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Israeli cowboys take on American wilderness
Itamar Eichner
Published: 14.01.08, 08:46
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1. Right message?
lisa ,   israel   (01.14.08)
I hope this little cowboy bonanza saga won't back-fire and make Israel look like they're showing off and trying as usual to keep up with the syndrome of כמו באמיריקה The Americans could also be wondering why we don't put our money where our mouths are and use the money for better use within Israel by helping those in need of shelter and food. That in my books is far more important than a 'cowboy trek' in America to represent Israel's 60th anniversary. But that's just my opinion. Isn't a state anniversary best organized in ones own state?
2. Hope they'll make videos as they go along
Chaya ,   Bat Yam, Israel   (01.14.08)
Then put them on You Tube so we can send them to all our friends and acquaintances and to bloggers.
3. I just sent Uri an e-mail
Chaya ,   Bat Yam, Israel   (01.14.08)
I told him I hope he's going to take a video camera with him!
4. 1#, Lisa it is a good message
Judah ,   Golan Heights,ISRAEL   (01.14.08)
Of course helping the poor is important yet promoting a positive image of Israel is also important. How many Americans even know about the Israeli cowboys in the Golan? For that matter how many Americans even know that Israel is celebrating its 60th birthday? The more awareness in America will hopefully translate into more tourists and more tourist dollars.
5. Hee..Howww....OY !!!!
Ivri   (01.14.08)
6. Please, please like meeee!
Moriah ,   sacramento,USA   (01.14.08)
Good PR for Israel would be if Israel gave up all the avoda zara and "nation envy" nonesense and started acting like a Jewish State!
7. ZaBrochena Back Monting?
David ,   Marietta, USA   (01.14.08)
As my grandmother might have said? For what it's worth department, Wyatt Earp is buried in a Jewish cemetary. His wife was Jewish, so this isn't as meshugah as it sounds...
8. Better start in the South.. with those rednecks..
John ,   Amsterdam, Holland   (01.14.08)
9. The message
Bill H. ,   Oregon, USA   (01.14.08)
I think it's nice they are coming here. As an American I would like to welcome them. I hope they have a great trip. Good luck to them.
10. 6 guys on the horses
Yaakov Sullivan ,   NYC   (01.15.08)
I think it is great idea, but why don't you take with you at least one Palestinian rider. This is`clearly discrimination. Plus is will be wonderful if you get at least one gay representitive to this trip. Aslso don't forget to get at least one palestinian flag with you.
11. The US networks will lap it up
Rowan Berkeley ,   London, England   (01.15.08)
I think they seem to be run by people who share a certain love for Israel, hmm??
12. #11 Rowan Berkeley
NYC Girl   (01.15.08)
Run by people who share a certain love for Israel? Like Ted Turner, perhaps? You've obviously fallen victim to that old canard about the Jews controlling the media.
13. Brilliant idea,ignore Nos.1and 10
Carlos Murphy ,   Red Hill Australia   (01.15.08)
This is a brilliant idea,there were and there are Jewish cowboys in America.And these Israeli riders could meet up with them.This will be great publicity for Israel.If there is one thing that Americans love, it would have to be cowboys.Now they are getting Israeli ones.
14. # 10 Sullivan
Thomas   (01.15.08)
Like it or not, homosexuality is still a perversion to Jewish people. And why do they have to invite people of foreign nations and wave a foreign flag?
15. Israeli Cowboys
M. Hartley ,   Atlanta, US   (01.16.08)
If none of these riders have ever been to the US and if they plan to traverse the Rockies, oy vey! Reading X # of miles on a piece of paper is one thing; trying to travel it, especially on horseback and through the Rockies, is something entirely different. The first time my sister, her husband and little son came to visit from Germany, their itinerary looked something like this: Arrive in NY on Friday, rent a car, drive to and spend the night in Niagara Falls, 2 days. Drive South to Washington DC; spend 2 days to see the sights; drive to B'Ham, AL along the Appalachians and we'll see you in 7 Days. 14 Days later and having flown from DC to B'Ham, they finally showed up, totally worn out and wanting to know who owns all the uninhabited land between here and there. As if that hadn't been enough, they decided to take their son to Disney World, see everything and be in Miami in 2 days max, flying from there to the Bahamas. Yeah, right! We got an inkling that something wasn't going according to plan, when my sister called from Niagara Falls and made the comment that it took the better part of a day to get out of Manhattan whence they drove "clear across the country" to get to Niagara Falls, etc. They never again took that tour. On her next visit, she and I only drove from Atlanta to New Orleans - 10 hours- to visit my daughter at school, and she would have sworn that we missed Siberia, because Outer Mongolia had to be right around the next corner. Intellectually, 3000 miles don't sound so daunting. Driving or riding them is, well, a whole other experience. I'm, of course, not saying that it's a normal mode of transportion in Israel, but if these guys showed up riding camels, the locals over here would go nuts and be lined up 10 deep, all the way from North to South. Nothing and nobody can ride horses and do it bareback like our Native Americans, but even they would be bowled over by people riding camels. Heck, Americans, getting bored only too easily, might not be opposed to trading F22's for X # of camels. It's all a matter of "you have, we want." Horses or camels, happy 60th anniversary!!!
16. Yaakov Sullivan is right
Nissim ,   Mizrahi   (01.16.08)
The Israeli's will be riding their horses. And the Palestinians can bring their donkeys with them.Perhaps we shouldn't forget Hamas,and what the hell, throw Nasrallah in too. It would be Sullivan's picnic.
17. No11,Rowan does Britain have any cowboys?
James McNamara ,   BrokenHill Australia   (01.16.08)
I don't think that Britain has any cowboys,but they do have a lot whining and whinging Poms,hmm These Israeli's are going to put up a good show,and the Americans are going to love it.And double the aid to Israel.
18. I am ready to ride my donkey cross country
Yaakov Sullivan ,   NYC   (01.16.08)
19. #17
Yoni ,   Ireland   (01.16.08)
Yes, england has cowboys. they'r called builders:-) PS. Good luck guys, and watch out for those rednecks.
20. No. 17 Good on ya, James
NYC Girl   (01.16.08)
21. 6 gay men with Palestinian flags makes much better idea
Yaakov Sullivan ,   NYC   (01.16.08)
22. Mr.Sullivan I have a great Idea
Nissim Mizrahi ,   Eilat Israel   (01.17.08)
Why don't you take your 6 gay men with their Palestinians flags,and let them parade on the streets of Taheran,Mecca,Gaza.They would love them to death over there.
23. Israeli Cowboys
Terri ,   Wyoming, USA   (01.17.08)
Hartley from Altanta, US had it right. These people do not know the area. They will be going through my part of the country, and we don't have that many people in this state we have about 650,000 people. We are open land from 3 thousand feet (high desert to ) to 10 thousand feet. They mention that they will be traveling about 19 miles a day, that won't even get you to the next town or city. Closes city (8,000 people) from my town (400 people) by mountain highway road is 32 miles away. We have had a number of people travel by horseback through our area for a number of reasons. Many have not had enough feed or water for themselves or horses. Wyoming is know as the Cowboy State, so these Israeli Cowboys will becoming to the real thing along with our many moved in dimestore cowboys.
24. Cowboys
Karon Braswell ,   Bronte, Texas   (01.18.08)
Y'all start here in Texas. We would be honored to have you. Yeah, we have a lot of rednecks, me being one of them, but we are a friendly sort, I guarantee it. I've been to Israel and the people were great to us Texans. We had a wonderful visit.
25. oh wonderful israeli cowboys
israeli princess ,   israel, Petah Tiqva   (01.20.08)
I always wanted a cowboy awww well thats great that we can show the world our country in a different light ,,,:)
26. Where are you now?
Barbara Bessent ,   Saint Jo, Texas, USA   (01.22.08)
I would love to know where you are now, and which part of the State of Texas you will be riding through, as I would love to meet you and cheer you on. Please let me know. Barbara
27. Cowboys
Yael ,   USA   (01.24.08)
They might want to wait until winter is over, the Continental Divide is deep in snow
28. i want to volunteer my service to cowboys
avi yaffe ,   colorado, usa   (02.16.08)
hello, i am a professional farrier in colorado. i am on the continental divide. if i can help in anyway. please email me or relay this message to the cowboys.
29. israeli cowboys
john ,   Melbourne   (09.11.08)
there are cowboys in israel it is a western counrty and there have been cowboys there for a long time we need to reconize or
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