Hamas' al-Zahar vows revenge
Ali Waked
Published: 15.01.08, 19:18
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1. now is the time!
oded   (01.15.08)
to finsh this hamas thing once and for all!
2. Don't whine when they retaliate
IRAN#1   (01.15.08)
OK?!?!!? Be a man and accept the consequences of your actiosn for once.
3. Hypocrites
Sam   (01.15.08)
I cannot morn for Al Zahar who freely admits his son was involved in rocket attacks aimed at Israeli civilians. Al Zahar insists Hamas is at war with Israel. How is an Israeli military raid on rocket launchers (like Al Zahar's son) a "crime." Hamas declared war on Israel. Al Zahar should stop crying crime and start seeking peace.
4. WE VOW REVENGE its their favorite wor
5. To Oded #1
A ,   Jerusalem   (01.15.08)
You're right, but you and I both know it won't happen. Us Jews have a terrible habit of letting bad things draw on for too long, all the while whining about it, while our "friends" in Gaza, and every other rat-hole despot Islamic regime, have a stubborn habit of being resilient. This tit for tat crap will go on for years, and the world will continue to pay to see the bloodthirsty Jews fighting the savage Palestinians. Don't get me wrong, I agree you with you all the way, but come on already - we need some f'n beitzim!
6. Hamas revenge
Millie ,   Israel   (01.15.08)
For what Hamas started the whole thing to begin with. Israel handed back Gaza to the Pa,what did they do instead of farming the land, and letting people live there ,they decided to use it to further terror , for launching sniper attacks and Kassams. If you send violence then all you get is violence in return, however if you want to live in peace then you will get peace!
7. #1 and #6 are both correct
Gotta do it ,   sometime   (01.15.08)
8. Hamas is a cancer.
David ,   Boston, USA   (01.15.08)
When will the arabs see that this cancer is killing them more than it is hurting anyone else? There is only one solution to cancer.
9. Mourns his son
judy ,   Lexington USA   (01.15.08)
Can someone explain why he mourns his son instead of rejoicing in his son's happiness of meeting his 72 dark eyed virgins?
zionist forever   (01.15.08)
Thats how it works you cant carry out terror attacks against Israel and then condem it when Israel retaliates.. What brave islamic fighters they are its ok for us to kill the enemy but its not fair if the enemy also kills us. Calling for revenge that shouldnt worry anybody in Israel they love to call for revenge .. if he overslept he would blame it on Israel and call for revenge because Israel commited this terrible crime of letting him oversleep. These attacks would be carried out anyway all they need is an excuse to conviince themselves that its justiifed. I AM SURE YOUR SON WILL BE ENJOYNG HIS 72 VIRGINS RIGHT NOW.
11. The Good,the Bad & the Ugly
Mark ,   Scotland   (01.15.08)
Ive met good & bad people, but al-zahar has gotta be the ugliest of them all.If his son looked anything like him, the IDF did the world a favour.
12. Who are the real war criminals?
JPS ,   Efrat   (01.15.08)
"The attacks against civilians by Palestinian armed groups are widespread, systematic and in pursuit of an explicit policy to attack civilians. They therefore constitute crimes against humanity under international law. They may also constitute war crimes"
13. Nightmare
Joe ,   Egypt   (01.15.08)
Israel will always live in a matter what happens...if Israel gets rid of the few militias in Palestine, there are 22 other countries waiting in line to make Israel a living hell.
14. #3
Yasir ,   Canada   (01.15.08)
I agree with you.
15. al zahar
the only one who killed your son IS YOU! instead of protecting your family, earning a living, going to work and encouraging your sons to get an education (after all, you are a doctor, phd, right? yeh sure!), you urdered your own sons by permitting them to fight an endless terror war you perpetuated on the palestinian people. it is you whjo are to blame and it is on you that your people and family should take revenge. one son was not enough? now you have two sons dead, you imbecile. what pleasure does it give youZ? that your son can kill an innocent israeli jew? you sacrificed both your sons for this stupid war of yours, a war you will never win. never.
16. Hamas ,   NY   (01.15.08)
The lesson to be learned here is when you kill a hamas terrorist, kill their family too. When they talk about retaliation, just strike first. Take it to the terrorists.
17. when arabs begin to love their kids more then
they hate us jews, then maybe there will be peace
18. Jihad is heck.
Ken   (01.15.08)
19. ohhhhh thıs ıs the beggınıng and warnıng for bastard hamas
20. Striking irony with last week's Parsha...
Joe ,   Los Angeles, CA   (01.15.08)
It was only when Pharaoh lost his firstborn that he finally set the Children of Israel free and plagues stopped descending upon the land of Egypt. It's a shame the Arabs continue to let the little Jewish state continue to be a thorn in their side while plague upon plague upon plague descends upon the Arab world. To all Arabs: Accept us as human beings and recognize our rights to self-determination and settlement within our borders. Allah will account your faith and nobility of character as righteousness and you will be blessed with peace and a cultural renaissance. Bless us and G-d will bless you...
21. Sorry Joe, but, machloket
A ,   Jerusalem   (01.15.08)
Al Zahar's first-born son was actually already killed, in a previous IAF you pass the chrane?
22. The nightmare of billion Joe's and their 22 countrries
Franklin ,   Paris   (01.15.08)
Their nightmare ???? They see night at noon, They grow in Culture of hate and blood. They accuse you for the crimes they perpetuate... What a global hystery...Joe !
23. al-Zahar vows revenge? Oh, then life mean nothing to him !
KMR ,   Overseas   (01.15.08)
24. To "Joe", the Egyptian
Barry ,   Tokyo   (01.15.08)
"there are 22 other countries waiting in line to make Israel a living hell" compared to Israel´s democratic standard of living, Arabs in all 22 countries live in hell. Look at the Arabs from "Palestine" - does the world really nead another failed taliban stae?
25. I´m glad my dad wasn´t a Hamas Terrorist!
Barry ,   Tokyo   (01.15.08)
Otherwise I´d be dead like this fool´s son. What a stupid father.
26. Another Son Dies, As Zionists Usurp More of Palestine!
Wissam ,   ps   (01.15.08)
Despair not Palestine, for justice is coming!!!!
27. responsible for his own son's death
Reality Check ,   BaGolan   (01.15.08)
al-zahar advocates mass murder with every speech. he reaps what he has sown!
28. #13
fortunatelly for israel and unfortunatelly for murderers like yourself, israelis and israel enjoy an extremely content, happy and productive life in all its economy, inventions, education, theater, classics, literature, medicine, high technology and the millions of scientific gifts and brilliant minds they offer the world. it is only a VERY SMALL section of israel that is affected by the "hell" you wish on us. unfortunatelly for you, israeli society and pleasure in israel is 100%. i have just visited there for one month and except for sderot everyone is on the streets smiling, dancing, enjoying life and the prosperity of that country. on the other hand, look across the border at all the 22 arab lands and despotic autocratic mullas and arab regimes and look how you are all living; squalor, backwardness, illiteracy (30% of all arab nation citizens are illiterate!!!. that means one out of three arabs can't read and write). i loved israel. it is such a beautiful country and its people a beatiful and very bright and generous people. i am a christian arab from chicago and believe me, i was stunned to see the beauty of not only the people but the advanced modern cultured land these jewish people managed to create in 60 years from nothing. don't live in the past my friend. these jewish are here to stay if you like or not. you tried to murder us too egyptian copts in egypt and everywhere and you suceeded, but the jew is strong, very strong and brilliant mind. you can never win. never. all 60 years you are commiting suicide to yourselves while this jewish land continue to go on in best of ways. enough war. do not ever attack again because you will die. how many more dying you want? don't you learn the lesson from 48 and 67 and 73 and 82 ?! how many more dead egyptian you want to make you sicko happy?
29. the definition of intelligence
the definition runs something akin to the following.... when you bang your head against a wall and it hurts, you learn not to do it again and spare yourself the pain because you may consider this as a first accident you didn't mean to have. when you bang your head against a tougher wall again, not learning from the incidence of the past, you are comiting a grave mistake which costs you dearly. assuming that you already learned where not to bang your head you.... bang your head again at the same spot on the same wall and then blame the wall. BY THE WAY, THIS IS THE ARAB NEFINITION OF INTELLIGENCE!
Chaya ,   Bat Yam, Israel   (01.15.08)
That is the problem between us and them! They are full of 'honor.' They 'know' who they are (at least according to the myth they created). But we - the children of Israel - have forgotten and lost our honor and pride!! WHERE IS THE LEADER WHO WILL DESTROY OUR ENEMY!??
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