Yisrael Beiteinu leaves government
Attila Somfalvi
Published: 16.01.08, 11:13
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2. Now 1 more party left and olmert is out!!!
All Israel is waiting for this !! It is wierd to say but we sould all congratulate lieberman (I hope for the last time!)
reuven ,   usa   (01.16.08)
4. you are nothing but a disgrase to the jews
david ,   jerusalem ....   (01.16.08)
people like you should have nothing to do with public life , you are a crook and a theif .and should be put in jail to rot .
5. citizens to tell shas : quit now!!
yoni ,   jerusalem   (01.16.08)
It is necessary for everyone to call or fax shas coalition and tell them they must quit now to have new elections. there is a full out war in gaza right now and it is only getting worse. Now or Never we need real leadership!!!! Tel: 02-5008888 Fax: 02-5380226
6. Now the spot-light is on Shas.
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (01.16.08)
Congratulations to Mr Lieberman on finally leaving this miserable excuse for a gov't. - while he may deny it, this move probably saved his political career. Now it's the turn of Shas. Will these religious hypocrites be shamed into action or are they too addicted to un-kosher gov't. pork?
7. Liberman Out
AJ ,   Jeusalem   (01.16.08)
Do not give your opinion about all ISRaeli's ,Leberman is nOTHING TO THE iSRAELI'S ,SOMEONE never fought even a war in this country ,he is worried about the Russian Maphia and how their money should make our society worse and worse . All this will bite us back in the Behind ,and that day is soon
8. Lieberman for PM but "ONLY" if he's SERIOUS ABOUT HIS POLICY
Joseph P. ,   JewRusalem   (01.16.08)
and not a two-faced, selfish, egoist hypocrite like Sharon, Olmert, Barak, and wouldn't change his policy once he's elected. Lieberman claims: Israeli Arabs pose a danger to Israeli society, and that any discussions for future peace agreements must include the transfer of those Arabs to PLO control. "From our point of view, the concept of land for peace is out of the question," said Lieberman. "The principle must be exchanges of territory and population." Lieberman accused Israeli Arab leaders of presenting more of a threat to Israel than PLO Arabs, stating "Our problem is not with the Palestinians, it is with Israeli Arabs," he said. "[Israeli Arab MKs] Ahmed Tibi and Mohammed Barakeh are more dangerous than [Damascus-based Hamas leader Khaled] Meshaal and [Hezbollah leader Hassan] Nasrallah, because they operate from within."
DAVID ,   JUDEA   (01.16.08)
Lieberman knew from the beginning what Olmert and his gang were up to. His joining and now leaving of the government just shows what a clever oppertunist he is. Luckily for him that the Israeli comatosed voters have no memory nor understanding who they are voting for. Without a doubt UTJ will join Olmert, because they lack any sense of decency and are just interested in handouts for their yeshivot. It was the same UTJ that sat in the government with Sharon during the expulsion of gaza. From the left based on their outlook on life gaza was understandable, from UTJ this was inexcusable and shows moral corruption and lack of principle.
10. Not convinced that he 'll be missed much
Hiram ,   Paris   (01.16.08)
Lieberman changes opinion like he changes shirts.....Let's see how long till he gets a new portofolio in an other government...In the meantime, I do not think he will be missed much. Liberman has a very personal aproach of 21st century and of the Middle -East situation . " At 8am we'll bomb all the commercial noon we'll bomb their gas two we'll bomb their banks....” In 2003, Ha'aretz reported that Lieberman called for thousands of Palestinian prisoners held by Israel to be drowned in the Dead Sea and offered to provide the buses to take them there.[10] In May 2004, he said that 90 percent of Israel's one million Arabs would "have to find a new Arab entity" in which to live beyond Israel's borders. "They have no place here. They can take their bundles somewhere else, I do'nt give a damn. As far as I am concerned, Lieberman has a fascist attitude which negatively reflects on the Israeli government and on the image of the country abroad, so , good riddance !
11. You almost lost my vote, Lieberman
Aharon   (01.16.08)
But you have now redeemed yourself in my eyes.
12. Yes - bring down this rotten government
Scott ,   Haifa   (01.16.08)
Before they and Bush hose over this whole country. We don't need America as our God, we have the real one. Lefties and Arab MK's go to Gaza.
13. Shas phone number wrong!! #5
Chaya ,   Bat Yam, Israel   (01.16.08)
14. David - #9
Scott ,   Haifa   (01.16.08)
Sad. I pray we will have a true God-fearing government, for example MK's like Bennie Elon.
15. #4 - You forget to inlcude Olmert's name
YMBMY ,   Modiin, Israel   (01.16.08)
As your talkback applies to him completely.
16. bring down this corrupt government
colin   (01.16.08)
Finally Lieberman has come to his sences.Bring down this unwanted corrupt government.Do not rely on barak as he thinks only of himself and not the country or the people.Shas want only money and to hell with the rest.Liebermen must go with BIBI again and rebuild ISRAEL
17. Lieberman, you're the man!
Avraham ,   NYC   (01.16.08)
18. hey, Liberman
Sharon   (01.16.08)
What I dont get is why you joined this horrible gov'ment to begin with? This gov'ment is anti-jewish, unstable and insane !!! Why did you want to be a part of it? your party didnt have enough seats anyway.
19. Lieberman did the right thing
Brod ,   USA   (01.16.08)
Lieberman did the right thing and he is right on target on the issues. The Right Wing position represents the majority of the masses who has shifted to the right. It is time there be a new election to pave the way for a stronger government whose foremost interests are to protect and defend the national interests of the Jewish State. A good and strong government puts the interests of the country first rather than bowing to the interests of Israel's pernicious enemies-Antisemites and Islamist-Jihadists who are hellbent on destroying Israel and usurping Israel from the Jews. Israel's worst enemies are not just the nuke threat from the fanatical Islamist-Jihadist state of Iran and its radicalized, funded, trained and armed tentacles surrounding Israel, but also those from within who want to accommodate the lies, deceptions, manipulations, and pressures of Israel's pernicious enemies-Antisemites and Islamist-Jihadists who are trying to usurp Israel from the Jews.
zionist forever   (01.16.08)
Finnaly Liberman has abandoned the government he has been helping put in place policies that Yisrael Beitanu is supposed to be against just so he could stay in government himself. I lost my respect for Leiberman politicly long ago a man who at one time I thought would make a good PM. At least now he is making an effort to redeem himself. Now lets see Shas stand up for what they are supposed to belive in because they could cost Olmert another 10 seats and lets hope that UTJ dont betray their supporteers by doing a deal with the devil. Labour sadly will never quit Barak knows that if he brings down Olmert and there are ellections Likud are the ones most likley to win it. Staying in Olmerts coalition at least buys Barak some power.
21. Lieberman is a man of honor after all
Steven ,   San Francisco   (01.16.08)
And a man who walks his talk. Kol hakavod Avigdor.
22. Time for Bibi to start buying back former Likud members
zionist forever   (01.16.08)
Likud need to start saying to the likes of Shaul Mofaz & other former senior Likud members that all is forgiven if you return to us. With Liberman gone if Shas pull out and UTJ dont join then bringing back men like Shaul Mofaz will tip Olmerts coalition over the edge so even if Labour stay then this regime will fall and new ellections will be forced onto Olmert. Better to accept a space in the lifeboat than go down with the sinking ship and Kadima is a sinking ship come next ellection Kadima will be a small party if it survives at all.
23. Isreal
Linda ,   Massillon, Ohio, USA   (01.17.08)
I want the people of Isreal to know that all of us do not agree with this "peace plan". I am a Christian and believe that G-d gave the land to the Jews and they are G-d's chosen people. Giving land and money to the Palestine people is a waste, they do not want peace, they want to kill all of you and us as well. May G-d bless and keep all of you safe.
24. Shame
Ricardo Moura ,   Porto, Portugal   (01.17.08)
I feel very sad about this new crisis in the Government. The extreme right of Israel, also the party of Mr Avigdor Lieberman, and the extreme left are the same in all Europe: only exist to disestablish the democracy. They don't have any shame of their politics that doing persuasion to the violence and intolerance. Israel needs urgently peace and keep diplomatic relations with the neighborers: including Syria and Lebanon (except terrorist movements like Hezbbalah and Hamas). The creation of the Palestinian state is imperative to get a truth peace in the region. The laiciscism is needed to have diplomatic relations. The religious must to understand the reality of the world: we can conquer the peace, only with politic relations... not with holy war! Israel is beautiful. I love Israel. I love our jewish religion. But I want to see and be in my favorite country in peace. The jewish people are clever, and our religion teach us well for peace. Avigdor Lieberman doesn't act like a real jew.
Phillip Nochomowitz ,   South Africa   (01.17.08)
I refer to the breaking news item concerning the resignation of the Yisrael Bateinu Party from the Olmert govt. Firstly, I have been wodering why it has taken YB so long to come to this - the one and only conclusion; Surely the motives are themselves as immoral as the people who concoct them. And since this was never home to YB - why the delay?? But having made the very bold move, gratitude is never too late. Your dedicated service under exceptional and trying circumstances, has been well noted. Thank you for your committment. May you go from strength to strength from now on.
26. all I see are three state solutions
Boris ,   nyc   (01.17.08)
Its quite funny, but all the political heavyweights in Israel keep talking about three state solutions, while publicly referring to their plans as two state solutions. Lieberman ostensibly wants a "demographic" two-state solution, which will see Jordan (4/5 populated by "Palestinians"), a PLO state, and a deformed Israel Olmert, Barak (or Barakeh, honestly its tough to differentiate them sometimes) and the leftists want a more destructive three state solution. Israel (20% Arabs), judenrein PLO state, Jordan Benny Elon's plan is unworkable both because it is based in Jordanian acceptance and makes too many broad assumptions The national camp should stop playing games and unite behind population transfer as the only way to end this conflict. Annex the territories, remove the Arab MKs from Knesset, and send the "Palestinians" to Jordan. Unfortunate, but there is no alternative.
27. Shas must also quit the evil coalition.
Chzim ,   Israel   (01.17.08)
We can't tolerate a government whose goal is to cede Jerusalem and our heartland to our enemies. The evil coalition has no mandate to negotiate anything, with support of only 8% of Israelis. Let alone a deal that would bring our entire, tiny nation within range of terror rockets. It's way past time to end the insanity. Shas must also quit the evil coalition. Let us make it very clear to Shas they will lose our votes and support FOREVER unless they quit NOW!
28. All Roadmap will fail
Nethanel ,   Singapore   (01.18.08)
It's amazing, that they never read or understand the Torah or the bible. God has chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise; and God has chosen the weak things of the world to confound the things which are mighty; Because the foolish thing of God is wiser than men, and the weak thing of God is stronger than men. What are are these. Lieberman had chosen the "wise way" of G~d with Benjamin Netanyahu, and others that Jehovah G~d had paved. No human road map will succeed except G~d. Praise G~d!
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