Israel asks UN to condemn terror attack
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 16.01.08, 07:31
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1. A Waste of Time
Jerry ,   NYC, USA   (01.16.08)
Why doesn't Israel start focusing on defending itself and its foreign guest workers rather than blowing a bunch of useless hot air at the UN? Possibly because it is no longer interested in survival.
2. Israel -Volunteer killedby Pal
khader herzallah ,   DH-S.A   (01.16.08)
Your Gov. complains to the UN the cnstant killing of Israeli citizens or volunteers by the Pals.What about your daily killing of Pals by the IDF?is that self defence?sending 6-7 tanks full of soldiers and artilery to the centre of Gaza and killing more than 20 people in one day,should,nt that to be condemned by all humanity lovers?are,nt you ashamed of constant lies and twisting the truth to look as victims while you are the butchers?dont you have wise men who tells you that tyrrany will not last long?history has many examples. Your turn will come...soon if you dont wake up.
3. Condemned
Abdulrasak ,   Somalia   (01.16.08)
I still wonder why Israel Enjoys to condemn (taking a matter of one dead man all the way to UN Insecurity Council) a small population which it had encircled and surrounded from all directions while it kills men, women and children everday but it does not want to condemn....... you know. I would like here instead to Condemn the Cruel actions israel is doing and utter my disatisfaction of itsaction against Palestinians.. History will tell...... But one thing is important
4. Well good luck with that
Danny   (01.16.08)
The only good thing that will come out of it would be watching the Libyan ambassador having to read it out... Wanna bet money Israel doesn't get it passed?
5. #2, look up "civilian" in the dictionary
Danny   (01.16.08)
This guy was a civilian, he wasn't an Israeli citizen so there isn't even the pathetic excuse of "well but all Israelis serve in the army". Look at the people killed yesterday - they were Hamas people, nobody disputes this. Virtually all the Palestinians killed in the last month have been "militants". Israel isn't asking for the UN to condemn Palestinian killing of soldiers and I assume they have woken up to the fact that when Israel doesn't bother going to the UN - because it is a waste of time - it still hurts Israel because people see a stream of anti-Israeli nonsense from the UN and assume there is no smoke without fire.
6. #2 You've lost your mind
jack ,   jerusalem   (01.16.08)
Are you equating killing an unarmed man working in a field to killing armed Pals that are shooting at them ??? 6-7 tanks are necessary bec without them you barbarians would lynch them like you did in ramallah . before running your mouth off,, think.
7. #2. What tyranny??!?!? you brainwashed idiot!!!!!!!!!!!
ari ,   israel   (01.16.08)
8. #3, we don't
Danny   (01.16.08)
historically we haven't bothered going to the UN because it is a waste of time. However, I think historically is it worthwhile so that when people look at the record they can see it wasn't totally one sided.
9. "Israel asks UN to do their job."
Kev ,   London   (01.16.08)
UN will probably refuse.
10. Yes, condemn the terrorists first!
James Hovland ,   U?SA   (01.21.08)
Condemning terrorism is a given, even when it is not stated. However if the terrorists are not condemned first, Israel will scream bias, anti-semitism, etc, and refuse to accept responsibility for their own actions. First the terrorists, then we can move on to condemning Israel's policies of collective punishment, disregard for collateral damage, etc.
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