Gaza: Mahmoud al-Zahar's son, 16 others killed by IDF
Associated Press
Published: 15.01.08, 14:13
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31. Hussam Zahar is killed,
Daniel ,   Israel   (01.15.08)
Hardliner Hamas leader Mahmoud al-Zahar has paid price for swimming against current; he too will go if he does not change his directions. (It will not be a big surprise!)
32. Richard Do You Read What You Cut and Paste?
"The Zionist military forces that invaded Palestine in 1948..." They invaded in 1948? Tel-Aviv was established 1909 and may have been sooner if Ottoman Turks did not throw the Jews out of the area, halting development.
33. Now get the rest of his sons!
Jack ,   San Diego, USA   (01.15.08)
34. Jews waited 2000 years - let Palestinians wait 2000 years!
Jack ,   San Diego, USA   (01.15.08)
35. Al-Zahar, how many more sons must you watch die
give up false hopes ,   usa   (01.16.08)
for your sins? Your jihad is nothing but a chimera and gets you nothing but death. He who loves death deserves his fate.
36. #32, no he doesn't
Danny   (01.17.08)
He also doesn't read maps, because if he did he would know the Litani is a couple of miles away from Metulla and Bint Jbeil is right on the Israeli border. Of course this "cut and paste" is to make it look like Israel even back in 1948 was trying to conquer South Lebanon. Note as well that Syria's conquest of land inside mandates border and it's repeated attempts to divert the River Jordan away from Israel don't merit mention nor the fact the ONLY reason Lebanon was CREATED by the French was to ensure a christian state. We can sit back and wait for some nonsense about "children" dying soon. Of course if you ever seen him try to argue his case, you'd know why he sticks to this method.
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