Settlers present tape allegedly proving they own Hebron house
Efrat Weiss
Published: 15.01.08, 21:45
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M ,   TORONTO   (01.15.08)
2. "Allegedly"
Elchonon ,   Chevron   (01.15.08)
Was it just me, or did ynet publish a article a few hours ago titled: "Expert discredits police claim against Jewish residents of the disputed Hebron house" Orit struck is right, the building was purchased for 700,000 dollars..I know it was purchased... Why can a arab sue in court to force jews to sell him a home in a completely jewish neighberhood, why is THAT not "incitment" and "provocation" Why cant jews buy a building in israel? why is THAT not racist? Spare me, I care not what you label me.. See the difference between the yokel's here and the founding father's in the US, is that the US founding fathers started off with "we hold these truth's to be self evident" as in use some common sense and rational you morons. In israel there is neither truth and no one cares whats self evident, its just a hapahazard heap of "laws" the courts make up. The bottom line is, paint it as you please.. but no matter how distorted the laws are.. the settlers did this according to the law.
3. Every sale is now politicized
Raymond from DC ,   Washington, DC USA   (01.15.08)
So, based on this video and the "expert" analysis, this sale is valid. So why the craziness surrounding it? Some theories: * The owner sold the house, was found out, and is trying to save his life by claiming he really didn't sell it * The owner sold the house, took the money, and yet wants to keep the house, so he denies that he really sold it * The state *knows* it's a valid sale, but the whole notion of "settlers" really disturbs it; and besides, it'll make the Arabs angry. (Can't have that.) * The US is putting the squeeze on Israel for anything that might upset the Palestinians, so rule of law, property rights, open commerce, etc. are inconvenient. Take your pick.
4. A verdict by Israel's Ultra-Leftwing-Pro-Arab-Evil-Corrupt-
Joseph P. ,   JewRusalem   (01.15.08)
so-called-High-Court will never result in any positive outcome for Jews.
5. settler fanatics
Jewish CANADIAN ,   Toronto   (01.16.08)
They lie.They steal.They murder.Why should I believe a word the criminal Hebron settlers say or accept their doctored tape?
6. #5 you cowardly moron
Elchonon ,   Chevron   (01.16.08)
What did we lie about ? steal? who'd we kill? oh you mean my 2 neighbers murderd by arabs 10 days ago while hiking ? UH HU...go on mister.. who'd we kill ? when was the last time a arab was killed by a settlers here eh ? you mean like golstein in '94 ? You sound like a loser, throwing out baseless clames.. but slander is free when you talk from canada.. Yes JEWISH canadian.. stay there and please dont come crying when the arabs over run you.. oh and you will be unarmed since canada is run by gun fearing liberals.
7. 100% sure
Yisraeli   (01.16.08)
Of one thing you can be 100% sure of and that the parties buying the house left no stone unturned in making a legitimate buy. They knew the ramifications and after effects so they made 100% sure that everything they did in the purchase was 100% legal with documents and witnesses to back it up. Because they knew that the garbage like #5 and all lefties would say and do anything to try and de-legitimise the transaction with outright lies. There isnt a line invented that they would not cross.
8. #5 Mr. "Jewish CANADIAN"
EGW ,   vancouver canada   (01.16.08)
I would suggest to the "so-called" Jewish "so called" CANADIAN that he perform a certain act, which, except for it's physical impossibility, would probably draw thousands of onlookers,............on skid road. As an encore, he could hand back (no pun intended) his circumcision, if he has one.
9. #5 to the canadian
Ezra   (01.16.08)
They lie. They steal indian land. They murder innocent Inuits. Why should I believe a word from the criminal settlers of Canada.
10. #5
rabi   (01.16.08)
u wish u were a jew, but you're not. i hereby declare u a moron. that's your new religion now. enjoy
11. sounds 2 me like settlers were duped by their own greed &
pompousness ,   get out of Hebron!   (01.16.08)
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