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Literary loathing
Menahem Gantz
Published: 16.01.08, 16:34
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31. Glass is half full, not empty.
Jake   (01.17.08)
It is great news that Israel was invited as guest of honor to a high profile event like the Turin International Book Fair, and in a wonderful country like Italy. Frankly, I do not see it as an insult that radical Leftists in Italy are calling for a boycott. These are the same radical Leftists that shouted "1000 more Nasiriya" (in reference to the suicide attacks against Italian troops stationed in Nasiriya). In the 70s, the Red Brigades murdered the prime minister, Aldo Moro, and dumped his body in the back of a car. Italy: 1 Israel: 1 Anarcho-Communists and Jihadists: 0
32. Italy is a great country; Yossi, read the article
Jake   (01.18.08)
It was the Italians that invited Israel to the fair as guest of honor and it was the Italians that shouted down the Communists (that is, international socialists, that exist in every country, including in Israel where they are extreme anti-Zionist, like Chalanau Tova): “only the Nazis similarly feared books and ideas.” Where else in the world are Israelis invited as guest of honor, except maybe in America? Here is some history for you: The flegdling IDF got much of its experience from its predecessor organization, the Jewish Brigade, which fought against Nazi Germany in northern Italy, fighting shoulder to shoulder with the Free Italian brigades attached to the British Army. Also, 85% of the Italian Jews survived the Holocaust, and a number of Jewish refugees were admitted into Italian-controlled Albania.
33. The real Yaakov Sullivan
Yaakov Sullivan ,   nyc   (01.18.08)
Dear friend, my name is Yaakov Sullivan. I am an American of Irish background living in New York City. I would like to be on the list with others interested in Carthusian spirituality. I am from a Catholic background having converted to traditional Judaism in 1968 while a student at McGill University. This of course would limit me from full participation in Carthusian life nonetheless I have a deep appreciation for their love of solitude and their daily prayer cycle dedicated to the glorification of God and the repair of the world; for all of us. getting up every day at 3am and praying for all of us is a very powerful witness to their love of humanity. My 92 yr. old aunt died in Aug and she was a very devout Catholic and requested donations in her name be made to the formation of priests. I decided to make my donation in her memory to the Charterhouse of the Transfiguration. The Statues are part of my daily prayers. I am also interested in the life of Raphael Diamond, the former prior at Transfiguration. He was, I understand a convert from Judaism.Thank you for any help or counsel you may provide. Shalom, Yaakov
34. what's a noise?
val   (01.17.08)
Well guys, lefty marginals in Italy don't like Zionists. But we should worry more about groups living in Israel that hate the country e.g. Naturei Karta and working to destroy it e.g. Arab parties, Shas and Ultraordtodox, Rabbanut, Hevrat Kadisha... to be continued.
DENNIS ,   CHICAGO   (01.18.08)
36. communism
fish   (01.18.08)
It's amazing that today after the crimes of communism in Russia, Vietnam, China, Cambodia, Cuba, North Korea, somebody in a civilized country like Italy with its colossal cultural heritage ( and not to forget the easy-going, life-loving Italian charachter - I love Italians) is not ashamed to call themselves a communist. Communism is the most criminal, brutal form of ideology which is responsible for deaths of millions... though it's a different story to be a commie in Italy ... in a comfort of Italian coffee-shop and not in a Gulag camp. Communism and fascism are similar ideologies, one based on class hatred and another on race hatred. Amazing that commies dare criticize Israel. Hey, look in a mirro! What do you see?
37. # 33 I doubt you'll find many Catholics on a Jewish site
Petra ,   usa   (01.18.08)
why not advertise in a catholic site?
38. Mr. Ferrero send me an e-mail back thanking me.
Chaya ,   Bat Yam, Israel   (01.18.08)
for my e-mal to him - in which I thanked him.
39. #26-M: You mean that
Yossi ,   Levittown, PA, US   (01.18.08)
women weren't having sex with women before that?? Hm Well, I DO know that the Arabs have always had a lot of sheep and goats...
40. Italy no good
Andras Bereny ,   Kfar Tapuah, Samaria   (01.19.08)
Radical left-wing parties in Italy are calling for a boycott of the Turin International Book Fair. Radical left-wing parties in Italy are members of the coalition government. Italy is one of the worst "anti-Israel" country in the world.
41. wow!
Joe ,   U.S.A.   (01.20.08)
This world is a really sad place no matter what the Jews succeed in, it just seems like the whole world is ready to jump on them and make them look bad, stupid or inhumane! Wether it is radical terroist organizations or just any other country the Jewish people just cant seem to win. PLEASE them alone!!! GOD bless Israel and every other Jew in this world.
42. WOW! Italy on Ynet frontpage!
Franco ,   Roma, Italia   (01.20.08)
Thank all the talkbackers who spoke well of Italy. I'm a roman Jew, and although I adore Israel, I must admit Italian gastronomy (obviously including pizza) is light-years better. Italian beauties... I suggest Monica Bellucci! (but I stand astonished spechless when I see Moran Attias and Bar Refaeli!)... One only request: do not call extreme left parties "radical", because there is in Italy a true moderate-left "Radical Party" which is warmly pro-Israel!
43. #16: get a spelling book
velvel in decatur ,   georgia, usa   (01.23.08)
Finklestein was denied tenure for being an editorialist and not a teacher. Return your vaccines, your surgeries, your philosophies... We (unlike you Brits) have no national rabbinate and are able to ignore and pity the whiners.
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