Army chief: IDF to boost Gaza operations if needed
Hanan Greenberg
Published: 16.01.08, 00:40
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1. They want
Matityahu ,   Slovenia   (01.16.08)
an incursion into Gaza, so they can boost their P.R. sky high. One would think that when disengagement occured, the world would recognize that the Palestinians are truly incapable of ruling a state. But it turned out that we still are viewed as the occupiers and the terrorist thugs as the innocent victims. So who gives a rats ass about what those who aren't directly involved in a conflict have to say? Apparently some (Olmert and the likes) do. Israel is starving for a competent leadership and there is no better time for it than right now.
2. This will do nothing
J K ,   NYC, USA   (01.16.08)
The only thing the IDF is engaged in now is a conflaguration around the border fence and a few km's inland. They can do nothing to stop the fire for real. Even if they conquered up to Gaza City the terrorists would just hole up and shoot rockets from Martyr SQ while the army sat around not going in because American doesnt want too many civilian casualties (who does, of course?) So, what is the only way to get this to stop? Unfortunately Israel is going to have to adopt the Arab strategy. Make things so bad for the people living in Gaza City and the rest of Gaza that they break the border fence into Egypt to flee the 155mm shells falling into Gaza City. Life needs to be made so bad for them that they literally take to the streets demanding Hamas and IJ stop the madness that directly affects them. Prove me wrong. I cant see anything else that would get the terrorist Arabs to stop firing missiles except other Arabs. It obviously isnt Israel fighting with oven mitts on. Someone PLEASE let Ashkenazi give the order to unleash hell. Bringing true hell to Gaza is about the only thing that will bring peace to Sderot.
3. Ha ha ha, where are Hamas' friends???
Jeffrey ,   Boston, USA   (01.16.08)
While we hear from Abbas about crimes and massacres, where are the pronouncements from other Arab countries, Europeans, Americans, and anyone else??? No one cares about Hamas except Israel's buddy Abbas. The entire world could care less about Hamas. They keep shooting rockets, they keep losing dozens of terrorists a week. Everyone around the world is happy to see Israel eliminate Hamas morons. Hahahaha.
4. memo to IDF,your enemy is in jerusalem
chaim ,   brooklyn n.y   (01.16.08)
people of israel,your real enemy is not in gaza or lebanon or iran,,it is in jerusalem,siting in the knesset at the head of the cabinet table, ehud olmert this criminal this traitorous gangster,is out to destroy your beautifull country get rid of this monster,before you lose your country
5. bla bla bla
we're fed up with your talkings... we want to see ACTS!
6. There is no need for "real fighting". Get our solders out!
Antonio ,   Haifa   (01.16.08)
And bring in the blockbusters. Why is the Islamic University in Gaza still standing? Why is Beit Lahya still standing? Why is Beit Hanoun still standing? Level these already and let's see how much the Ayrabs will want to fight us then!
7. Better say nothing, than sound stupid
Jose' ,   Israel   (01.16.08)
"We are doing the best we can, under the limitations the government has imposed upon us. We are truly sorry." Dover Tzahal to the people of Sderot
8. Heh
yehuda ,   Israel   (01.16.08)
A few rockets fell around my kibbutz last night. We didn't loose a minutes sleep. Keep it coming. With every rocket is another nail Hama's coffin.
9. There is a book called "Eye to Eye" by
Rivkah   (01.16.08)
William Koenig that discusses the consequences of dividing Israel. The Bush-Clinton-Bush administrations have cost America the ten costliest insurance events in US history, the twelve costiest hurricanes in US history, three of the four largest tornado outbreaks in US history, and the two larest terrorism events in US history. How is that? These events occurred within 24 hours of US Presidents Bush, Clinton, and Bush applyig pressure on Israel to trade land for promises of peace and security, making statements about that and/or calling for a Palestinian State. I realize that the coming holocaust of the Jews will not be as bad as the judgments on the nations that cause it. Every Jew in Israel should be reading the Bible and praying at least three times a day for protection from the Lord and forgiveness for any offenses to God like Daniel in the Bible did.
10. Take them out.
Alan ,   Canada   (01.16.08)
Fear and terrorism must stopped.Islamic Jihad,Hamas,and Hezbollah need to be destroy as organizations.We will not be intimidated by fanatics of any religious faith.Innocents are being killed as a result of these rocket attacks.Enough.Good luck in your assault IDF Canada is behind you.
11. Israeli reaction!
yosef ,   israel   (01.16.08)
The news reports of Olmerts first response to the unprecedented Qassam attacks: IDF and police forces arrived at the Shvut Ami and Harchivi outposts to clean these areas of a Jewish presence.
12. 5! Is that you, OS? Write to me. I miss you.
Rivkah   (01.16.08)
One day words will not seem like bla bla bla to you anymore, but that will take time since being a listener for so many years has burned you out.
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