Gaza: Mahmoud al-Zahar's son, 16 others killed by IDF
Associated Press
Published: 15.01.08, 14:13
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1. Great news but Zahar needs to kill that wart on his nose!!
Gil ,   Tel Aviv   (01.15.08)
3. YA Mahmoud al-Zahar, YOU ARE NEXT
reuven ,   usa   (01.15.08)
ENSHALAH.the virgins are happy to see all of your terorist ugly faces.please joint them in a faster pace.VALAHI IS GOOD FOR AND US kol hakavod brave soldiers of israel, god be with you
4. Zahhar son
khader herzallah ,   DH - S.A   (01.15.08)
You kill Zahhar,s son,tomorrow his supporters may kill Olmert,s son or Barrak,s or Levni,s.This is endless and must stop.Your occupation should come to an end.Palestine,or what is left of it,is the only colonized place on earth.You are forcing people to radicalism,you claim that you want peace,but your way i.e peace on your side and destruction on the other side.The formula will never work that way,it must be both ways,this is a,b,c in human relations but you insist on putting your people under stress and anxiety.Assume that you took all Palestine does this give Israel peace?no way,you were dreaming for centuries to come to Jerusalem,the Palestinians will keep dreaming until they throw you out of it so save your people the misery and co-exist with your rivals then you will realize the real meaning of peace.
5. To No. 1
NYC Girl   (01.15.08)
Maybe it's better to leave it there. That way it's kind of like he has a bull's eye on his face.
6. Stop counting these dead Rats.....
Al   (01.15.08)
We just lost a beautiful kid who came as a volunteer to help out at one of those border kibutzim. I also would like to say that these very same kibutzim were so in favour of the expulsion of their fellow Jews from Gaza. This is indeed sad. WE Jews are just so damn stupid. Ynet smarten up and start being a respected and responsible Jewish Website instead of being a wannabee Euro Trash Yellow Sheet.
7. Can Anyone of your leaders do the same?
Amir   (01.15.08)
Can Anyone of your leaders do the same? The sons of olmert, barak...are enjoying life in the west no one is in the battlefield to defend israel
8. such a happy day
Ami ,   israel   (01.15.08)
9. 6 AL spot on
gabriela ben ari ,   jerusalem   (01.15.08)
10. Im Shalah. I'm Sure He Has Others To Spare
David ,   Marietta USA   (01.15.08)
11. this is wht they understand--blood!!!
daniel ,   medinat hayehudim   (01.15.08)
this is pure self defense!!! they r fanatics---and sadly this is their language!!! i say lets talk better :-)
12. Zahar!If you would have loved yr 2 sons more than Allah-they
Alan ,   SA   (01.15.08)
would be alive today following an interesting profession or good job . Also the Equador Volunteer would also be alive if you loved humanity more than Allah! You are just an Orphan and a widow maker. A devastator and destroyer of families of all religions! You say it was Allahs will . It was never Allahs will .Who told you this ?Your sons were killed ,like all the Jews you killed in the name of your wilfull wickedness.
13. this is what they understand - - blood!!!
Richard ,   London UK   (01.15.08)
Israel has been a terrorist state from its beginning, and has its foundations in terrorism. Three Israeli prime ministers were terrorists: Menachim Begin took part in terrorist acts in the 1940s, including the attack on the King David Hotel which killed 91 people. Begin ordered ... the destruction of the central British administrative offices in the King David Hotel. In 1946, Jewish terrorists agitating for their own state in British-occupied Palestine blew up Jerusalem's King David Hotel, killing 91. Two years later, an independent Israel was established. "There were a lot of innocent British women and children killed there," says Hanson. "But in the end, it worked; the British left." — Yitzhak Shamir was the operations commander, and later leader, of the Stern Gang, a terrorist group which was responsible for a string of political assassinations. Shamir was a member of two militant Jewish underground organizations which ... were active in terrorist acts against Arabs as well as sabotage against the British. — In post-war British-mandated Palestine the words Stern Gang equalled "terrorism" — assassinations, bombings, the full works. ... Yitzhak Shamir had been the gang's operations commander. ... By appointing Shamir Foreign Minister, Prime Minister Menachem Begin had selected the organiser of two famous assassinations: the killing of Lord Moyne, the British Minister representative in the Middle East, in 1944, and that of Count Folke Bernadotte, the UN's special Mediator on Palestine, in 1948. — Stern Gang: what does 'mekhabbel' mean? During the fight for Jewish statehood, extremist military groups sometimes resorted to the use of terrorist tactics. One such instance occurred in 1948 when members of the Jewish underground organization LEHI (Fighters for the Freedom of Israel) killed UN Peace Mediator Count Folke Bernadotte to protest his diplomatic efforts to modify the Palestine partition plan. ... Yitzhak Shamir reputedly played a role in planning the assassination; however, he was never tried and went on to become Prime Minister of Israel. Ariel Sharon initiated the Sabra-Shatila massacre in which between 1000 and 3000 people (mostly Palestinians) were murdered. No one has ever been tried for the massacre, but an official Israeli commission of inquiry found that Israel's defense minister at the time, Ariel Sharon, "bears personal responsibility" as well as "indirect responsibility." It was Sharon, after all, who had ordered the Israel Defense Forces to invade Beirut and surround the camps. ... Sharon's preemptive logic undercuts all form of dialogue and negotiations. Its rule of thumb is violence, and then more violence, whether it manifests itself as a military attack or as an aggressive act of dispossession. So while it may seem that the bloody routine is in some way preordained, it is actually Sharon's preemptive zeal alongside Hamas' and Islamic Jihad's fundamentalism that has clouded the horizon and concealed, as Arendt might have said, the possibility for a better future. — Neve Gordon, Sharon's Preemptive Zeal, Counterpunch, 2003-09-24
14. Islamic sniper trained by U.S. CIA
Marcel ,   Florida   (01.15.08)
This is a reality the peace drugged media,government and people of Israel ignore.
15. Response to 4
Kenny ,   USA   (01.15.08)
Mr. Herzallah, if you want to know the major reason for the problems you describe, look at your own people's behavior and declarations objectively. If you can.
16. To Khader # 4
Hiram ,   Paris   (01.15.08)
Dear Khader, You are targetting the wrong audience. No one asked Hanniyeh and his gang of politically uneducated hoodlums to takeover the strip. No one asked so called "foreign minister" of the so called "Gaza government" to adhere to extremist Islamic ideals and play puppets in the name of Iran. Last but not least, no one asked Terrorists to deliberatly target civilians who are totally unconnected to the Palestino-Palestinian situation. What is surprising in fact is that in view of the constant attacks against Israeli population, and the retaliation in line with the official "line " of Olmert's government, there has been in fact very few " civilian" death, which obviously it should stay at that. You need to understand that by siding up with " the wrong side" of Palestinian leadership ( outlawed and illegitimate even in Gaza, and certainly not recognized even by Arab countries ) there will be collateral damages. Terror will NEVER pay off with it might with other people ( although terrorist groups are now less and less succesful ). Israel has been trying to tell you these few words for years since the first jetliners were blown up in Dawson Field ( May be you are too young to remember )Just try to understand for a single second how Hanniyeh 's leadership is perceived in the area and how Islamic terrorist ( Officially justifying themselvess using the Palestinian excuse) is now affecting the image of Islam around the world. I will not re-write history. The truth today is that there is no other terror group in the world using religion as a daily bread and butter. I will even go further : I have the intimate conviction that continuing to threaten Israel is a definite plan by Islamists. Should and honest peace get to fruition, it would deprive all of the like of Hanniyeh, Zahar etc.....of a reason to continue living fighting the Jihad and repressing Arab women on the beach of Gaza !
17. he was as valuable as the 16 others
observer   (01.15.08)
Bush's calling of a faction of Palestinians as terrorists, does not mean that that is the vision of Islamic world about that faction or the rest of the Palestinians. You are pushing it into a religious conflict.
18. i read these talkbacks, and feel sorry for the hateful jews
Marwan ,   Amman, Jordan   (01.15.08)
jews are obviously consumed by hate to the core of their sick hollow black hearts... real sad... can't imagine anyone holding such hatred in his heart, being able to love his people of even his own children! israel must be one hell of a decayed society.
19. Israel is unbelievable
Adam ,   UK   (01.15.08)
'Negotiations for peace', 'Strengthening the moderates on the Palestinian side'. This is unbelievable, Israel is killing scores of Palestinians including the son of a leader whose popularity will no doubt shoot up. Dont you understand Israel?! Killing the Palestinians in Gaza enforces the popular support of Hamas and weakens Abbas. Unbelievable.
20. Decaying Israel ? MArwan # 18
Hiram ,   Paris   (01.15.08)
Sorry too were too young to see jetliners in Dawson Field.....and obviously your young age shows in your judgement. In your view, Israel may be decaying....could be, could be not , I will not pass any judgement on that. I will only says that on many occasions, Palestinian people were given the opportunity to become a nation....remember when Yassir was ruling ? What did he do with the moneys given to his people ? Stole it and paraded along with a rolex armwrist watch while his "government" were driving Black Mercedes with red plates !. Then there was the opportunity of his departing this world and what could have been called " free and democratic elections" ( which were not really democratic due to the propaganda of Islamists ) ...and what did Hanniyeh and his gang do ? Giving instructions to continue antagonizing Israel in the hope that massive retaliation would provide " additional shahid " and could justifie an other intifada....and now look ! A few bearded gangsters thinking in mistake that they are serving Islam ( when in fact they deserve the image of Islam all over the world ) are shooting civilians ? If I had a bad heart , I would say that your sniper has very little courage : how easy to kill a civilian with a riffle . Islamists are stubborn...they are the one should you should blame......those who prentend :" serving God " while in fact they are serving their own interests without any courage, pride, or even basic intelligence not to mention Political education....Educated terrorist are in fact a very rare breed !
21. Marcel 14 , Israel is waiting for you to help
Hiram ,   Paris   (01.15.08)
But of course it takes a hell lot of Guts to show up in Ben Gurion ...
22. Richard is at it again
Ivri   (01.15.08)
With his wankypedia knowledge,and 2 cents worth of history. Get a life,,,Dhimy!
23. Richard in London
Thomas   (01.15.08)
The British, during the Mandatory period, forbade the Jews to own arms, while allowing the Arabs to do so. That's why the Jews resorted to clandestine means of obtaining weapons and committed terrorist attacks. Once the British left, and the Jews were free to defend themselves, those groups went away. The Arabs have armies but prefer terrorism because their armies have been ineffective.
24. Marwan I agree
Thomas   (01.15.08)
I hope for the day when Israel can be as progressive and tolerant as the arab societies.
25. Terror state
Richard ,   London UK   (01.15.08)
During the Paris conference, (1919) Chaim Weizmann and David Ben Gurion (who later became, respectively, lsrael's first president and first prime minister) attempted to persuade Patriarch Hayik, who headed the Lebanese delegation, to abandon South Lebanon in return for a promise of technical and financial assistance to develop the area to the north, which they hoped, would become a Christian state. The Zionist military forces that invaded Palestine in 1948 also occupied part of the district of Marjayun and Bint Jubayl, and reached the vicinity of the Litani River, but were forced to withdraw under international pressure. Then, in 1954, the leaders of the newly established state of Israel renewed Zionist claims on Lebanese water when President Eisenhower's envoy Eric Johnston proposed a formula of sharing the Litani waters among Lebanon, Syria and Israel. Israel, in fact, threatened to use force against Lebanon to prevent the utilization of the Litani waters to develop South Lebanon. In 1967, lsrael's war against three Arab states not only gave Israel possession of eastern Palestine (the West Bank), Gaza, the Sinai and the Syrian Golan Heights, but also enabled Israel to capture the headwaters of the Jordan and Manias rivers. In addition, Israel destroyed Jordan's East Ghor Canal and its Khaled Dam on the Yarmuk River, which flows into lsrael's Nahariva Pool. In the 1978 "Litani Operation," Israel established firm control over the Wazzani River, which flows into the Jordan, as well as almost the entire length of the Hasbani River. And in the 1982 "Operation Peace for Galilee," the entire length of the Litani River came under Israeli control."
26. Richard...wankypedia ?...AGAIN..?
27. Al-Zahar Sr.
jason asman ,   boston U.S.A.   (01.15.08)
When will the IDF send a small missle to remove the hemrrhoid off his nose???
28. To 4, 13, 19
Korem ,   New York, USA   (01.15.08)
Anyone who calls Jews decadent and hateful for celebrating this is a fool. 12 of the people killed here were murderers and terrorists. The fact that so many Arab, British, and European talkbackers use this as an oppurtunity to call Jews decadent and hateful is pathetic, and makes me feel you to be decadent and hateful. These people launched Qassam rockets with the intent of killing every Israeli they possibly could. Thus they deserved their deaths. It is upsetting that 3 civilians died, but since this was an intense urban battle, the total deaths cannot be called a "massacre." So, in regards to the 12 TERRORISTS that were killed in this operation, I say KOL HAKAVOD, and the rest of you who would call me a monster for saying so are nothing more than monsters in my eyes. #4: You say this operation is proof Israel doesn't want peace, but the operation is a response to YEARS of indiscriminate, civilian-targeting Qassam attacks by Hamas. They are the obstacles to peace, much more than Israel is. If their Qassams and attacks stopped, the only thing we would hear on the news is Israel's negotiations with Abbas. You say Palestine is the only colonized place on earth. First off this isn't true because there are a number of places in the world that are occupied. But secondly Olmert and the current Israeli gov is against outposts and settlements deep in the West Bank. And you can't expect the occupation to end in a flash while Palestinians are actively trying to kill every Israeli civilian in range. And of course there are some Israelis who would equally want every Arab dead. Coexistence is a dream, nothing more. 2 states is the only solution, and it is only setback by further Palestinian attacks. #13, Richard, your posts are just useless in every sense of the word. You are arrogant, and you go to every article on ynet and post copy and paste articles from websites, censoring as you see fit, thinking you accomplish something. Sorry to tell you, but you are irrelevant, your beliefs are irrelevant, and all your opinions are irrelevant. If your aim is to stir up trouble and promote hate for Israel, join the ISM, because you're not going to convince Israelis who know the intricacies of our history, the reason for those bombings (the British sending Holocaust refugees back to Germany to die and to no other country), the details of Sabra and Shatilla (Phalangists had been given logistical support and used before for rooting out terrorists in camps, S&S was the first time they committed a massacre), and the very deceptive language you use ("Israel's war in 1967," for example, when the war was initiated by USSR misinformation and Nasser of Egypt). If you think delegitimizing Israel and calling the nation a bunch of terrorists is somehow going to get you popularity points or get people thinking "Hey! Maybe I am an evil zionist terrorist!" then, as I said, you are irrelevant. You are also hypocritical, since you attack those who call Palestinian society based on a culture of hatred and terrorism, while you do so for Israel. 19: Abbas's weakness as a result of IDF operations in Gaza is irrelevant, because there is no other choice. Sderot and soon Ashkelon are/will be pummeled with rocket fire. Life in Sderot is at a permanent halt. Hearing sirens go off and having to find cover in 15 seconds, multiple times a day, is a nightmare. If nothing is done by Israel to fight them, Hamas will see it as a weakness and just launch more rockets.
30. 'Hardliner' Lieberman is all talk, no action.
David ,   Hartford USA   (01.15.08)
He doesn't have the guts to pull out. His desire to be close to power is much greater than his desire to do what's in Israel's best interests. He is a traitor to all the people of Israel who have been harmed by Olmert's sickening pandering to Abbas and Condy. The family of the farm worker murdered in Sderot should bring a lawsuit against Olmert and the country for not performing their mandated duties.
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