Qassam salvo hits western Negev
Shmulik Hadad
Published: 16.01.08, 09:20
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1. I like our strategy...
Eric ,   Israel   (01.16.08)
Eventually they will run out of missiles....right?....RIGHT?!?!?!?! :(
2. why?
joseph ,   israel   (01.16.08)
Why does Ashkenazi want to minimize Qassam fire? President Peres has already said that Qassam Shmassam are insignificant. Ashkenazi should start doing something useful, like evicting Jews from Samaria so that Kfar Saba can become the new Sderot.
Chaya ,   Bat Yam, Israel   (01.16.08)
Is this the 'rape' David Landau was referring to??? It is like we are being raped by somebody while the person who supposedly cares for us is standing on the side doing nothing!!!!!!
4. Qassam salvo hits western Negev
Voice of Reason ,   Here & Now   (01.16.08)
And our IDIOT government does nothing. In any other country in the world this would be an act of WAR. Not to Putz Meister Omlet.
5. Rocket Fire in the South
Roxy ,   Israel   (01.16.08)
When will the Olmert government get its act together and put an end to the rocket fire on Sderot and Ashkelon? Perhaps Olmert is waiting until Tel Aviv is under Rocket fire to do something! The country must rally behind the residents of Sderot and Askelon and demand the gov. stop the attacks before people get killed!
6. Hamas invites IDF to 'visit' again
Tobias ,   Germany   (01.16.08)
Obviously Hamas wants to meet the IDF again in the Strip .... let's hope they will be defeated again as clearly as yesterday.
7. Kol Hakavod LeZahal !
Tobias ,   Germany   (01.16.08)
Yesterday TZahal (IDF) killed 19 Palestinians in a fierce battle in enemy urban territory, without having an own soldier killed. Different reports say that "16" or "13" or, at least in any case "the majority" of the killed Palestinians were armed fighters of Hamas. - This shows that a regular army like Zahal can achieve a clear victory against an enemy guerilla group in a battle in a city. Kol Hakavod! - Also, this shows that Zahal didn't randomly massacre civilians, but specifically attacked the Hamas terrorists (or was attacked by them). - For a battle in a densely populated area, which is fought by tank grenades, mortars and Kalashnikovs, the number of killed civilians (in relation to the number of killed armed terrorists) is SUPRISINGLY LOW. - Vicitims of a massacre don't use mortars and automatic guns against their attackers --- this was NO massacre, but a clear defeat of Hamas in a battle which they wanted themselves (and obviously still want, they are again sending invitations). Of course they don't admit this.
8. #6-7 so true...
dan ,   tel-aviv   (01.16.08)
9. # 3 Chaya, It's BUSH
Petra ,   usa   (01.16.08)
he's making whoopi with the Saudis and told Olmert to back off. Like his strategy? I don't. He holds an arab sword while boogying down with his queer host. Obnoxious.
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