, Brazil, the former one?
3. Why? Bush just sold Israel out
andrew ,   miami,fl   (01.10.08)
4. If Man U visits Saudi Arabia, there's no excuse why not here
Tahl ,   Israel   (01.10.08)
Because even when the British Israel-haters would whine out their regular rubbish about Israel derpriving the Palestinians of human rights, etc. - this would pale in comparison to the wonderful human rights record of the great democracy of Saudi Arabia.
5. fantastic idea
dan ,   london, england   (01.10.08)
really good idea, i hope manchester united come to their senses and accept the invitation
6. Chelsea is better
Efi G ,   Washington DC   (01.10.08)
Chelsea is much much better!
7. Come on you Reds! Man United Rule OK
Andi ,   Israel.ex-Manchester   (01.11.08)
We might actually see some football over here for a change instead of the rubbish we see every week.
8. I'm all for this
Dom ,   Manchester, UK   (01.11.08)
There can only be one winner... or can there? Love to watch United play anywhere. I saw them win at home against Maccabi Haifa a few years ago, it was a fun match. Haifa did themselves proud getting on the scoresheet.
9. #8
you, my friend, can influence them then. create some noise and influence this team to come visit our country. you'd love it and israelis will love it!
10. A very good idea
Jonathan   (01.12.08)
Why not ? It would be great, even if we lose.... ;-)
11. #1 hehehe
Ari ,   Manchester   (01.13.08)
I think #1 is a wind up. There is no London, Birmingham or Liverpool United. Liverpool FC play in red. "I am very intelligent"
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