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Jewish groups condemn attacks on Obama
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 16.01.08, 08:54
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1. condemn Email attacks
Voice of Reason ,   Here and Now   (01.16.08)
But he is a SLEEPER, eveyone knows it. It is all a setup. Why is the truth never allowed.
2. Here they are again!
Semper Fi! ,   San Diego the Finest   (01.16.08)
We thought that cowards jews were finally gone after the Holocaust. Even during WWII the Hollywood boys who were almost 80% of the industry changed names in order to hide their origins and while millions of us were dying in the camps, the morons were throwing lascivious parties and orgies. Yes, they help Israel sending money, but it's just a way to get rid of the problem. When Nation of Islam or other black organizations morons were callling the Jews names, have you guys heard any complaints of the ADL or other US jewish movements or alleged organizations run for the Democrats jews haters. But the majority are quite understanding it. Foxman is a tool of the Dems. Obama is half muslim period! He'd be a danger for Israel and also for the USA. Foxman and surrogates knock it off!! You don't speak for us!!!
3. But he was school in a madrassa!!
Chaya ,   Bat Yam, Israel   (01.16.08)
And his church is anti-Semitic and his preacher supports Farakkhan!!! So in any case, something stinks about Obama!!!
4. Jews who love Obama would sell rope to hang themselves.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Santa Monica,CA USA   (01.16.08)
5. Chaya, YOU stink! Get your facts straight.
Israel ,   Israel   (01.16.08)
Not every madrassa is a terrorist nest, btw.
6. Here is another thing to think about:
Voter   (01.16.08)
Ok, Obama may have seen a madrassa from inside. Big Deal. There is this Huckabee who officially believes the world had been created in 7 days and that the end ("rupture") is near. The other guy, Romney is a Mormon.... Nothing to add. Oh, apart from the fact that they have been waiting for the end-of-the-world already for almost 150 years. Do you really want those guys with their finger on the trigger, rather than Obama?
7. to # 2
Erik ,   czech republic   (01.16.08)
Please, could you tell us who would be "GOOD FOR JEWS"??
8. 2 - "Obama is half muslim period" not according to Muslims!
redmiike ,   TA - LA - London   (01.16.08)
according to Muslims he is 100% Muslim and no ifs, buts and maybes. If he ever denies it then he will be considered an apostate and be a target for assassination. I don't know what he is but since he can't deny being a Muslim he's in a tough place. He can say that IS he is all kinds of things like "I'm a Catholic" etc because Muslims don't consider lying to non=Muslims to be lying. Michael
9. Very curious
Kev ,   London   (01.16.08)
These 'Jewish groups' are MASSIVELY naïve, which is rather a pity for the population of Israel.
10. #6, voter...
Kev ,   London   (01.16.08)
Some have complained that Huckabee wants to convert all Jews to Christianity. Well at least with him there will be Jews left to convert! Mike Huckabee is by far the safest bet for Israel.
11. The choice of President is 4 Americans-but OB has scary CV..
Alan ,   SA   (01.16.08)
12. vote for clinton, just to make sure...
13. Even without the disturbing e-mail, Obama is bad for Israel
Tahl ,   Israel   (01.16.08)
Even if Obama would not consider himself Muslim, he would still be compelled to act on Middle East Issues, with more sympathy to the Arabs. Hillary Clinton is good, but she doesn't have the balls to handle Iran either, and may pressure Israel into too many concessions. Huckabee is too conservative, and too devout for my taste. Plus, he said very clearly that he wants Pollard to rot in jail for the rest of his life. Giuliani is a great friend of Israel, but I'm afraid he's not ready to make tough decisions as a president. I think that by far, the best president with regards to Israel, would be McCain. He has a proven track record of standing with us on issues such as internal security, Iraq and Iran. In that respect he reminds me of Ronald Reagan, RIP. I would really love to see him win it all.
14. Obama or vote for someone else.
Petra ,   usa   (01.16.08)
that's our choice as Americans. IF one of his avisors is from the Farakan camp, that's it for me. It's a long time from now til nov. Make sure your happy with your choice before voting. America can't offord another Bush the brainless.
15. 5 - seems like you're a Muslim or you don't know the facts?!
redmiike ,   TA - LA - London   (01.16.08)
The problem in the world right now is not Arabs or Palestinians but Muslims. The problem is not Israel or Palestinians but Muslims and there is a good chance that Muslims will cause WW3! Belgium and Holland rolled over and are ready to accept Sharia but many countries will not. Islam had lost its way and is no longer practicing what Mohamed intended. It is now a menace to the planet. Mike
16. #15 I think it is exactly what he intended
jack bauer   (01.16.08)
just look up some wonderful facts about the so called prophet
17. but obama IS a closet moslem
jack bauer   (01.16.08)
and it can be shown if you look up his record regarding Israel. Uh, he did go to an islamic madrasa his daddy was a moslem.....and as such he was born a moslem although he smoked crack, this is against islam(well it would be if mohamed knew what crack was) so hes not a very good moslem. But renouncing islam will be the sure way to earn a he cant say that. If he is asked about it....he will say that the God of Jews, Christians, and moslems is the same God. It is not the same. But as already mentioned it is ok for a moslem to lie to a non moslem Obama has a white mommy. Would he be called the "white" president? No, instead he is called the first "black" candidate! because hes been hiding his white family If being 1/2 black makes you black, then half moslem = ?
18. #15 mike
jack bauer   (01.16.08)
holland and belgium rolled over? they have been flooded by islamofacists pretending to be useful immigrants. The govt has shown time after time that it does not serve its people(the natives) but instead serves the EU, UN, and $$$ it seems to be intentionally creating the situation in order to destroy nationalist sentiments it is a plan to destroy the nation states and usher in the domination of the new global security state are you ready for your mark? 999? do you prefer your head or your hand? in everything there is a balance. for every action a equal reaction. think of it as a pendulum when the **** hits the fan the bloodletting in my country, in order to save it from itself, will be a flood Holland will no longer be remembered as a tolerant accepting place there is only so far a people can be pushed remember theo
19. Obama's true face
Al Ramy ,   USA   (01.16.08)
Readers could find more in depth information from these resources with many links which tell a somehwat different story which could help Israeli understand that Obama's presidency will be hostile and utterly dangerous to the well being of the State of Israel. Cekc who are is foreign policy advisors first than read some of the links below: Obama and the Childish Left By James Lewis Obama's Alinsky Jujitsu By Kyle-Anne Shiver Is America Ready For a Failed Obama Candidacy? By Marc Sheppard
20. Obama was born into a MoslemAfricanfamily and pretends to be
Rivkah   (01.16.08)
to be a Christian and belongs to a church devoted to Africa, just as John Kerry was born into a Jewish family and pretended to be Roman Catholic while advocating abortion. He was refused communion in Catholic churches, he was so un-catholic. Electing a pretend Christian Jew is less of a danger to American Jews than possibly electing a pretend Christian Moslem. Remember that the Moslem religion does NOT allow conversions. Obama is dangerous to Jews AND Christians if Moslem and is not what he seems.
21. #5 LOL LOL LOL
Chaya ,   Bat Yam, Israel   (01.16.08)
How many have you studied at??? You're a leftist apologist for Muslims!!
22. Obama cannot run away from his roots
Brod ,   USA   (01.16.08)
Obama cannot run from his past. He has Islamist connections. Smooth talking Obama can persuade alot of naive people to support him. However, not all the masses are stupid. First, he is a rookie. He can't compare himself with Kennedy. Kennedy was a War Hero in WWII and was a Senator for 14 years before running for President. Second, he surrounds himself with Antisemite Advisers like Brezinzski. Third, he says he will be open to Islamist-Jihadist states like Iran and others who are hellbent on the destruction of Israel and who have been killing thousands of Americans in Beirut and Iraq. Fourth, he cannot run away from his Islamist roots and connections and hence, this will embolden Islamist-Jihadists around the world crusading their Jihadism as their goal is to subdue, dominate and islamize the whole world as commanded by their Allah. America cannot and should elect Obama as President.
23. For smart people, we Jews can be very stupid
Baruch ,   Boston, USA   (01.16.08)
Barack Hussein Obama was brought up until at least age 10 in a totally Moslem environment. These are formative years in someone's life. But, in addition, the so-called Christian church he attends it very pro-black, which is a form of racism. Their website home page has a big outline of Africa, not the US. Why would a Jew or any white American want this phony to be the leader of the US and free world? The ADL and its cronies are at it again, making stupid non-Jewish, politically correct statements. Unbelievable!
David P. ,   Santa Cruz, USA   (01.16.08)
the problem with American Jewry is that they support candidates without getting a real idea on where they stand on the issues. Anyone who follows politics closely and listens to the candidates 'choice' of words would see that Barak Obama is not the greatest for the Jews, Israel or Jewish interests, beware.
25. An American Jew for Sen. Obama
Thomas   (01.16.08)
I like Senator Obama's idea of taxing American companies who send jobs overseas. I also agree with him that Bush's policy of not speaking to countries that America is currently at odds with is couterproductive. It would be better to sit with these countries to tell them where we disagree. I'm not pissing my vote away for Israel. You choose to spend money building communities you know you will eventually give away at the expense of providing jobs for your poor and the security of Sderot. I choose to vote against stupidity.
26. Obama unfortunately is bad for gay marriages
Yaakov sullivan ,   NYC   (01.16.08)
Also gay adoptions...
27. 25 - historically EVERY country that adopted an isloationist
redmiike ,   TA - LA - London   (01.16.08)
doctrine collapsed VERY quickly. The US is already declining quickly and if you want to speed up it's demise then vote for an isolationist. Ron Paul would be better if you really want to speed things up. Or you could vote for a closet Muslim if you really want to put the boot in. Mike
28. #18 - are you Dutch ?
redmiike ,   TA - LA - London   (01.16.08)
I like the Dutch very much and taught at the University of Louvain La Neuve a few years ago. It saddened me to see what is happening there. I lived near to the Gare du Midi :-( Mike
29. For a dispassionate, reasonable analysis
Márcia ,   Brazil   (01.16.08)
Read Daniel Pipes' articles on Obama, please. Based on facts and facts only.
30. #26, gay marriage, this may be only good thing about Obama
Baruch ,   Boston, USA   (01.16.08)
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